It is Confirmed....

It is confirmed.   
My boy is all grown up.

Overnight, whilst I slept some unknown being flicked a switch, waved a magic wand, sprinkled some magic dust and my boy simply woke up, a grown up.

Or so it seems.

It was my pleasure to sit in our local church yesterday and watch my boy and his peers receive the sacrament of Confirmation. Whereby they receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit, originally bestowed on them at Baptism and gifted again, now that they're more mature.

I was surrounded by a sea of boys and girls blossoming in their maturity, with their hormones at bay for the day. Mostly!

It was a beautiful ceremony, very personally presided over by our very personable Parish Priest, having received the honours to do so by the Archbishop. He did a fantastic job and had something nice to say to each and every child as he gently touched their cheek. It was quite moving and emotional and I spent most of it wishing I'd had the foresight to bring some tissues. 

This was followed by some patiently posed for photography on the Church grounds, before we moved on to the fabulous Druids Glen Resort where we had the most relaxing and wonderful day. And more patiently posed for photography. By my boy, not necessarily the adults!

It was extremely heartwarming to see my boy converse, in his new found grown-up fashion, with adults and teenage cousins alike and to 'hang-out' responsibly with his similarly aged other cousin. The fact that he ate from the normal menu and had adult food did not entirely pass me by.

The pleasant surroundings, gathering of family and fabulous time that we had must have totally gone to my brain, making me feel brave, because I broke my long held rule and made a spontaneous decision on the way home.

There was one person missing, due to illness, from this family gathering and I decided that my mam should see her grandson on his Confirmation Day. The rule I broke in order to facilitate this was to allow a meeting of my child and my mother in her present state of  mental illness.

Once more on this day, my boy blew me away with the maturity with which he visited with my mam, who was in ecstatically high spirits. It was wonderful to see her in such good form, no matter how unnatural it was, and it was quite amusing! We laughed! 

I silently cried.

He chatted and was SO amazingly patient and understanding with her that I was bursting with pride. And more tears.

I did not unnecessarily prolong this visit so we left after about ten minutes.

He and I both smiled and waved our goodbyes.

We walked out the door...... and he promptly burst into tears.

My heart broke.

What have I done?

Presented an opportunity for character building?
Or spirit crushing.

Today was the day for neither.

I do NOT want this to be the over-riding memory for him from a day filled with some fabulous memories.

Conversely, the proudest I've EVER been of him was during this visit.

We took ourselves home in search of comfort and rebalance.

First up was jammies, snuggles and Doritos on the sofa.

And whilst we KNOW that Confirmation is NOT about the money.... counting the Confo loot did a LOT to restore the good mood!!

All's well that ends well.

And I ended the day being one mama that is immensely proud of her son...


NOTE: This post was brought to you by not one, single, solitary Social Story (unlike Holy CommunionDay.) Those of you who know me or have been following my blog from early on, know what this means :-)


  1. Val. We've never met (and I don't cry easily!) but I have tears down my face after reading this. I'm so glad for you and your son(and your Mum of course, that she saw her Grandson on his big day!). It sounds like you had a great day!

    Lenny L!

  2. @Lenny Lovett: Sorry I made you cry!! I was quite emotional writing this last night and had to get it out. We did have a fabulous day, amazing :-)

    @Blue Sky: Thank you. that means a lot, coming from such a good blogger/writer as yourself :-)

    Thank you both for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  3. Congratulations to you and your wonderful young man. xxx

  4. @Midlife Singlemum: Thank you so much. I am incredibly proud of him :-)

    xx Jazzy

  5. Oh Jazzy-this was just so lovely..You have a wonderful boy-sweet, sensitive..and on the road to maturity. This day-and all that it entailed, says so much about his mom..and so much about yours. Wonderful post. xx Kathleen

  6. Congratulations to both of you, what a proud mum you must be. And I must say, you both looked fab!

    Aud xx

  7. well done on the no social story, that does mean a lot I imagine. Looks like you had a lovely day, and that's what you will remember. The otehr bit will just be a separate memory, and was a very good thing to do too. x

  8. U must have been so proud.. Always love your blogs.. Fabulous.. X

  9. This has made me well up. I'm so glad you had a great day. Although it was hard you will be glad in years to come that you brought Jazzy boy to your Mum on his special day. You looked fabulous by the way!

  10. Congratulations to Mark and all the family! He looks so grown up! Murray couldn't believe it when I showed him the photos!

    Confirmation is an important day and an emotional one too! I remember thinking Colm was going to have an asthma attack he was crying to such at Murray's confirmation last year.

    best wishes to you all again,
    A day to be proud of certainly!

    - Fiona & gang

  11. Jazzy, what an awesome post. I have a huge lump in my throat. What a wonderful day even though your young man had a cry... he is experiencing real life and that is what it is all about! xx

  12. Those are the days that are the hardest---the ones you want them to remember with fondness and happy feelings and you are trying to do everything to make it happen. And I think you did remarkably well. Its so good to see him growing up but I do know what you mean---I can see my little boy changing from a kiddo to a boy and often think of you and how Wii boy and progressed. It's not easy, is it???

  13. Congratulations. A true confirmation of a journey xx

  14. @Kathleen: Thanks so much. He really is turning out to be one special boy!

    @Aud: Thanks, yes I'm so so proud of him :-)

    @Steph. Thank you. I'm now starting to accept that you're right and maybe I was right to do it.

    @Anonymous: Thanks glad to hear you enjoy reading!

    @the mum of all trades: Thank you! yes, you're probably right:-)

    @Clive: Thanks Fiona! I remember you writing that last year.... NOW I get it!! It really was a very emotional and a very lovely day. A proud one too.

    @Di: Yes, I guess you're right. It is not nice to witness though but maybe he'll be the stronger because of it...

    @Lizbeth: It's not easy but there is also an immense sense of pride to witness how grown up they've suddenly become. I think of you and your boy often too, and I have hope ;-)
    It is also hard trying to placate everyone, hopefully I managed it!

    @Hammie: Thank you. Felt SO good!

    I'm slowly coming to accept that bringing him in to visit was the right thing, overall. he was upset a number of times afterwards...he thought she was going to die! However he had another fantastic day yesterday, hanging out at the mall with some classmates. With me hanging out not too far away!! Overall he's had an amazing experience :-)

    Thanks so much for all your lovely comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  15. What a lovely post! I think you completely did the right thing with visiting your mum, although it must have been very hard. It just underlines how mature he now is to cope with it so well until you left the room! Seeing anyone you love in a vulnerable state is hard, and you can tell him from me that I did exactly the same after I visited my Gran in hospital! Love the last picture too! Emma xx

  16. Really had to choke back the tears. Beautiful words and pictures XXX

  17. @BavarianSojourn: now, that is a very good way of looking at it...thank you Emma!

    @Jean: Thanks Jean :-)

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  18. what an amazing young man you have. I feel proud of him too just by reading this! xxx

  19. @The Beasley Buzz: Thank you so much!It's been a year since this event and he continues to show his maturity :-)

    Thanks for your comment :-)

    xx Jazzy


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