Time on my Hands?

These past few weeks since Christmas has been a flurry of activities. Every moment tightly scheduled into each cram packed day, as I juggle being a mum with housework, show work, rehearsals, essential visiting, social media time, gym time, etc; and all with the military precision an army of well-trained soldiers would do well to emulate. Phew...

Actually, I haven't exactly juggled housework all that well, that ball was constantly dropped. And weekend meal-times have been, well ..... let's just say that frozen pizza, local takeaway fodder and 'pub-for-tea' have become part of the Jazzy household staple diet. Well, something has to give when you're seriously busy, right? 

And of course blogging has taken a bit of a back seat too, but I am trying to maintain my presence in the blogosphere while also trying to keep my house off the Housework Police's hit list!

The show work started with the usual excitement of a new project at hand.

Dance fever, of the Disco Inferno variety took over, as dance routines were set at home and on the go in the car or when doing taxi-mum etc; and were taught at rehearsal, bit by bit.

I ran the gamut of emotions of excitement as we got started, terror when it seemed that there simply would not be enough time to get all the numbers done, disappointment when things didn't quite come together as envisaged in my head and am now gingerly heading back towards excitement again - or is that terror? - as slowly but surely things come together as opening night fast approaches. Yikes!

The rehearsals have exhilarated, exhausted, confounded, excited and down-sized me (literally!), wrecked my head and made me smile :-)

I am struck by my total belief in the saying that 'practise makes perfect'. Well, almost perfect will suffice.

I am praying that my belief in that old adage will not fail and that all will indeed be 'alright on the night.'

I am also struck by regular tummy flips whenever I think of opening night, a mere 8 days away.

Oh dear God... major tummy flip!!

However,  I am now beginning to see a faint light twinkling at the end of the star-studded tunnel. It may resemble a disco ball (remember them?!) but it's there and it's light shines a teeny bit brighter each day as pockets of time begin to open up for me again.

Suddenly I can now simply drive my car for school pick-ups and sit waiting, playing on my phone or reading my book like a normal Mum. It feels..... good! I now only play the CD of our show, to keep me in the zone and build up the excitement.

Although all sorts of problem solving constantly goes on in my head: changes to make, one final number to be set etc. It comes between me and my sleep at times. Well, it tries to but usually fails, that tired am I. Sometimes I even wake up with dance steps going through my head!

And the weird pre-show dreams have started. I've always had them. The latest one involved a scenario where someone else had taken over and choreographed two of the dance routines! How very dare they!

I've recently even found time to restart some quick catch up coffee mornings with friends. I've missed that. Night time outings however, will have to wait a little while longer.

A day was set aside for housework catch-up too as not even I can put up with the mess any longer.

I also found time to make some mid-week guilty-mum home-cooked meals! The standard weekend fare shall remain the same for two more weeks though!

I even had a night off from rehearsals last week. Well not quite a night off, we switched rehearsal nights, but it felt like a night off! It was so strange. I didn't quite know what to do with myself. I was like a restless cat on a hot tin roof, as I  hopped from one activity to another,  yet so tired I just wanted to go to bed!

Is this how it will be when the show is over and I have 'tons of time' on my hands?

Experience tells me that I will be bored, sad, happy, restless ..... and that ultimately normal day-to-day living will hoover up all that free time.

And speaking of hoovering....


Maybe I'll just do another show?

The things I'm prepared to do to get out of boring housework, eh?!

But first we must get this show on the road. Our job is not completed until that final curtain falls on that final performance ;-)

Not long now, nearly there......



  1. Ahhh, these whirlwinds of days don't leave much time for leisure! I'll bet your Disco Inferno will be terrific, and what fun!

  2. @Shelly: Leisure time is possible, so long as it's put in the schedule!! Oh, I do hope it will be terrific and it IS fun. Lots of fun! Thank for ypur vote of confidence and your comment :-)

    xx Jazzy

  3. Living the dream! I'm sure it will be 'alright on the night' :) You are reminding me of my amateur dramatics mother in law in this post. She acts in local productions and is all a whir, with nary a moment to sit down (and that's with no job and children!) but can't wait for the next show to come along when it's all over.

    Are you going to do a post-show write up? :)

    Beadzoid xx

  4. @Beadzoid: Yes, that's exactly what it's like! I remember being like that when I was younger too and we danced from show to show all year. It was wonderful.

    I guess I will feel the need to off-load pst-show!

    xx Jazzy

  5. Good luck!! Don't worry about the housework, like you say, something has to give!! :)

  6. I always enjoy going to the theatre, and I have the highest regard for those responsible for making the magic happen, all the hard work and time commitment, the headaches and stress. Thanks for all you do! We appreciate you! xoxo

  7. @Tanya Savko: Thank you so much. You 'get it' you really do! The work that goes into such a production is phenomenal and will be totally worth it in the end. I know it will :-) (keep the fingers crossed though!)

    Thanks so much for your comment :-)

    xx Jazzy

  8. Oh yes I'm always looking for ways to get out of housework too, and those coffee meet ups with friends are so important for our health and wellbeing :)

  9. The show sounds very exciting, although a lot of hard work! Break a leg, I know that it will go exceptionally well. I have an actor friend and he informs me that "break a leg" is the thing to say! :-)
    As for housework.... what's that?

  10. @Looking for Blue Sky: I wholeheartedly agree. And no matter how buy we get we should never forget our friends :-)

    @Bright Side of Life: Yes, that's exactly the right thing to say, thanks! need all the luck we can get! I like you're 'housework' style!

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  11. Wow - you are one very busy mamma at the moment - the housework can wait, and it doesn't matter if the diet as gone a bit wonky too - all your focus is on the show at the moment - would love to know about those dreams. It's always lovely to catch up with friends! X.

  12. wow you are so busy busy busy
    Love that you are being able to catch up !!
    Thank you so much for your sensitive commmment on my last post - it has been a very difficult few months

  13. @Older Mum: Yes, totally focused on show at the moment. All that dancing has had a good effect on the diet! Or rather it has conteracted the goodies that have been a must-have! I have actually lost weight :-) If only I could remember the dreams. They seem to have stopped now but will return.

    @Floortime Lite Mama: I can well imagine how the past few months have been for you, must have been so worrying. Stay strong and thanks for taking the time to visit me here.

    Thank you both for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  14. @Bavarian Sojourn: Your comment got lost in transfer and now appears a few comments up... blogger is so moody at times! Yes, you're right....sod the housework!!

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx JAzzy

  15. Forget houswork, it will wait.Good luck with the show and enjoy every minute xx


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