Snugg iPad 3 Case Cover and Flip Stand: A REVIEW

I was delighted when recently asked to review a product from's amazing range of top quality, stylish cases.

My 13 year old son was especially delighted when the product chosen was the Snugg iPad 3 Case Cover and Flip Stand, in Electric Blue PU Leather no less, and was very excited when it arrived in the post:

While I was waiting for the case to arrive I had a nice browse through their website and did a bit of research. It seems that the Snugg brand was born in 2010 with their very first iPad case. One of their directors couldn't find a suitable case for his brand new iPad you see, so they had a brainstorming discussion, over a few drinks apparantly - the only way to brainstorm I believe - and they decided to make their very own iPad case. Already I was impressed!'s aim is to bring quality products, whether its their products or others, to market. They believe that all the products they stock on their site to be great products in function and in quality. They now stock a wide range of all kinds of different Snugg products (and other people's) and are expanding all the time.

They have what's known as The Snugg Promise which promises a 'Snugg fit' among other things and confirms that 'all cases have been custom made for each of the devices they cover.'

They even promise a Lifetime Guarantee on all of their cases. Don't forget to register your product though!

So, what did my very discerning Teen Boy think of his new iPad 3 case then?

It certainly was a very snug fit as you can see......

'I think the material is very good and I like how the case is designed,' Teen Boy tells me. 

I particularly like that when you close the cover it 'locks' the iPad. That's really smart as there's no need to press any buttons.

I really like the elasticated hand strap at the back too. I like how it's designed, it's very compact.

I also like their clever design for the stand.

I like that I can access all buttons with ease and charge the battery at the same time.

I also really like the pen-holder, it's a very clever way to store your pen so you don't lose it.

I asked him was there anything he didn't like about it: There's nothing wrong with this case' he said, 'but I have a suggestion'.

'Really, what would that be then?' I asked.

Well, it should come with a pen too. Like extra, if you wanted one.'

'So, like a purchasable, optional accessory? With logo on it perhaps?

'Exactly' replied my very entrepreneurial Teen Boy! *

Now, there's an idea for their marketing team. We'd be most happy to try them out for them if they ever go with the idea!

My boy is very lucky that I'm only now discovering that they also do a cover for the Amazon Kindle else that may have been the product chosen for this review! I'm so impressed with the iPad cover that I want one of these too! do lots of different cases to help keep your devices in pristine condition. They are the biggest sellers in the USA and are also Amazon best sellers in the USA, UK, Germany and Japan!
You can check out their UK website here and their USA website here.



* Since publishing this post advised me that they have a 2 in 1 stylus pen available! It didn't show up on my search on the site for some reason. Check it out here.


  1. Now that sounds like something I could use- I'll have to check out their website. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the colour, and a great review from your son :)

  3. @Floortime Lite mama: I think if I had my own iPad I would go for a pink case too. They really are fantastic, well made cases.

    @Shelly: Do check them out, I think you'll like what you see!

    @Looking for Blue Sky: Thank you, didn't he do well! All his own words too. I did leave out his suggestion that they should come in more colours because they already come in quite an array of colours.

    Thank you for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  4. What a great review on a really nice looking iPad case. Love the blue. Definitely a must look at next time I need to buy a case.

  5. @Bright Side of Life: Thanks, my boy sure loves the blue! And I really do have my eye on that Kindle cover, to protect it while I'm on holidays!

    Thanks for your comment :-)

    xx Jazzy

  6. Looks very smart! Good detailed review! :) xx

  7. @BavarianSojourn: Thank you!

    xx Jazzy

  8. We have one of those, love it!!!

  9. @Lizbeth: Yay! They ARE great, aren't they?!

    Thanks for your comment :-)

  10. Great review! I will have to check out the Kindle version!

  11. @Tanya Savko: Thanks. it does look cool, doesn't it?!

    Thanks for your comment :-)

    xx Jazzy

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