Sun Soaking and Wine Sipping in the Spanish Sunshine...

As you have probably gathered from my last two posts we've been on holiday. #SilentSundays and Wordless Wednesdays are handy posts to blog from your phone....while you're away.... soaking up some Spanish sunshine. Not that I want to rub it in or anything but it was total bliss!

Just what was needed after the busy year that was.

The Vik Gran Hotel Costa del Sol is very nice and is in a superb, quiet location in La Cala de Mijas, but it is a Cinderella compared to it's Princess sister the Vik Hotel San Antonio in Lanzarote, with it's far superior food choices, pool-side activities and pool bar. And Lanzarote doesn't get the Spanish Invasion at weekends, when Spanish families and kid camps descend in their droves. It is their country however and it's good to see them get the business in these tough times, but it was very - well - loud! Think large gatherings of gibbering Spanish students blocking access to your local Dart Station or McDonalds. Except they're poolside, outside your balcony. Until 1 am!

Still, there was pool lounging, sun-soaking and wine sipping to be done for me, pool-dipping, fizzy drink guzzling for Teen Boy and shade-sitting with the odd beer for Mr Jazzy- who can argue with that?

There are some fabulous sea views, whether sitting on your balcony (most rooms have a side sea- view- choose even-numbered rooms higher up though) or pool-side. I had to haul my lazy ass off my sun lounger to get the shot I used for my #SilentSunday:

Don't let the calm waters fool you though as they are icy cold. I've never felt anything quite like it but it was very invigorating. My skin tingled for ages after and the early morning waters of the freezing hotel pool  felt like a jacuzzi after a sea-swim!

There are lovely restaurants in nearby Mijas for lunch or dinner. We particularly liked the Italian restaurant EXquisite and I adored their Goats Cheese Salad: 

 The Indian Bombay to Goa (great name, huh?!) was fabulous as was the lovely cafe/deli La Canasta just across from the hotel. Then there was the nearby Retrobar, run by two very nice English guys, for an evening nightcap. Or two. They also had the added attraction of very good free WiFi - and deadly Vodka Woo Woos!   It must be said though, there will be never enough Vodka Woo Woos in the world to make me sing Karaoke.... although Ian, one of the owners, did try his best!

We didn't spend the whole holiday by the pool though.Oh no, one day we swapped the hotel pool for a water park in Fuengirola. Same sun different sun lounger for me and watery-slide heaven for Teen Boy! I slathered lots of sun screen on him, twice, and barely saw him in between. Far cry from the days when I had to sit in the pool with him for the day. It's great when they grow up .... kind of. A great day was had ending up with a coveted McDonalds and sadly, despite my sun screen administrations, a bad dose of sun burn for poor Teen Boy. I guess Mother of the year Award won't be winging it's way to me anytime soon, then? Sigh...

He survived of course but was devastated to be room/balcony bound for two days, doing nothing but watching TV or playing games on his phone. Not!! He did break away from the room on occasion though, announcing smartly that he was 'going to the bar.' A very disconcerting thing to hear from your 13 year old's lips, until you realise that he's off to sit in his personally chosen optimal hot spot to avail of the hotel's not-so-great but free WiFi, which is ONLY available in the bar! I thought I should clarify that, before I'm deleted from any future Mother of the Year Awards lists, for ever more!

We also spent a fabulous day in the mountainous and very interesting town of Ronda, which is definitely worth a visit. But be warned, the key word of that sentence is 'mountainous' - think winding narrow roads with steep drops and cool Dublin temperatures and be prepared! A tour of the fascinating old town was preceded by a stopover at a remote coffee/leather shop on the way.

Many tourists must make this trip and visit this stop every day of the season, so you can imagine how shocked I was to bump into my choreographer of old and her husband, who were driving through on the very same day!! How mad is that?  Such a small, world we inhabit.

Before we knew it we were checking in our bags for the trip home. I noted with glee that our bags were the same weight on our return journey but was consciously aware that I was not!  I consoled myself with the fact that at least there are no charges for excess personal baggage. Gosh, I do hope that Ryan Air's Michael O'Leary doesn't read minds? Or blogs for that matter!

One thing's for sure though, there'll be no more wine sipping or fizzy drink guzzling for some time to come.

However I do  hope there'll be some sun soaking, if our Irish sunshine ever returns!


Note: Apologies for re-posting the photos above and for the lack of any more - you see cameras and their battery chargers and I do not get along. Or so it seems.


  1. @Midlife Singlemum: Oh, it was!

    xx Jazzy

  2. Oh, I'm trying not to be jealous, but you've made it hard! Sounds so delightful- thank you for sharing it with us~

  3. Yes I had the growing up thing today at Fort Lucan, when I just waved him off and off he went. Though myself and Smiley did have to stay in the same spot so he knew where to find us.... Glad you had a fab time and here's hoping the camera and charger start working properly soon xx

  4. @Shelly: Hehehe! It was lovely, I like to blog about my holidays...more to preserve the memories than anything else.

    @Looking for Blue Sky: It is a big step isn't ? Doesn't stop us worrying! Camera and charger going back to the shop tomorrow!

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  5. Wow, sounds like a fabulous holiday and one that I wouldn't mind experiencing. I had a big chuckle over your "lazy ass" comment.... hehehe. As for the weight ~ you are so tiny that it doesn't matter if you put on a bit! xx

  6. That looks so beautiful! I am glad you had a lovely relaxing time, hope Teen Boy is over the sunburn too! :D

  7. @Bright Side of Life: It was such a disposition! Aww, thanks... I did put on a few pounds that mut be worked off! Be worse in September if I don't keep an eye. I have learned this the hard way;-)

    @BavarianSojourn: Thank you! Yes, he did. Skin nicely peeling now!

    Thanks for your comments:

    xx Jazzy

  8. "Going to the bar" - ha! Good one! So glad you are having a lovely holiday! xo

  9. Well you got lucky - we are having fabulous weather this week! Sounds like you had a great time. Sun burn is never fun though - ouch. "Going to the bar" - that made me laugh! X.

  10. @Older Mum: Isn't it fantastic? The weather is simply fabulous! Tan topping time :-)

    Thanks for your comment :-)

    xx Jazzy


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