Jazzy Returns....

After weeks of intense rehearsals, thankfully culminating in a very successful run of our Footloose show, Jazzy-Mum is back in action!

It was my absolute pleasure to work with such a talented and polite group of young people.Watching both them, and what we as a team had created, on that stage was like watching our own children up there.... All 60 (approx) of them! I can't tell you how proud that made me feel.

This run, especially the opening night nerves I experienced, evoked strong memories of my own performing years and the friendships I'd made. 

Musical Theatre does way more than it says on the tin you know and we were acutely aware that we had created not just a wonderful show, but also the bonds of friendships and long-lasting memories that will stand the test of time for these fabulous teens. We created an environment where all abilities were utilised, allowing everyone to shine and self-esteem to rocket. Team building and team spirit factored strongly and it was wonderful to see that manifest itself in so many ways. Musical Theatre is also a opportunity for non-sporting children to get involved in a group/team activity and opens new opportunities for friendships for them too. It was wonderful to work with a school that supports this long-held belief of mine.

 So now the curtain has come down on this particular activity for me and I have since transformed back to my usual dizzy, busy, Jazzy-mum self! Jazzy-mum is home....

And I have my work cut out for me. You see, while we were busy 'making memories' for these fabulous teens I was remiss in my motherly duties of making memories for my own ultra-fabulous pre-teen! A fact he made me aware of on our recent St Patrick's Bank Holiday weekend (just before opening night) when he strongly objected to two particularly long days of rehearsals saying..... 'I finally get three whole days off school and I have to spend two of them at your rehearsals.... and I'm not even in the fecking thing'!!

Oh dear, I have some serious making up to do!

I thought I'd get off to a good start yesterday by allowing him to buy a new Nerf gun for his collection....with his own money of course..... I'm not that soft! Unfortunately we experienced a rather major toy malfunction, of  the non-refundable kind, which ruined my good intentions. There now begins what I hope is not a very protracted battle with Hasbro..... are you listening Hasbro? Watch this space.

There is hope for my home memory-making plans though. We are currently experiencing some early, glorious Summer sunshine, March Madness if you will, here in Ireland and we begin the Easter school Holidays in two days time. I'm hopeful that this early sunshine won't desert us and remain resolute that we will have two weeks of fun-filled activities ahead of us whatever happens!

 I may even do another Easter Trilogy this year and share our fun with you...




Confessions of a Desperate Housewife...

This Desperate Housewife hasn't been her usual social media butterfly self of  late, which is probably not a bad thing really.

I've been very busy, you see I found myself something to do that takes me away from my Desperate Housewife status. Of course it had to be fitted in with all other duties.

That's where it gets hard. Fitting everything in and keeping everyone happy.

I've learned a lot from the experience.

Like, it's impossible to keep everyone happy for starters and...

Life is a load of balls.

Juggling balls people, juggling balls! Lots and lots of juggling balls. Flying, everywhere.

Turns out I'm not too bad at juggling but no matter how good we are we can't keep all the balls in the air all of the time. We will always drop one or two as we go. Well, I do anyway.

So, what has kept me from visiting your blogs as often as I usually do?

Like I told you in January I've been working, together with my production team pals, on our school musical Footloose! It's been an intensive 8 weeks of hard work. We've had some fun along the way and the teenagers are fantastic and rejuvenating to work with. We have one weekend of rehearsals left then we open on Tuesday 20th March! Yikes!! (breathe in....breathe out.... it WILL be alright on the night. Won't it??!!)

There are undoubtedly far better choreographers than me out there but I love choreographing shows, I adore the whole process. It's what makes me tick, it really is.

And it's been interesting working on routines as I go. Everywhere. Waiting in the car for my boy, driving in the car (oops!) waiting in trampoline class etc; etc. I must look quite a sight with ear buds in ears,  hands (seemingly) flapping and feet tapping. But it gets the job done.

See, that's the thing. There's so much to do with show-work, house-work, cooking, homework, school stuff, my mother and iPads4autism_ie work that only limited time can be allotted to each task on a daily basis. Prioritising (bye bye house-work!) and delegation (hello takeaway and 'pub for tea'!) are key buzzwords around here these days.

My poor child, being dragged to lengthy weekend rehearsals, is left to his own devices a lot. Literally.

He may need an operation when this is over.

To surgically remove the laptop screen from his retina.


Life has been happening too, of course, just to keep things interesting. Some planned events like my big birthday and retirement and my boy's Confirmation had to be slotted in. Then the unplanned events like my mothers illness and hospitalisation. Which of course, coincided with the return of my evil cough from hell and threw a healthy dose of guilty feelings into the mix, as I couldn't visit her in hospital. It also made for interesting rehearsals. You try choreographing a dance routine sitting down and not talking and see how you get on!

So now, the end is near.

This time next week it'll all be over....and I'll be hungover.

Life will get back to normal, whatever that is. I'll still be as busy as hell, no doubt, and will miss the excitement of the show.

