An Unexpected Trip....

It was an interesting weekend, permeated by the planned trip, the unexpected trip(s) and everything in between.

The long awaited planned trip was an overnight stay in the fabulous Druid's Glen Resort Hotel. This involved some relaxation, fun chats and was thoroughly enjoyable. The fun chats, it must be said, went on 'til the early hours of the morning. You know how it goes, lots of world problems to be sorted over a vodka or two etc; etc.....

The next morning dawned and had a certain air of the morning-after about it, after all that world-problem-solving no doubt. Ahem...

Yesterday went as planned, until I got home that is and took an unexpected trip on the wet patio outside, in the pourings of rain. It's more interesting to take a tumble in the pourings of rain - you get a wet ass to go with your damaged ego. And a big lump on your head to boot.

My head met my patio door with an unmerciful whack yesterday afternoon, I've never experienced anything like it. Apart from when I was 4 or 5 years old and split my head on the skirting boards, but I only remember the pain of the stitches then, not the pain of the fall! Thankfully there was no head-splitting yesterday, just a splitting headache. Turns out both my head and my patio door are made of very strong stuff.

But you can't take a chance with a head trauma can you?

Not wanting to make a fuss, nor to take a chance, I phoned our health insurer's on-call nurse to see what I should do. Her advice containing the terrifying warning of potential head bleed or coma sent me flying  toute suite to the A & E of our local cottage-type hospital. Flying pale-faced and on wobbly legs that is!

Oh, the thoughts that flitted through my battered head, but we won't go there! Suffice it to say I felt a band of steely determination that nothing bad would happen build behind my eyes and hung onto that!

I've been to this A & E before many times, with the patient, but never for myself. Once again I noticed how well resourced and calm this section of the hospital seemed to be, although there weren't that many patients there. The doctors in particular seemed to spend a lot of their time on the computers and flitting about than seeing patients. The flitting about could have involved them being called to patients on wards though.

Given the time of  day I was there a meal was offered, just a healthy salad, brown bread and tea. I couldn't help but think that if this was an airline business, say Ryan Air for example, you would be charged for the food or only offered it if you were there a certain length of time. The business would then ensure you were never there that long so they wouldn't have to fork out. A way to reduce hospital waiting times I wondered?!!

However this is a public service not a business and I'm glad for that. It is right to offer food. I partook of the bread and tea only. At a cost of €100 a visit to A & E it was the most expensive cup of tea I have ever had! A two and a half hour wait wasn't too bad though and the doctor I saw was lovely and re-assuring.

Thankfully all seems to be okay. I awoke today with no real headaches but feeling a bit shook and a tad sorry for myself! A pain in my back tells me I must have hit my back also when I fell but didn't realise it.

Yesterday's events serves as a reminder of the unexpectedness of life- you just never know what can happen or where you're going to end up.

I'm also reminded of the dangers of being a Home Alone SAHM (or elderly person) and am thankful I wasn't alone yesterday.

So far nothing bad has happened and life goes on.

After all I have show-work to do and a birthday to celebrate in a couple of days time!

There, that puts the smile right back on my face .... :-)



  1. Oh No!!! I hope you are feeling better!!! It's always different when you are the patient, isn't it?

  2. Hope the head and back soon feel better.
    But 100 euros - boy am i glad i stay in Scotland!!!! It's not cheap being sick!!

  3. Glad you're ok. Are you 50 again already? I can't believe that was a whole year ago.

  4. Wow! Be careful, there- that really could have been bad. Also, sometimes there's kind of like an accordion effect when you hit your head, so even if you don't actually end up hitting your back, the force of the hit affects it, too.

    Tread carefully and I hope you are completely mended soon~

  5. @Lizbeth: I will be fine and yes, it really is very different being the patient! Great to see you back in blogland, I've really missed your blog :-)javascript:BLOG_CMT_subscription.toggle()

    @Julie: Thanks so much and thanks for visiting:-) No it is not cheap being sick in fact over here hospitals are no place for sick people! I was surrounded by coughers and hackers and am surprised I didn't come home with more than I went in with!!

    @Midlife Singlemum: Yup, that time of year again!! 50 + 1..... sigh! there'd better be wine....

    @Shelly: Yeah, could have been very bad indeed. I was so afraid to go out there today! I guess that's why the hospital were checking my shoulders and neck then? I have bruising so I definitely hit my back, I guess the severe pain of hitting my head over shadowed any pain in my back!!

    Thanks for your kind comments.... makes me feel better already :-)

    xx Jazzy

  6. So glad you are o.k.! Yes-it is odd being the patient...always meakes me feel less in control...I absolutely hate falling outside in the rain-a wet ass is just not one of my top ten pleasant experiences! Glad that all of this (if it HAD to happen) occurred AFTER the weekend getaway!

  7. @kathleen: You'd think I'd be used to it at this stage, ending on my ass with legs in the air!! That's a very good point! I'm so glad it happened after too!

    Thanks for your comment :-)

    xx Jazzy

  8. Good to hear that you are okay. Your Birthday AGAIN? Where has the year gone? Happy Happy x

  9. Oh you poor thing. At least you didn't have to wait too long to be seen. Last time I went to the GP I was waiting 3 hours...only to be sent to A&E and wait for 5 hours!

  10. Poor you... Hope you're OK now? The expected trip sounds far more fun!! xx

  11. @Bright Side of Life: The years happen faster as you get older it seems!! Thanks :-)

    @magnumlady: Oh no!! That must have been such a pain. When I had Teen Boy at our GP just before New Years Eve that was a 2.5 hour wait too so I did very well indeed!

    @BavarianSojourn: Sore head but I'm fine now thanks... hopefully it knocked some sense into me!!

    Thanks for all your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  12. Head injuries always completely freak me out - because of Smiley I suppose - I hope you're okay now xxx

  13. So glad it was only a "wet ass to go with your damaged ego" (hilarious turn of phrase, I must say)! But in all seriousness, I've had two major concussions before, and you were very smart to get checked out. Hope your back is better too! xo

  14. OUCH .... poor you .That sounded very painful. Hope you are feeling better now!!!!! Good that you took yourself to A&E for that check-up! X.

  15. Oh yikes, sounds scary, and painful! Glad it all worked out. But yes, with all of the bad news regarding life and people's health that has come along this year it has been on my mind how fragile life is. How quickly it can be altered forever. You definitely cannot take a chance with head injuries!!!

    Ps: I'm a numpty: had a faulty link to you on my blog roll. It is now fixed :) Beadzoid xx

  16. Jeepers, you were very lucky! That would really scare the life out of you. I can't believe it costs that for an A&E visit, we are incredibly lucky up here, even though we do moan about certain things, we never have to think twice about phoning a doctor.

  17. @blue Sky: yes, they can be very worrying. Am fine now apart from a slight dent in my head!!

    @Tanya Savko: All better now thanks and glad that i got checked out! two, glad turned out ok for you too :-)

    @Older Mum: Perfectly fine thanks :-)

    @Beadzoid: Oh, welcome to numpty-land, I'm in permanent residence!!

    @The mum of all trades: It's SO expensive here. €100 for A & E trip and €55-€70, depending on where you live, to see a doctor!

    Thank you all for your kind comments and apologies for not visiting your blogs this week. It's been crazy busy as we approach SHOWTIME!! Only 3 weeks to go....

    xx Jazzy


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