End of term

It's with amazement that I sit here, on the cusp of the week ahead, the final week of first term in secondary school. I cannot believe that this term is almost at an end!

All the planning and worrying at my end, while Pre-Teen simply just got on with it.

I sat back and watched him settle seamlessly into a brand new school setting, navigating his way with relative ease through school corridors and lockers and effortless decision making.

Constantly aware of his continually growing maturity, as he willingly does homework and resists mid-week Xbox play - mostly! How he's friendly with many and how he positively handled a particularly unpleasant incident.

It is great to know that he confidently enjoys his daily forays into the school cafeteria, happily munching and chatting with friends and cleverly finding a solution to get himself there early, ahead of the busy crowds!

With one final week to go I can now let go of that six week long breath I wasn't even aware I was holding. I can rest assured that the bombshell-that-never-was is not going to drop and be confident that we have made the right school choice.

He's a wonderful boy and I'm so incredibly proud of him.

However, there have been some disconcerting moments I'm afraid.

Like the evening I screamed 'Nooooo...' as I looked in the mirror, standing beside- and looking up - at my boy. How I loudly insisted that he remove his Crocs forthwith, lest they give him a fractional height advantage. Removing said crocs sadly made no difference at all - to Pre-Teen's absolute delight!

Next thing you'll know there'll be an extra deep voice and shaving gear about the place. There'd also better be an additional supply of wine!

Then there was his first attendance at the Scouts last week, which he thoroughly enjoyed, and came home brandishing a note about next year's Jamboree camping trip. For a week. A whole week away from home. How exciting is that? For him. Meanwhile I'm having a minor panic attack at the mere thoughts whilst also, kind of, rubbing my hands in semi-glee!

And finally the most disconcerting moment of all.... The truth in all it's glory.

Never ask your forthright and honest child how you look in a form-fitting short dress that took you four years to fit into.

Pah .... I am SO not too old for it, I refuse to accept that and I WILL wear it!!

So, it appears that although my boy is maturing nicely, hilarity (and snuggles) still abound :-)

All is well.

Nothing to see here.

Move along now please ..... ;-)

Thank you!



  1. Hooray! Sounds like a great first half term. Only 20 more to go...

  2. So pleased to hear he has got on so well, I'm sure you are so proud of him. I am dreading my eldest starting big school next year, he's always been at the school I teach in and I've been able to keep an eye on him! All this letting go is hard.

  3. That's great news Val, enjoy the midterm.


  4. @Midlife Singlemum: Yay! I am so thrilled.... and THAT is one terrifying thought! I will ignore your last comment as well as my son's fashion advice!

    @The mum of all trades: Thank you, I really am one proud mum! I know exactly how you feel, letting go is really, really hard but we have to do it, to let them blossom ;-)

    @Anonymous: Thanks Helen, hope you have a great midterm too :-)

    I know I said I can no longer write about my boy and that's true, but there are some situations that I just have to celebrate whilst trying not to reveal too much. I know there are those of you that have been reading my blog since the beginning and are following behind us. I know you'll be happy to know how things are going :-)

    Thank you for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  5. It's so good to hear that he just got on with it, gives me so much hope for next year when my boy starts secondary xx

  6. @Blue Sky: I have my fingers crossed for you. You know, along with the growth spurt over the summerthere seems to have also grown a new level of maturity? Neural pathways forming and joining ;-)

    Thanks for your comment :-)

    xx Jazzy

  7. Glad to hear all is well in your world, and that your son has had such a good first term at school - you must be feeling very pleased and proud! Have a fun half term break! :o).

  8. @Older Mum: Thank you, I am indeed feeling pleased and proud. I look forward to our mid term break, not getting off to a good start aas he's home sick today! I wrote too soon perhaps?

    Thanks for your comment :-)

    xx JAzzy

  9. Wow, Jazzy. Really excited for you and your boy. It sounds like life is going extremely well which is huge when asd is thrown into the mix. P.S. If you have any great shaving tips, I really could do with some help here! :)

  10. Oh I am so pleased, gearing up for next year, and already holding my breath, it's wonderful to hear it's all working out. :-)

  11. So pleased, he sounds like he's doing wonderfully well! Enjoy half term! :) xxx

  12. hey jazzy time has gone so quickly he is probably thinking mam what you worrying about.This a lovely blog well done to mr and mrs jazzy and your young gentleman in doing so well .decxx

  13. ps jazzy shaving tips the art of shaving do a great hot towel shave in new york for 50usd if your yoing gentleman would like to ty it while mrs jazzy goes for a spa treatment i fully recommend it xx

  14. @Bright Side of Life: yes, it is indeed huge and a great start to the years ahead of him. And me! Shaving will NOT be my department, I will hand that over to Mr Jazzy! But if any solutions do come to the fire I'll let you know ;-)

    @alisonwells: Thank you, looking forward to the break although he is home sick from school now!

    @Anonymous: Thanks Dec! What, you mean I'D have to go ALL the way to New York just for a shave for him and a spa treatment for me? Oh, Okay then!! I'll just pack my bags!

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy


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