Happy New Year!

As the year 2012 comes to a close I look forward, as ever, to ringing in a bright, shiny, new year.

Like last year I now take this opportunity to look back over the year that's been, to celebrate the good and most likely gloss over the bad!

It was a year that commenced with some life-enhancing changes that lasted for a while and are now making a comeback!

A year of celebrations where I rocked the #50club, as I celebrated an important birthday and still do not feel like a pen..pens...retired person. I will never feel like a retired person! I simply don't have the time! 

And a year that our lovely boy celebrated his Confirmation Day, in style.

In fact our boy has had a pretty good year, as he graduated from Primary school with flying colours and made a successful transition to secondary school. He's growing up and has also made the successful transition from Pre-Teen to Teen Boy! We are very, very proud of him. He still keeps us amused, you'll be pleased to hear!

'Twas a year that we had a wonderful time working with some amazing, fun and talented teenagers on our musical Footloose in March. We very much look forward to starting our new musical, Disco Inferno, with them in the new year. It is energising to be involved with teenagers and it's wonderful to help encourage a love of musical theatre in another generation.

It was a year of the tale of two holidays as I enjoyed an amazing fun-filled birthday trip to New York in April, the memories of which I shall live off for a long time to come, and a lovely, relaxing family holiday in Lanzarote. Oh joy.

2012 was the Year of the Kittens as we had the lovely experience of caring for some new borns when our Pretty Cat surprised us with a litter, 2 days before we went on holidays!

It really was a lovely time caring for them, they were so gorgeous. We have recently seen two of them and they are such beautiful cats.

There were some sad and difficult times too as my mam has been so unwell for most of the year. However, she continues to amaze us with her Lazarus-like skills and ability to fight all that comes her way.

It's been nice to sit back and glimpse back through my year.

It was the year that lots changed personally yet nothing did nationally.

My national  wishes for 2012 from last year didn't quite come true: 
We didn't effect much national, or global change as we continue to do as we're told and
we didn't quite put the goal in the other team's net!
However, Katie Taylor and our Boxing team did us very proud in the Olympics.

We can still smile and go forward with as much positivity as we can muster into 2013.

May 2013 not be unlucky for some!

May it bring us all lots of luck.

A New year, a new beginning.

May 2013 be all you want it to be.



Simply Having a A Jazzy Christmas Time

 It's been a very busy time lately, here at chez Jazzy.

It's been quite the  foray of Christmas present buying, bare minimum housework (need-to-see-basis only), mind boggling studying for 'our' first Christmas tests and ferrying the boy to and from school for said tests. At an unearthly hour of the morning, I might add!

I don't have time to clear my throat these days! I'm in bed early most evenings and I haven't switched my laptop on in a week. A whole week, people! Totally unheard of, for me.

However, it is good to get all the preparations done early - a girl has to clear her schedule to allow for some party nights out after all!

I do get some help with some of this work though. You see, I don't have to worry about forgetting who the hastily wrapped and untagged presents under the tree are for. I have Pretty Cat for that. She very kindly tears open the corners, for identification purposes only, of course. Hmmmm...

                                                Get away from there, naughty Pretty Cat!

In the melee of Christmas preparations, which for the first Santa-less year does not include a trip to a toy store, time has obviously been found to visit the patient, who is doing relatively okay. Thank God. Fingers crossed though, as the emotional roller coaster continues it's bone shaking - on the day I bought the patient's Christmas present I also bought a black dress. I promptly gave the patient her present because, well, she needed it now and, well, you know....

I also put the tree and all the Christmas decorations up early - because, well, you know....

It's a kind of reverse psychology, I guess. And depending on the occasion, I either have myself an SATC Miranda style 'shitty black dress that I'll never wear again' or I have a rather classy and demur one. So far it's the latter. That damn, emotional roller coaster really can shake you up.

So, these are some of the reasons you've seen less of Jazzy in this hallowed blogosphere. The other reason is that there's slightly less of me to see! Yay!! Yes, I started a new focused regime back in September and its starting to pay dividends. It's been up and down over that time, mostly down thankfully . Through the efforts of my Curves gym and Weight Watchers I have lost 11 pounds (only 3 more to go) and a grand total of 8 inches! I am rather pleased with myself, as you can imagine. Not that anyone but myself has noticed, but I kind of like that.

Why did it work for me? Because I love to exercise and to be successful I need to track and be tracked. I also need to live my life.... and there must be wine! I cannot adhere to regimes that ban certain foodstuffs entirely. This way I can enjoy what I like, just not as much of it. And that's a good thing as it brings other health benefits too, which is a good idea when you're a lady of a certain age!

No doubt a bit of stress in ones life helps the cause, though sometimes it can also hinder.

But as it's now Christmas I am literally off-track. Which was pretty obvious from my enjoyment of last Saturday's party night out. As it was from my late night tweet. 'Oops' - or perhaps more appropriately : hic'!! At least I thought to share the fact that the guys wore their Santa thongs ( that I flicked) on the outside of their trousers!! I think I also threatened to give them wedgies too but, it being Christmas, I didn't follow through! I'm so kind and thoughtful really!

So now I'm feeling rather Christmassy, with fingers fiercely crossed for the patient's well being, as we enjoy a few nights out, with the big day fast approaching.

But before that big day happens there is another one due, of equal (if not more) importance.

The day that my fabulous Pre-Teen becomes a fully fledged Teen Boy. I am so, incredibly proud of him!

Two days to go.

We're very excited.

But now I must depart, there are a few drinks in my local pub with my name on them, and the winning Grand Prize ticket too - I hope!




Beauty All Around....

I love where I live

I love waking up on a sunny morning and gazing out at the ancient, leafy trees looming large and protectively at the end of our garden.

Then seeing a squirrel, or two, scurrying through the branches on their way for one of their daily feeding sessions next door...

I love the narrow, rustic road leading to our estate, with it's hint of sea at the bottom.....

And the leafy country lane with it's almost tree canopy....

That meanders it's way down to our lovely, but stony, beach....

With it's lovely sights...

To make your spirits soar....

I love the nearby promenade on which we can enjoy a leisurely stroll....

I love the nearby hill we can climb to admire all the views....

Or to simply feel on top of the world....

Oh yes, I do love where I live. I am very lucky and it's nice to take time-out in order to appreciate the small things in life.

Like hearing the patient's exultations at receiving her first teaspoons of cold water, or seeing the simple joy spreading across her face as she takes her first spoonfuls of food (a yogurt) in a month!

And of course the nicest view of all is the one that greets you, when all the musing and perusing is done, that whets your palate and softens your landing back to reality....