Desperately Seeking Everything and Invoking Sod's Law

If you've been reading my blog a while you'll know that I'm a Dizzy Jazzy, who distractedly loses things like musical tickets and keys, private documents etc with alarming regularity.

I 'always forget to bring things' on trips too, as Teen Boy points out, also with alarming regularity. I'll never forget this embarrassing day last summer when I ran out of diesel, miles from home and had no money!

But as I always say 'if I didn't have to remember everyone else's stuff then I'd have less to forget.'  I would also warn people - you know who you are - if you see me working, like ironing or cooking, never give me important stuff.  Ever. You see I'm never just ironing or cooking. I'm usually doing both whilst also planning what I have to do next in my head. I will not remember what I've done with what you've given me. 

This week I have managed to mislay a few items and I have no-one to blame but myself.

I mislaid my house keys yet again and a potato grow-bag, of all things, that was from a pack of two. The former is a normal occurrence, I have my Mia Tui bags to keep me organised when out and about but as yet my home, like my brain, has yet to be Mia Tui-ed. The keys turned up a day later as they usually do as did the grow-bag, which had seemingly vanished into thin air mere moments after being opened.

But the one thing that hasn't turned up yet, after 5 days of searching, are my reading glasses! Honestly, I had them one minute and  then pooft, between the dining table downstairs and the bathroom upstairs, they disappeared - into the magic black hole where all my lost things are secreted away on me I reckon. I'm convinced this place exists somewhere in my house. No doubt it contains sets of keys, odd socks, odd earrings, maybe some money, show tickets etc and things I've even forgotten that I've lost!

One day I'll find this secret place.

But first I have to find my glasses.

I've desperately sought them here, I've desperately sought them there, I've desperately sought them




They are simply not to be found - anywhere!

I've searched under, behind and within all sofas and chairs and in all drawers, boxes and discarded bags.

I've looked in all pockets of all garments, hand-bags and car seats.

I've examined all presses and cabinets.

I've rummaged through the Green and Purple wheelie bins and the kitchen and bathroom bins.

And also, in complete desperation, I checked the fridge, the microwave, the oven and the hot press!

There is nowhere left for me to search.

Well, except the un-findable place where they are, obviously.

The infamous black hole? Or perhaps we have our very own naughty magpie? Of the feline variety?

                                                                    Moi? Never...

I even prayed to Saints Anthony and Jude, promising all sorts that I have no chance of following through on. But even they didn't listen to me. I'm a complete lost cause and hopeless case, it would seem.

I then decided to invoke Sod's Law by buying a replacement pair, but that hasn't worked as of yet. It seems that Sod's Law comes at a price and will not be bought by a pair of cheap, over-the-counter pharmacy glasses.

I bet that the great and powerful Sod himself is up there, crossing his arms, tut-tutting at me and saying in a tantalising, annoying voice: 'You should have gone (back) to Specsavers'!

So, I am at a complete loss and don't know where to find them. I'm hoping if I leave them alone, they'll come home, wagging find me!

In the meantime though, have you any suggestions?

What's the weirdest place that you found something you've misplaced?


PS If you notice anything strange when commenting on my blog, like strange pop-ups etc, could you please let me know? Thank you :-)


  1. The weirdest thing I lost was a salt and pepper set, possibly posted somewhere by my lovely daughter when she was a toddler. They never turned up! Normal everyday things I am ultra careful with - driving other people nuts by checking and checking again. Don't want any indications that I might be losing my marbles as well as my keys :) xx

  2. I feel for you as I've been in that very same situation. I did find a book in the refrigerator once, after I'd been putting away groceries after a trip to the library and had been interrupted in the process.

    I hope you find your glasses soon!

  3. @Looking for Blue Sky: That's weird! We lost a kitchen knofe frome a set that turned up when the builders came and dismantled the kitchen cabinets it was losst soon after never to be found again. I wish I could and promise myself every day that I will be extra careful.....sigh.

    @Shelly: Hahaha...that's funny! My cousin in Australia recently siad she found ehr iPad in the fridge so that's why I checked there. I'm convinced it's as you say, I got distracted and put them somewhere strange and unlikely...

