An Easter Teaser...

This Easter break started with the best of intentions as all school holidays do and the determination to implement the Golden Rule was high on the agenda: Do everything and anything to limit Xbox Wars and indeed all screen activity. The best way to do this I find is to provide alternative activities, whilst also allowing 'free' days. Going on a trip every other day seems to me to be the perfect solution.

We didn't get off to a great start with me having to constantly shout at remind him gently to get off that screen.... NOW, so I was thrilled that we had my Godchild's birthday party to go to on Day 2! Nothing would stop me bringing him to this action packed Wall Climbing and Archery party. Not even the Mental Health Merry-Go-Round that unexpectedly occurred at the same time. Screen avoidance took priority and thankfully alternative cover was arranged until my return.)

                           So glad he didn't miss this fun!

We hung out at home for the next couple of days, with me desperately trying to interest him in going for a walk! The irony of me shouting at him to get off screens from my cosseted position on the sofa, in front of my own laptop screen, was not entirely lost on me!

However,as the hours passed by  he found a nearby pal to play with outside, well for some of the time at least!

He has also recently found himself a new pastime, that of gardening and I will expand on that in another post! For now though  I will just share this photo with you. You see gardening requires a lot of planning and the best place to that is in situ. The fact that it was raining and getting heavier was irrelevant. Besides, an inner need for sensory input was also being satisfied and he was reading a gardening book. Yeah, I said reading! Who am I to argue with that?

I am not alone in my holiday damage limitation plans and the lovely Blue Sky and I had arranged a lovely trip so that our two boys could meet up....with not a screen in sight!! For miles! We took ourselves off to The Japanese Gardens in Kildare which included a tour of our National Stud. It was hilarious (and telling) that neither boy could see what one had to do with the other, but they enjoyed the day nonetheless! Blue Sky, Smiley and I enjoyed the catch up.

We were entertained by the guide.... who knew there was such a thing as a teaser in horse breeding? I almost felt sorry for their Tommy the Teaser!! We also met some interesting equines...

A Sculpture honouring their famous horse 'Sea The Stars' was unveiled by Queen Elizabeth on her visit here last May.

And here's the view from the inside....!

  And from there, with our new found gardening interest, we moved onto the much anticipated Japanese Gardens....

                                         Two boys...from Tea-House to Tree-House!

We had a very enjoyable day. I did this same tour on a school trip many moons ago but don't remember a lot about it. I do remember that I enjoyed the gardens but thought, in my typical childhood memory, that it was much bigger than it actually is.

Yes, many moons have passed and even this Rocking Retiree is happy that she's nowhere near old enough to enjoy this tree...

 Chair of Old Age

Some other time maybe, but not now. Definitely not now ;-)

Mind you, I wish I'd taken more notice of The Gate of Oblivion.....sigh!

So now, after all these fun-filled activities in our ever changing Irish weather, which saw us plummet from heatwave to hailstones in just one week, I now find myself housebound with a sick pre-teener. With four days to go to Easter Sunday.

Ah well, nothing for it. I'll just have to scoot over on my cosseted sofa to make room for my boy and his laptop!

Well, watcha gonna do?




  1. Check out my boy :) It's just wonderful that the two boys get on so well, especially away from their consoles! My son now wants his birthday party at the place with the archery and looking at your boy I'm betting that his gardening plans including a manly shed - for himself! A lovely post and a lovely day xx

  2. What a stunning post. Very cool that the boys had a great time together! What? No photo of Jazzy and Blue Sky?? :D

  3. Oh Jazzy I had to laugh, I can just see us trying to do the same thing---limit the screen time---from across the pond. I'm glad I wasn't doing it alone!!!

    And you know what? If Alex got sick you can bet I'd be hooking him up to his i-touch faster than a doctor hooking up an IV drip.

    I have to tell you, Alex totally called me out when I was texting on my phone. I had to put it away. Fair is Fair he said. Talk about eating your own words!

  4. Sounds like you've had a couple really nice days of Spring Break! What a great birthday party. And nice day trips, too.

    I've learned that trying to enforce limited screen time is hard because I like it so much myself! I find myself sneaking around, carrying my phone into the bathroom so the kids don't see and things like that. Terrible, I know....

  5. @Blue Sky: They got on very well indeed, didn't they? It was a lovely day, we really enjoyed it. Hopefully he's well enough for net week's meet up!

    @Di: Thanks Di. Actually, that is a VERY good point that you make. We must rectify that next time ;-)

    @Lizbeth: I was laughing as I read your similar post too!! Yup, they can really dish it back to us, can't they?!Thanks...sick boys (and girls)need their iToys there will be no guilt allowed over it.

    @AlongCameTheBird: Hehehe...I do that too! And close down laptop quickly when hubby comes through the door! especially if the house is a mess!

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  6. Fabulous pictures! It sounds like you all had a lovely visit..heehee I was a bit taken back when I first learned what a "teaser" was too! Did you know that there are games that are about planning gardens? Just thought I'd give you a heads up!

  7. @Kathleen: Thanks...yes it was an eye opener for me too!! We laughed and it went over the boys heads!! You mean like farmville etc? There's a bit of it on minecraft too and he loves that.

    See my latest post for a gardening update;-)

    xx Jazzy

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