Inbetweeny Days

I dislike Inbetweeny days, don't you?

You know, those days that are neither one nor the other.

The snow days that are not snowy enough to make an early judgement call on whether or not to get your child to school.

Then there's the sick days when you have to wake your child up at the usual, unearthly hour of 6.30 am just to see if they're sick enough to stay home! Lest they pull the wool over your eyes, not that my guy does that, or the guilt feelings descend at keeping your child home unnecessarily.

Pre-teen was sent home sick yesterday with inbetweeny tummy pains that were neither one thing nor another. Tummy rumbles that could be signs of a bug, a tummy stuffed with cafeteria food or of an underfed child being packed off to school with a mere slice of toast in his tummy! So the guilty mum feelings immediately envelop, until I reason that I can't force feed what is being refused.

From this early morning awakening from his deep, deep sleep - such a pity - I concluded very quickly that he was just about sick enough to stay home with a tummy bug.

So, we're having an Inbetweeny Sick Day.

While part of me wishes he'd just be fully sick and be done with it, mid term break beckons in 3 days time after all, I'm slowly coming around to the idea that Inbetweeny Days are not too bad really.

He's not sick enough to be howling for my constant attention, brow wiping and human drink dispensing skills. I can calmly ensure he has what he needs.

He's well enough and old enough so that I can nip out to the shops. Of course I issue a myriad of instructions before I leave, a bit like a broken record - or a scratchy CD if I'm to keep up with the times - which eventually elicited a grumpy 'Jeez (or words to that effect) mum, just GO'.


See, while an Inbetweeny Day means I have to stay home more it doesn't totally restrict me.

I'm beginning to see that this is quite a good thing as I realise I'm not doing my usual tail-chasing and meeting myself going backwards routine.

It seems that Inbetweeny Days can be more of an enforced sabbatical than enforced captivity and that's a really good thing.

Look, I even have time to write a blog only 2 days after my last one!

I could get to really like this.

However I'd better now and do a drinks run and make sure all's okay.

But wait, what's that I hear? A rumble from my tummy?

Nah, that'd just be hunger.

Bound to be.....


End of term

It's with amazement that I sit here, on the cusp of the week ahead, the final week of first term in secondary school. I cannot believe that this term is almost at an end!

All the planning and worrying at my end, while Pre-Teen simply just got on with it.

I sat back and watched him settle seamlessly into a brand new school setting, navigating his way with relative ease through school corridors and lockers and effortless decision making.

Constantly aware of his continually growing maturity, as he willingly does homework and resists mid-week Xbox play - mostly! How he's friendly with many and how he positively handled a particularly unpleasant incident.

It is great to know that he confidently enjoys his daily forays into the school cafeteria, happily munching and chatting with friends and cleverly finding a solution to get himself there early, ahead of the busy crowds!

With one final week to go I can now let go of that six week long breath I wasn't even aware I was holding. I can rest assured that the bombshell-that-never-was is not going to drop and be confident that we have made the right school choice.

He's a wonderful boy and I'm so incredibly proud of him.

However, there have been some disconcerting moments I'm afraid.

Like the evening I screamed 'Nooooo...' as I looked in the mirror, standing beside- and looking up - at my boy. How I loudly insisted that he remove his Crocs forthwith, lest they give him a fractional height advantage. Removing said crocs sadly made no difference at all - to Pre-Teen's absolute delight!

Next thing you'll know there'll be an extra deep voice and shaving gear about the place. There'd also better be an additional supply of wine!

Then there was his first attendance at the Scouts last week, which he thoroughly enjoyed, and came home brandishing a note about next year's Jamboree camping trip. For a week. A whole week away from home. How exciting is that? For him. Meanwhile I'm having a minor panic attack at the mere thoughts whilst also, kind of, rubbing my hands in semi-glee!

And finally the most disconcerting moment of all.... The truth in all it's glory.

Never ask your forthright and honest child how you look in a form-fitting short dress that took you four years to fit into.

Pah .... I am SO not too old for it, I refuse to accept that and I WILL wear it!!

So, it appears that although my boy is maturing nicely, hilarity (and snuggles) still abound :-)

All is well.

Nothing to see here.

Move along now please ..... ;-)

Thank you!


Sunday Solace to Monday Madness

The best thing about reaching a milestone birthday is the many opportunities to celebrate, if you play your cards right. And I've become quite a good 'card player' judging by how long I'm dragging this year's celebrations out!

See, it's not just the small family weekend away, the night out with ex-colleagues from work, a theatre trip with a fellow pentagenarian-show-friend or the much planned for trip to New York with a pal, there are also school friends who will be celebrating. Note: always keep in contact with at least one of your school friends ;-)

I'm certainly glad that I did because this weekend I got to go away on a girly over-nighter to the very scenic Glenview Hotel with my school friend. A great chance for a catch up and a low-key celebration. It's close enough to where I live yet it felt like a million miles away.

