Love Is...

Love is when your baby, upon waking after his daily nap, sets his sleepy eyes upon your watchful ones and treats you to the biggest instantaneous and toothless smile, ever.  

Love is when your toddler is always demanding of your time and attention..... and hugs and kisses.

Love is when your child at age 12 still wants your snuggles and kisses and still smiles when he sees you most mornings. Albeit with more teeth.

Love is when your child seeing you stressed, on occasion, offers you a snuggy, to 'make it better'.

Love is your child sharing his every screen achievement with you. In blow by blow detail. For an hour. At least.

Love is your child sharing his random thoughts and words with you. Constantly.

Love is when your child makes you laugh, out loud, with said random thoughts and words, no matter how inappropriate they may seem.

Love is your child forcing you to listen to what he has to say, making you realise that he too has valid feelings and opinions.

Love is your child constantly interrupting your conversations, just to be part of them.

Love is your child apologising for an earlier puberty fueled outburst. Sometimes.

Love is your child telling you, unprompted,  'you look nice in that'. And when you don't.

Love is your child thanking you profusely for allowing him spend his money on a much awaited and desired item.

Love is your child saying 'I love you mum'.... right before he robs some crisps from your plate or popcorn from your bowl

Love is him saying nonchalantly every time you say goodbye: 'bye mum.... See ya.... Love you'

Love is your child discreetly blowing you a kiss farewell. Well, he is 12.

Love is when your child randomly picks you wild growing daffodils on a walk home from school and presents them to you with some precious words that will remain private. In front of his friend.

Love is your child sharing his Easter Egg haul with you. In agreed, incremental amounts, naturally.

Love is .. not necessarily all about receiving Birthday or Mother's Day presents, or even an Easter Egg, from your child.

Love is all of the above.... and more.



  1. Simply lovely... So happy you are taking time to notice those special moments and not letting them slip by!

  2. @AlongCameTheBird: Thank you. yes, it is good to remember these precious....and few...moments!! It's not always like this of course and remembering will keep me sane when the cranky moments hit!!

    Thanks for your comment :-)

    xx Jazzy

  3. Love is ... Being a Mum who loves and appreciates her son as much as you do. Gorgeous post xx

  4. @Blue Sky: Aww...thank you :-)

    Love is ... holding back on the cranky days. Like today...just as well I wrote this yesterday!!

    Thanks for your comment :-)

    xx Jazzy

  5. I do think that having a child is the biggest lesson in love I've ever had.

  6. Love this post! :)
    It is a good reminder to us all to think about and appreciate our child/ren.

  7. @Kristy @PampersandPinot: That is very true Kristy, certainly true for me too.

    @Di: Thanks Di...a lesson in love I guess!

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  8. Love is a mom that writes a love is post! ;)

    My favorite is "Love is your child sharing his random thoughts and words with you. Constantly." I know this one.

  9. That was lovely Jazzy-Our boys are so alike! So times so...talkative...and loving and absolutely the best boys ever!!

  10. @Karen V: Thank you :-) is so funny when they do this! Can be hard to keep up!

    @kathleen: Thank you. Yes, you got that so right.

    Thanks for your comments ;-)

    xx Jazzy


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