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  4. omg this is so much the same with me as well
    the one half of an ear ring pair kills me
    Glasses maybe fell inside the couch or on the side of the bed between bed and side table

  5. @Floortime Lite Mama: Very annoying, isn't it? I've looked down sides of all couches. Mind you, the missing how tickets were eventually found down the side of a chair that I'd searched at least 3 times!! I also looked under beds and between beds and side tables... multiple times!

    Thanks for your comment and suggestions, much appreciated :-)

    xx Jazzy

  6. Oh no! Are they still missing as I write this? What a frustrating item to go missing..... here, I am sending magic vibes they pop up soon. I am terribly bad at misplacing things too, and if I am doing a million billion things and then Younger Dad throws a request at me, I tell him to write it down on a post-it not! (and thank you for your lovely comment on my last post). X.

  7. @Older Mum: Yes, they are still missing! I secretly hoped that writing this post might invoke Sod's law too, but no, not a hope it seems! I like your style..that's actually a good idea about the post it!
    (Phew, I was worried about my comment and really hoped I hadn't offended)

    Take car :-)

    xx Jazzy

  8. I hope you find them. I lost both my engagement and wedding rings years ago, no idea where they are and haven't seen them since.

  9. @Magnumlady: Thanks. Oh no, that is a far bigger loss. Ever since I got my engagement ring about 18 years ago, followed by my wedding and then eternity rings, I never allow myself to take them off in public toilets because I know I'd walk off without them. I'm quite careful with them at hoem too. I know myself too well!!

    Thanks for your comment :-)

    xx Jazzy

  10. Oh Jazzy you sound just like me there. I too lose things on a regular basis. I've also been forgetting appointments & turning up at wrong times. Wish I had some advice for you... but no :(
    Hope your specs turn up really soon
    P.S The Scarlet Pimpernel kept popping to mind reading this, lol xx

  11. @Momx3: Oh yes, I've done the appointment thing too, quite a few times! Hehehehe.... Scarlet Pimpernel, I love it! I was actually thinking of Dr Seuss when I wrote that part. Scarlet Pimpernel is better:-)

    Thanks so much for commenting, I see you had some problems! Your first comment did come through to me. I've had to change to approve comments due to receiving so much spam :-(

    xx Jazzy

  12. I lose everything too...except for things that I would like to weight..and telemarketers. Those things seem to stick right by me. I'm hoping you have found them..but-I would check outside..I have often gone out to our mailbox to retrieve the mail-only to replace it with whatever I happened to be carrying at the a cup of coffee. I have also left things...many tings on top of the car..on birdfeeders..and oddly enough-in a pillowcase. I'll just send you some positive energy and thoughts and hope they don't get lost on the way. BTW-I can so relate to making promises to saints etc. Can't tell you how many times I swore I would become a nun if only whatever I needed to happen happened. Obviously I went back on my word...:))

  13. They are not on top of your head are they?!?! I only ask because my Mum once spent four hours looking for her reading glasses, and that's where they were! :D xx

  14. @kathleen: hahaha!! I can relate to what you say too! No, I still haven't located them and I have looked outside too. In case, like you, I distractedly went out to the freezer or dryer in the shed. I checked the car too. I'm so glad you went back on your word on being a nun!

    @BavarianSojourn: Oh yes, I have done that too! Lol.... your poor mum, 4 hours??!!

    Thank you both for your amusing comments!

    xx Jazzy

  15. Hah, so it's not just me then! You must have had such a panic attack as there is nothing worse than losing glasses... says she, who was in a panic one day recently, hunting high and low..... only to discover that I was actually wearing them! Sigh, they don't seem to be just reading glasses and more. Hope you have managed to locate them! xx

  16. With me it's always been walking into a room or closet (or store!) to get something and completely forgetting what. So exasperating! And I know I've had to invoke Sod's Law before, although I've forgotten what for (this forgetting trend is rather alarming)!

  17. @Bright Side of Life: No, it most definitely is not just you! I hope there were no witnesses to your panicking?! And no, I 11 days later and STILL no sign of them :-(

    @Tanya Savko: Oh YES, I do that too! More times than I care to remember! I'm so glad I'm not the only forgetful person. Remember though.... if we didn't have to remmeber other people's stuff as well as our own we'd have less to forget.... It has nothing to do with age. Nothing ;-)

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy


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