Rocking the #50 Club.,,, the Yummy Mummy Rocking Retiree Way!

It's been a very busy February with a 50th birthday and an early retirement to celebrate.

I promised myself from the very beginning that I would celebrate these events in style, as the only way to survive IS to celebrate! Needless to say I kept this promise!

I've had such fun but the most fun night out was the mini-50th birthday-retirement do I had with some ex-work mates last week. As I'm gone 8 years from the workplace I didn't have a huge do, unlike the many retirement nights happening on a weekly basis now.

Hey, all it takes is 7 mad (totally mad) fellow #50 club Irish  women to give yourself one mad fun night out! And when one of those women is a good friend who travelled all the way from Galway, as a surprise, you know there's a good night ahead!

God, I'd forgotten how these girls like to party! In my innocence I bought a return Dart ticket on my way in that night. Silly me.,. What on earth was I thinking?

After a fun meal, which included a lovely present and candle in my desert ( thank GOD there was no big cake!!) we headed to a regular haunt of theirs... The Left Bank in Temple Bar.

At least I think thats what it's called. Who cares? It was a bar empty of seats and FULL of men.... and great, fun music!

Like we Irish like to say; the craic was mighty!

Oh my God, the fun we had. I swear, we were only in the door and I was swept up to dance by a young Norwegian guy!

Did I mention that all these guys were young? And mostly foreign tourist types? Well, they were and they had no problems at all in dancing with us #50 club cougars!!

Now, maybe they thought they were doing us a favor by dancing with us. A 'pity dance' perhaps? Lots of pity dances if so, because they kept coming back for more! It is my opinion that who was pitying who was a well hidden secret and I for one matched them dance move for dance move;-)

Oh God, I've suddenly remembered that I danced 'Time of our Lives' from Dirty Dancing with one of them. I think it was Mr French guy? AND I think I threatened to do the famous lift... In the middle of the busy packed bar!!!Oh God...

There were Italian rugby supporters there too.... *Drool*. and Mr French guy and his pals were also here for the Italian match the next day. Go figure?

Poor Mr Frenchie... Him and hees friends had nowhere to sleep zat night. A fact he kept reminding me. He asked at the end of the night if I had room for him at home? I said of course, but my husband mightn't be too happy!!

I have more photos then the lead one here but they are too unflattering to include. Think head back, mouth open singing loudly along to music with damp hair plastered on face. Not a good look.  Sigh...

We left only when we absolutely had too, i.e. when they shut down,  and I arrived home at 3.30am, still laughing and singing in my head!

I had previously decided that 50 was the new 40 but we decided that night that that's not quite right. It's the new 30s. In fact its age 38, to be precise. A good, world wisely, comfortable-in-your-own-skin age.

And so begins a new phase in my life, that of the retiree. The rocking retiree, that is. Although, as not much has really changed it's more an additional status to my life as opposed to a new one. I'm still an SAHM , except I now get a very  small 'wage'. Good move Jazzy, good move;-) So I guess I can cheekily call myself a Yummy Mummy Rocking Retiree?

And while this Rocking Retiree's diary will be filled with the usual mad frenzy of appointments, places to be and things to do, there may also be some additional fun stuff in there too.

Like the other day when I used my free Applegreen voucher to enjoy a Spa morning in Sansana Spa in the Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire. Ah, bliss. Did you know that Sansana does a 'bring a friend free' on Mondays and Wednesdays?

That could definitely be a regular in this rocking Retiree's diary . Good name for a series of posts, eh?!!

Yes, nothing much has changed really, I'm the same old Jazzy I've always been.

And any reports of a mad woman, having a 'senior moment', driving in repeated circles around two tiers of the Royal Marine Hotel car park desperately seeking the exit, and heard shouting out loud into the seemingly empty and eerie space ... Hello... HELLO... Anyone there?? Anyone?? I'm a yummy mummy rocking retiree .. GET ME OUT OF HERE... are completely untrue. Okay, Okay I didn't shout out the 'yummy mummy' bit!!

It was just me having one of my classic, every day, run of the mill and oft repeated Dizzy Jazzy moments.

I will now simply continue on with my life, albeit with a certain attitude, or swagger, or.... Je ne sais quoi ;-)



  1. Oh Jazzy you crack me up! I'm curious, did you have a massive hangover? Or was it just a darn good time? Either way I'm so happy for you. It sounds like a blast!!!

    And I watched Dirty Dancing for the first time in a very long time the other night and loved it as much then as I did ages ago. I'm not sure what that says about me though!!!

  2. @Lizbeth: Let's just say that I had quite a substantial one which was brusquely cleared by a 3/4 hour rehearsal of our 'Footloose' school musical the next day!! I LOVE Dirty Dancing! Have it recorded on VIDEO from years back and now have it on Sky+:-)

    Thanks for your comment :-)

    xx Jazzy

  3. What a great post. I laughed my way through it and also felt very envious of your shenanigans. Sounds like you had an absolute blast... a very good start to your fifties! :)

  4. @Di: Glad it made you laugh, just the reaction I wanted :-) Excellent start to my fifties indeed. Though I could do without the cough-from-hell that has returned to annoy me!

    Thanks for comment :-)

    xx Jazzy

  5. Dirty Dancing with a French Man - wow Jazzy!!

    PS I've tagged you in a meme, if you're interested.

  6. I just wish there were lots and lots of photos - I wanna see these guys :)

  7. Actually a video would be even better ... of the dancing :)

  8. You go, Miss Jazzy! Show all of us who still have a few years to go just how it's done!!! :)

  9. Oh how I wish there were video!! It sounds like you had a fabulous night. As for the "senior moment"..hell, I drive in circles looking absolutely lost most days of the week! I figure that it will finally be acceptable when I turn 75..Thanks for making me laugh-good post. :)

  10. @Dani G: Yup, 50....and proud!!!

    @Deb at aspie in he family: Only way to do Dirty Dancing really, with a French guy!! Thanks so much for tag, I|'ll check it out soon!

    @Blue Sky: There will be no videoing, none!! There are photos, haven't seen all of them and can't publish them I guess!

    @AlongCameTheBird: Yes, that is my self appointed mission in life ;-)

    @kathleen: I repeat.... NO VIDEO!!! Lol!Thank God I'm not alone, we can have joint senior moments on both sides of the 'pond' til we're 75!!

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy


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