Paradise and The Cat's Miaow.

You may have noticed that  I've been missing-in-action again lately. Never fear though, all is well, I've just been on holiday. A holiday I wasn't sure we were going to get to go on until very close to departure. We did, although it wasn't without its preceding Jazzy-style dramas!

Two days before departure was a particularly demanding day. You know, one of those days when it seems that everyone, including family pets wants a piece of you? It started with a sleepless night in a very hot and humid Dublin, seeing me eventually snoozing on the downstairs sofa with a demanding cat for company. She was like a cat on a hot tin conveyor belt - I'd throw her out the backdoor for her to immediately pop back in again through the bedroom window. I repeat, it was a hot, humid night in Dublin. I 'solved' the problem by closing the kitchen door, too tired to care that she had been pregnant three days earlier and was now no longer so. Silly, silly Jazzy...

The next day a sleepy-headed me ploughed through a day of getting my child to a day camp (thank God) and getting into the hospital to feed the ill patient who seemed to be staging a Lazarus-style recovery and also becoming increasingly demanding! Then back home to deal with demanding child, dinners and the increasingly demanding and miaowing cat who was now trying to climb walls to get into coat pockets. 'You're trying to tell me something. aren't you',  I said to her. Oh boy, was she ever! I just didn't want to hear it.

I snook a sneaky snooze and contemplated packing suitcases for the holiday that now seemed possible. Feeling a little rested I went into the spare room to sort suitcases and clothes. I wasn't there five minutes when I heard a distinct but seemingly distant cat's miaow. Or, was that cats' miaows? After a perfunctory and pointless peek in the wardrobe I finally released myself from denial and looked in the only other place possible. I poked my head under the bed only to witness a lovely scene: a happy pretty mummy cat and her four (yikes!!) pretty kittens...

Oh yes terribly cute and excitement all around from the pre- teen but terribly inconvenient too! What the hell do we do now? I mean we couldn't leave them there for two weeks now, could we! A bit of panic ensued and we weighed up a few options. The easiest one was a Cat Refuge but although she is not our cat , she just thinks she is, I didn't want to do that. Eventually thanks to excellent advice from some wonderful twitter and facebook pals, you know who you are, we moved and confined them out into our safe and secure shed.

We had to confine as she kept trying to move them and might desert them. There they stayed and were expertly minded by our cat loving neighbour while we were away.

So, with the pretty cat and pretty kittens drama sorted with one neighbour and with budgie, goldfish and tomato and melon plants dispatched to another we headed off on a very relaxing and relatively drama-free holiday! We have seriously good neighbours, you should know this.

And so it was, in need of serious rest and relaxation, that we arrived at our holiday destination.

My view for almost the entire 12 days was this...

Or, if I deigned to turn my head slightly to my left I was treated to this view...

Irish and Uk readers should note that the blue colouring at the top of both photos is called sky. Also, just out of shot is a big white ball emitting brilliant beams of light and glorious rays of heat to rest on ones tired bones. It's called sun.

Yes, you guessed it, we were holidaying in Paradise. Oh okay then, Lovely Lanzarote if you must be pedantically precise about it! Staying at the fantastic Vik Hotel San Antonio. 

Lanzarote, a land that hasn't seen rain in a whole year, where a glass of wine costs between €2 and €3, petrol €1.10 a litre, yet sun creams are slightly more expensive. Although I must point out that the latter observation is based on a comparison with similar products that have been reduced to half price in Ireland. Says it all really. 

Just so you know I did actually haul my lazy ass of that sun lounger on occasion. To slip simpering into the icy cold, salt-water pool where one could almost see the steam rising from ones body once one was immersed. Glorious. I also participated in most of the 30 minute  basic  aqua aerobics classes in the same pool. Don't worry though, I also achieved total redemption afterwards by treating myself to a lunchtime glass of shandy or wine. Heaven.

So now we're home, relaxed and ready for the usual melee of family life for what remains of the summer holidays. Of course I use the term summer very lightly insofar as it refers to this rain sodden country of ours. I did try to do my patriotic duty whilst on holiday though. I endeavored to put our country's most bountiful 'National Asset' to good use by offering them a Sunshine/Rain Share Scheme. Makes perfect sense to me, but we'll have to move fast! The hot Lanzarote sun may have gone to my head though, just a bit....

Yes, we're home to the budgie, the fish, the beloved plants and the proud pretty mummy cat and her 4 babies.

See how they've grown, aren't they gorgeous?


Go on, you want one, don't you? You know you do!

They're seriously cute and very, very pretty just like their mum. Honest.

In fact, they're The Cat's Miaow.



  1. Those kittens are VERY cute and I am not usually a cat lover. Glad you had a nice holiday it looked blissful and sounded it, I hope we can get away this year as well x

  2. Am crying at the look of that beautiful sun, so jealous. We had one day of sunshine on our English sojourn.
    The kittens are very cute, you will find takers for them I'm sure.

  3. @The Rambling Pages: I'm not a cat lover either! Don't know how she picked us to live with! She IS gorgeous though as are her babies.Hope you get to go away.

    @lisadom Grace App: :-)

    @the mum of all trades: It looks like we've brought some sunshine home with us, between the rain that is! Hope it lasts. We have homes for 2 of the kittens already!

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  4. The kittens are gorgeous and I'm glad you found someone to look after them while you enjoyed that fabulous holiday :). There's one omission to this holiday tale though....what did the guys do?

  5. @Blue Sky: I have no idea......sigh! Oh alright then: pre-teen in pool for HOURS or joining in (YES!) poolside activities. Like archery, darts pistol and rifle shooting! Mr J chilling in the shade :-)

    Thanks for your comment :-)

    xx Jazzy

  6. So glad you got a lovely holiday in the sun. Sun makes you feel so much better. There is a distinct lack f it here in Scotland :/

  7. Yes, I do want one, however, my dog would probably chew on it! ;) Good to hear that you had a lovely holiday, it sounds divine!

  8. Gorgeous kitties! It sounds like you had a lovely break! So glad! :) xx

  9. Glad to hear everything worked out well! And what a view - my word!

    So... one question - are you now the proud owner of FIVE cats, a budgie, goldfish, and melon and tomato plants??

  10. I always love reading about your holidays! This one sounds divine. And you're right - those kittens are seriously cute!

  11. @Lyndylou: Same in Ireland though it has improved somewhat since we returned!

    @The Bright Side of Life: yes, he probably would!! The holiday, a mere memory now, was truly divine :-)

    @BavarianSojourn: was a much needed break!

    @AlongCameTheBird: I can still see it in my mind'd eye.....sigh!yes, we are presently the owner of 5 cats etc; etc.... but we are looking for homes for the 4 kittens!! They are NOT staying!!

    @Tanya Savko: Thank you... glad you enjoy reading these holiday posts!

    Thanks so much for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  12. I tried to post a comment but don't know if it took.

    I love the kitties and Griffin does too.

  13. @Lora: yes, I got your comment and thank you for it:-) Glad you like them....they are adorable and very good too.

    xx Jazzy

  14. Yes, I'd love a kitten please! I love your writing - I felt like I was on holiday with you. You've given me hope that I can enjoy a holiday more for myself when the girls are older! I'm off to look up that place right now :-)

  15. @Steph: I wish you lived closer, I'd gladly give you a kitten! My boy played by himself in the pool quite a bit but he did badger me regularly to join him! It is much easier when they are older. It's a great hotel, I highly recommend it :-)

    Thanks so much for your comment and I'm so glad you enjoyed my writing. Very kind of you to say :-)

    xx Jazzy


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