Helping One to Thrive....

There is no doubt that we currently find ourselves living in difficult times. Corporate entities and Government ministers were greedy and squandered all that we had. European Financial Gurus now inflict their harsh remedies in a misguided attempt to help us help ourselves, to once more thrive again as a nation.

But really, it's all about money.

No-one really cares about the 'little people'. The real ones affected by the current crises and who are living hand-to-mouth to try to feed and clothe their children. They have suffered huge financial hardships while the financial world gets full  protection. A recent report reveals that 21% of Irish children are going hungry to school or bed every  day.

However, no matter how difficult things are there are always others, and other countries, in worse situations who are a long, long way from thriving..

All those marginalised, wherever they are, need a voice and we need to help them to be heard.

There is a group that helps to do just that: which is 'a grassroots campaign of 2.5 million people committed to the fight against extreme poverty and preventable diseases.' 

The existence of this group was brought to my attention by the lovely Mich who blogs at Mummy From the Heart and who is about to become a Mum ambassador for this organisation.

One has a new campaign with a clear message called Thrive: Food, Farming, Future. This campaign  has just been launched and will run until 2015.

According to One millions of people are locked in a vicious cycle of  hunger and poverty.  Here are the figures:
  • More than a billion people, one in 5 of the world's population, live on less than $1.25 a day. A billion people will go to bed malnourished tonight. 
  • This year more than 178 million children, more than twice the number of children in the United States, will reach their 3rd birthday stunted. Their brains and bodies will never fully recover.
One calls on each of us to play our part in breaking the cycle of hunger and poverty, tackling it's root causes. Thrive reckons that if they achieve their goals by 2015 we could see 15 million fewer children chronically malnourished and 50 million people lifted out of extreme poverty. Impressive!

The goals of this Thrive campaign are ambitious and they admit to a new determination.

They aim to reach their goals by calling on African leaders, donor Governments, and the private sector to focus on 30 of the poorest countries that have smart agriculture and nutrition plans. Those plans are tested, costed and affordable. They need to be put in practice. For that, One says, they need two things: political leadership and financial backing. One's campaign will insist on both.

From reading this I gather that the means and intelligence are in place, they just need commitment and money from those in power.

Once again it all boils down to money.

For the Thrive campaign to, well...thrive One's voice needs to be heard.

We can help by joining in with our loud blogging voices.

 So, in the words of Reverend Shaw from my recent production of Footloose.....

'Speak up...... let the Lord hear your voice.'

If you're a blogger and would like to help spread the word then please feel free to write about this and to sign up to

All the information is contained in the links above and you can link your post to Mummy From the Heart's Blog Hop.

Thanks for reading :-)



  1. A very to the point post. Hope as many people as possible read and sign up.

  2. @The mum of all trades: So do ! Thanks for comment :-)
    xx Jazzy

  3. 'Speak Up' is absolutely right. And it's something we CAN do. Great post Jazzy, and I must finish mine! xx

  4. @Blue Sky: Thank you. Yours will be worth waiting for:-)

    xx Jazzy

  5. Important post Jazzy! Thank you for writing it. It always astounds me that someone in this world could go hungry..I have started volunteering with my kids at the local food pantry. I think that teaching them about helping others..about what not to take for granted, is one way-albeit small...of changing the world...

  6. @kathleen: Thanks. Very sad issue to think about. that is wonderful what you do and really great for the children. If everyone took small steps we'd go far ;-)

    xx Jazzy

  7. Thanks so much, every person made aware and asked to sign up their voice is another step closer. Mich x


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