I simply left my house and slipped into a whole new world. A world of  pool lounging - swimming or anything  resembling exercise was forbidden - Jacuzzi unwinding, steam room/sauna relaxing and spa treatment pampering. Oh and there was hot tub plunging too. It felt incredible dashing out into the cold air then quickly stepping into the hot tub. The combination of cold air floating around your head as you are immersed in a steamy outdoor hot tub is simply a slice of heaven.

Of course there was some fabulous food and wine too and a prawn starter which was like a taste explosion in my mouth. We dined upstairs in the restaurant that looked out over the forested green fields stretching forever in front of us.

On our way to all places of tranquility within the hotel, we came upon Irish dancers of all ages practicing in the hallways or performing inside at the Feis. The air was filled with noises of furious treble tapping feet, the jingle jangle of medals, laughter and 'lift your leg higher', 'practise one more time' and finally 'but I'm sooo tired mammy'! Hardly surprising, they'd been there since 8.30 that morning!

The hotel was very busy all day and while we chatted about everything and anything under the sun we also mused over how many people were about, excluding the Irish dancers. We concluded that it was good to see people out treating themselves to Sunday lunch. We're from a generation who had very little money and we were taught to save and spend money wisely. We'd like to think that as most people don't get out as often anymore that they really appreciate it when they do. It becomes a special treat, as was our night away, something to be savoured and not taken for granted.

Unfortunately due to work commitments we had to check out early today but as I'm a gal who makes the most of every opportunity I was up bright and early and in the pool by 7am! Besides, I'm also a terrible sleeper! I debated with myself whether or not I'd do it and in the end I concluded that I simply must, lest I  regret it. So I did it. I tentatively pushed open the door, braved the cold air and stepped once more into the glorious heat of the hot tub. Oh to lie there in the early morning darkness, with the sky brightening over the rolling fields and fir tree-tops just visible ahead and surrounded by some dwindling twinkling stars and twittering arising birds. Truly magical.

Sadly the magic had to end and in the twinkling of an eye I was back home before I knew it.

My stay at the hotel may have come to an end but luckily for me my day of relaxation didn't have to. I was never so glad that I'd pushed myself to do a major house clean before I left, so now I could treat myself to a read and a snooze, followed by a walk.

And then, as mad as this sounds, I actually got stuck in and washed my windows! The Housework Police can come visit me anytime they want now!

These mini-breaks are good for the soul, relaxing and invigorating, with batteries recharged it's amazing how productive we can become.

I hereby declare mini-breaks mandatory for all and I'm now saving up for my next one ;-)


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Onwards and Upwards

I've been missing-in-action from Blogland again, haven't I ?

Very naughty of me, I know but time is just running away on me it seems.

I had a very disappointing time when the Blog Awards Ireland finalist lists were announced and found that I wasn't named in any category, despite being nominated in four. I know I said I wasn't under any illusions and was delighted to be even short-listed and that's true, but.... well .... I kinda lied, I just didn't realise it at the time and well... it would have been nice! I am of course very grateful to those who were kind enough to nominate me and very excited for my blogger friends Looking For Blue Sky (a real life friend also) and Magnum Lady who did make the finalist's lists. Girls, it's up to you both now to fly the flag! No pressure but I'd love if even one of you could bring home an award. The very best of  luck this Saturday!

As for me, I suppose I could try to find out what I did 'wrong' and try to get it 'right' and give the adjudicators what they want. But then I wouldn't be 'me' and I quite like being me. So, I'll just plod along here in Blogland and stay true to myself.

It's been an exciting time too. Starting last Tuesday with a phone call from the ebullient Brenda Donohoe and ending with a very beautiful radio interview with Genevieve and her daughter Lucy on the Mooney Show, on behalf of our campaign. It really is a lovely piece of radio, click on the link if you have time and listen to the podcast to hear Lucy say 2 new words live on radio! All thanks to a donated iPhone. Please tell anyone you know upgrading to iPhone 5 to donate their old one to our campaign, if they can.

Of course it's also been an extremely busy time as I act as liaison and advocate for both my mother and son. We're talking serious tail-chasing time here. All this to-ing and fro-ing and tail-chasing has meant that it was also a forgetful time as I over-looked, among other things, the signing of an important form with detrimental consequences. I've decided to write my way put of the situation by explaining all the demands being placed on my time in a letter. A very long letter. It's quite a scary read! I swear, its a wonder I have time to breathe let alone wrote this!

But you know, we all have disappointing, exciting, busy and even boring times. It's called 'life' and we get through them as best we can. We have our beliefs and little sayings to help us along the way.

Like 'be positive', 'stay strong' and 'stay true to yourself'.

There are also two statements that I was reminded of recently that can really help in trying times. I'd like to share them with you now,  in the hope that they'll help you too.

There's this meaningful 'prayer' that undoubtedly has been said by many of us...

And this one is a particularly valuable insight...

You know, if I could magically develop a pair of thin thighs I could don a pair of particularly high, ass-kicking, heels and hand deliver that letter myself!

I may not quite manage to conquer the world  but I can certainly make a start by conquering the unyielding and impenetrable Department of Social 'Protection' ;-)


Note: Photos appear courtesy of my local Curves Gym :-)