Sod the Snake, I want an Elephant...and the Bag of all Bags.

I have not made any New Year' resolutions for 2013, the Chinese Year of the Snake. They are only meant to be broken after all.

I must make some changes though and I'm thinking the first one will be to invent a whole new Chinese year.......

So, welcome to Jazzy's Chinese Year: the Year of the Elephant.

I'm inventing this not to give us the freedom to assume the size of an elephant's body, more to give us, well me anyway, some sliver of hope of assuming the size of it's memory bank. Even half the size would be good!

I'm fed up of forgetting/losing things, you see. I spend an inordinate amount of time, most days of the week, searching for missing items or things I've forgotten to bring with me when out and about. Oh, you know; things like keys, phone, and money for example, things that can land a lady in a dilemma!

I am a serial rooter and loser of things and it must stop. No more must I be seen rooting through one of my bags in public places. No more upending said bag on shop floors or rehearsal halls looking for the illusive item du jour. And there must definitely be no more rooting through my Green Bin. Sigh...

This ridiculousness all came to a head when I recently lost my inhaler. For two whole days I searched everywhere, even in the most unusual places I could think of. At one point I was drawn to a drawer in a bathroom press, drawn by a vague memory of saying to myself  'don't put it in there, you'll never remember there'. So ridiculous was the thought that I'd deliberately put it somewhere I wouldn't ever remember, that I was convinced that's exactly where I'd find it. Nope. Wasn't there. Maybe there is some hope for me after all!

I eventually had no choice but to don the marigolds and delve head-first, yet again, into our very full post-Christmas Green Bin! Well, that's where my other lost medication had been found the previous week after all. Oops... Okay, maybe I really am a total lost cause!

Although I eventually recovered the latest missing item, in a very mundane place, this madness must end.

I need to get more organised. I need to put everything back in it's place, as soon as I'm finished with it and organise myself better when on my daily expeditions.

As I've said before though - if I didn't have so much to remember, I'd have less to forget!

Look at this for today's outing:

Four bags! Four!! 'Tis no wonder I forgot my water bottle.

The white bag is gym stuff,  then there's black handbag with  more stuff, blue bag with library books and purple one with show stuff, so I could do some work while doing taxi-mum for Teen Boy.

I have to ask myself, with the exception of the library books, isn't there a way I could organise all this stuff into one bag? And I don't mean a duffle bag or a black sack!

I think maybe there is.

I think, apart from all the personal changes, I need to get me a Mia Tui bag. Or two ;-)

What do you think?

Would be less cumbersome then assuming the size of an elephant and waayyy more stylish!




  1. Do you think that it is an age thing? I have become SO forgetful of late! Loving the Mai Tui bag... looks like it would work a treat! But, oh the choices.. which one to buy?

  2. For a moment I thought you wanted an elephant-skin bag. I need a Mia Tui apartment. I've lost a pair of leggings and a favourite cardigan, and my place is not big or cluttered believe me.

  3. I have to admit I'm a bit of a 'bag lady' and have a habit of losing things. I've lost my wedding and engagement ring! My New Year's Resolutions are to milk a cow and fly a plane....not both at the same time ;)

  4. Love the bag. I used to be as bad as you with my memory until I started taking 1000mg a day of omega 3 fish oils. I didn't really notice it was working until I ran out and went a week without chaos...I was back to walking into rooms and forgetting why I was not good! Try it :)

  5. @Bright Side of Life: Nope. I've always been like this. My nickname of old? v-Alzheimers!! My choices shall be revealed ;-)

    @Midlife Singlemum: Just as well I didn't keep the original title or you'd have been totally convinced!

    A Mia Tui apartment you say? Now there's an idea!

    @magnumlady: Glad I'm not the only forgetful bag lady! I look forward to seeing your photos, brave lady. Good luck :-)

    @Lyndylou: You know I started taking them as Teen Boy on them but then, guess what? I forgot to take them after a while!! I wondered if they would make a difference, think I'll take your advice, thanks!

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  6. Well funnily enough - I have two Mia Tui bags, and they are great! And I have an inhaler too, and there's nothing worse than feeling a little short of breath and then running around like a headless chicken trying to find the damn thing!!!! But you defo need to downsize your bag situation :o).

  7. I am terrible for this too. Well, less for losing things, just for putting things in strange places! A Mia Tui bag sounds like a good idea to me! :)

  8. I love my Mia Tui Bag, hope you enjoy yours too :)

  9. @Older Mum: We're in agreement so, 2 Mia Tui bags is a must!! I am sooo downsizing as it's beyond ridiculous at this stage!

    @Bavarian Sojourn: It tuned out to have been a great idea, working out very well so far!

    @Looking for Blue Sky: Loving my Amelie and looking forward to road testing my Grace bag tomorrow :-)

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  10. If you find out how to get organised, please let me know! I try and try but something always ends up getting forgotten about. My memory is terrible, I've always wee notes written on the back of my hands.

  11. @The mum of all trades: I will pass on all my new found tips. I keep waiting for that organising fairy to spread her magic fairy dust!

    Thanks for commenting :-)

    xx Jazzy


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