Mia Tui Me

A short time ago I told you all about my little bag lady problem, of elephantine proportions. I was in serious need of organisational assistance, so I turned to the magical world of Mia Tui and their 'bags for all reasons' to help me find a solution.

Mia Tui is the stylish and creative brainchild of Charlotte and was born in Vietnam in 2010, after she'd spent many years searching for the perfect bag that would suit her busy lifestyle. A lifestyle involving being a working mum, doing school runs, shopping, going to the gym, travelling, etc; etc. Sound familiar?

Charlotte says that 'Mia Tui is the busy woman's best friend - it is stylish yet completely practical' and invites you to check out  her website: 'if you feel like you're juggling a thousand lives.'
Now that sounds very familiar!

So I then approached the very charming Charlotte, asking for her help in choosing a bag for my reasons.

We agreed on my requirements and so it was that my two new VBFs - Amelie and Grace - came to reside with me.

Would you like to meet them? You would? Oh good!

Let me first introduce you to the fabulous and very accommodating Amelie:

But, could Amelie accommodate all my requirements for a busy day involving gym, school run, show work (script, large dance notebook & clip board) and culminating in a long dance rehearsal? The novel is in case I need a break from doing show work while waiting around  for my Teen Boy!

I found that Amelie's compact and unique interior system, with it's multiple pockets including mobile phone pocket and pen-holders, insulated drinks holder, zips and extra bags - 2 PVC ones and a matching clutch bag....

You can just about see the key clip in between the 
2 blue pockets.... a marvelous idea. No more rooting for keys!

.... meant that I could indeed fit it all in...

And there I am, all packed and zipped up in my waterproof (inside and out), soft faux leather exteriored Mia Tui bag and ready to go. Anyone care to join me?

                                                         Burn Baby Burn!

The intention was to use Amelie for long rehearsal days when I may also have to bring snack foods, for me and Teen Boy, and a change of clothes for going out to dinner afterwards. Well, a busy, dancing mum can't be expected to cook dinner on long rehearsal days, now can she?! I could then use Grace for non-rehearsal busy days.

So far, I have to say, I'm living out of Amelie! I just pack her up with all my compartmentalised requirements for the day and pop her into the car boot. I then work from there, pulling out bits as required; the matching clutch bag, for example, if I'm going to the shops, or my ever-growing Book of Dance Steps (very much a work-in-progress!) pen and CD if I'm doing show work whilst on taxi-mum duty. It's fantastic!

Of course I also love to show her off, slinging her over my shoulder as I saunter stylishly into rehearsal!

Amelie is quite a large bag, recommended for women over 5ft 5ins (which I'm not!) and I can see how helpful it would be for travelling too. You may not be able to fit in the kitchen sink but it's certainly roomy enough for an inquisitive, bag-loving Pretty Cat......

And , in these frugal times, even the protective covering that a Mia Tui bag arrives in was put to excellent use in this house.....


Now let me introduce you to the more petite, but equally fabulous Grace, with her similar signature interior system of multiple pockets, matching clutch bag and one removable PVC bag...

                                      I just love the cute signature star on outside pocket!
Do not be fooled by Grace's diminutive size, as I was initially! I'm very excited as I've just found out that I can fit in my large Book of Dance Steps after all! I really didn't think that I could, so admittedly Grace hasn't been given the attention she deserves. I will soon remedy that! I also fit in my water bottle, a large novel, my Kindle and the usual purse, make up etc. I could also fit in Teen Boy's iPad, if only he'd share it with me! Think of all the show work I could store on that....... sigh! 

I am also very excited to discover that Grace also has a key clip.... a stretchy one! I let it over hang in the photo above so that you could see it. I won't even have to remove the key to open the door!

Note both bags also come with an attachable hands-free shoulder strap.

I think you can tell from this post that I'm in love with my new delights.

I can honestly say that my Mia Tui bags are this busy woman's new stylish best friends. I find that the unique interior system makes them highly multi-functional and begs that chocolatey question:

Is Mia Tui a system or a bag?

The answer being, of course, that Mia Tui is a system in a bag ;-)

It is fair to say that I've been well and truly Mia Tui-ed!

How about you?

Have a look here to see if you can find a bag for your reasons.

Happy shopping!


Note: Whilst chatting to Charlotte online, discussing my requirements, she very kindly gave me the Grace bag  to review with my Amelie purchase :-) This is my honest review of both bags. Well, I couldn't really review one without the other now could I?!


  1. 100% agree with every word :) I am now a Mia Tui convert, really it does sound like a new religion, doesn't it? And I was never a bag fan before...

  2. I saw Blue Skys Grace bag........loved it and am veeeeeery tempted :)

  3. @Blue Sky: yes it does and I'm a late convertee too!

    @Jen: Go on, go for it! You will NOT regret it, honestly. Very well made, sturdy yet stylish, functional bags.

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  4. I went to the website and I like the Ella (being not a tall person myself). Enjoy your new spaces!

  5. @Midlife Singlemum: So you have found a bag for YOUR reasons! Go for it! Thanks, the thing with a Mia Tui bag is that you keep finding an extra little space or a new way to put the many spaces to good use.

    Thanks for your comment :-)

    xx Jazzy

  6. Grace can hold an iPad mini in one pocket which leaves the entire bag free for last minute groceries. This is becoming a cult!!

  7. Another convert here, love my Grace and Amelie, Ella is on my wish list next.

  8. @Lisamaree Dom: The many uses of a Mia Tui bag, eh? It is becoming a cult....and I blame you for converting me!! And all over a key clip ;-)

    @Andra Johnston: Ooh, is our cult starting a collection then?!!

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  9. I have two Mia Tui bags - including a Grace - and I love them - best bags I have ever bought - stylish, sturdy, well organised .... fab! X.

  10. @Older Mum: I agree. Very well made, stylish and extremely functional.

    Thank for your comment :-)

    xx Jazzy

  11. Oh help, I am a bag collector and both of these sound awesome. Best you point me in the right direction when I come to Dublin... I may need to do some shopping! Have to tell you that my fave bag at the moment is an Orla Kiely! :)

  12. Wow, I definitely need to get on the bag bandwagon! I'm excited just reading about them!

  13. @Bright Side of Life: We shall have to do a fashion show for you, there's so many of us now with them! I don't have anything of Orla Kielys....shame on me!

    @Tanya Savko: They really are fantastic!

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  14. They both look perfect! Fabulous for "casual sauntering!" :))

  15. @Kathleen: They totally are! Thank for your comment :-)

    xx Jazzy


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