I'll be left with very fond memories, a very big apres wrap party headache and the husky voice remnants from my latest bout with the cough from hell.

Life will go on and multi-tasking, albeit at a slower pace, will continue.

I'll be looking for something else to make me tick....

Maybe, as my friend C suggests, I could put my new found husky voice to good use and become a real Desperate Housewife?

I always liked Susan's new-found  role in Series 7.....

And I could get the housework done too, in a much more entertaining and profitable way ;-)


It is Confirmed....

It is confirmed.   
My boy is all grown up.

Overnight, whilst I slept some unknown being flicked a switch, waved a magic wand, sprinkled some magic dust and my boy simply woke up, a grown up.

Or so it seems.

It was my pleasure to sit in our local church yesterday and watch my boy and his peers receive the sacrament of Confirmation. Whereby they receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit, originally bestowed on them at Baptism and gifted again, now that they're more mature.

I was surrounded by a sea of boys and girls blossoming in their maturity, with their hormones at bay for the day. Mostly!

It was a beautiful ceremony, very personally presided over by our very personable Parish Priest, having received the honours to do so by the Archbishop. He did a fantastic job and had something nice to say to each and every child as he gently touched their cheek. It was quite moving and emotional and I spent most of it wishing I'd had the foresight to bring some tissues. 

This was followed by some patiently posed for photography on the Church grounds, before we moved on to the fabulous Druids Glen Resort where we had the most relaxing and wonderful day. And more patiently posed for photography. By my boy, not necessarily the adults!

It was extremely heartwarming to see my boy converse, in his new found grown-up fashion, with adults and teenage cousins alike and to 'hang-out' responsibly with his similarly aged other cousin. The fact that he ate from the normal menu and had adult food did not entirely pass me by.

The pleasant surroundings, gathering of family and fabulous time that we had must have totally gone to my brain, making me feel brave, because I broke my long held rule and made a spontaneous decision on the way home.

There was one person missing, due to illness, from this family gathering and I decided that my mam should see her grandson on his Confirmation Day. The rule I broke in order to facilitate this was to allow a meeting of my child and my mother in her present state of  mental illness.

Once more on this day, my boy blew me away with the maturity with which he visited with my mam, who was in ecstatically high spirits. It was wonderful to see her in such good form, no matter how unnatural it was, and it was quite amusing! We laughed! 

I silently cried.

He chatted and was SO amazingly patient and understanding with her that I was bursting with pride. And more tears.

I did not unnecessarily prolong this visit so we left after about ten minutes.

He and I both smiled and waved our goodbyes.

We walked out the door...... and he promptly burst into tears.

My heart broke.

What have I done?

Presented an opportunity for character building?
Or spirit crushing.

Today was the day for neither.

I do NOT want this to be the over-riding memory for him from a day filled with some fabulous memories.

Conversely, the proudest I've EVER been of him was during this visit.

We took ourselves home in search of comfort and rebalance.

First up was jammies, snuggles and Doritos on the sofa.

And whilst we KNOW that Confirmation is NOT about the money.... counting the Confo loot did a LOT to restore the good mood!!

All's well that ends well.

And I ended the day being one mama that is immensely proud of her son...


NOTE: This post was brought to you by not one, single, solitary Social Story (unlike Holy CommunionDay.) Those of you who know me or have been following my blog from early on, know what this means :-)

Rocking the #50 Club.,,, the Yummy Mummy Rocking Retiree Way!

It's been a very busy February with a 50th birthday and an early retirement to celebrate.

I promised myself from the very beginning that I would celebrate these events in style, as the only way to survive IS to celebrate! Needless to say I kept this promise!

I've had such fun but the most fun night out was the mini-50th birthday-retirement do I had with some ex-work mates last week. As I'm gone 8 years from the workplace I didn't have a huge do, unlike the many retirement nights happening on a weekly basis now.

Hey, all it takes is 7 mad (totally mad) fellow #50 club Irish  women to give yourself one mad fun night out! And when one of those women is a good friend who travelled all the way from Galway, as a surprise, you know there's a good night ahead!

God, I'd forgotten how these girls like to party! In my innocence I bought a return Dart ticket on my way in that night. Silly me.,. What on earth was I thinking?

After a fun meal, which included a lovely present and candle in my desert ( thank GOD there was no big cake!!) we headed to a regular haunt of theirs... The Left Bank in Temple Bar.

At least I think thats what it's called. Who cares? It was a bar empty of seats and FULL of men.... and great, fun music!

Like we Irish like to say; the craic was mighty!

Oh my God, the fun we had. I swear, we were only in the door and I was swept up to dance by a young Norwegian guy!

Did I mention that all these guys were young? And mostly foreign tourist types? Well, they were and they had no problems at all in dancing with us #50 club cougars!!

Now, maybe they thought they were doing us a favor by dancing with us. A 'pity dance' perhaps? Lots of pity dances if so, because they kept coming back for more! It is my opinion that who was pitying who was a well hidden secret and I for one matched them dance move for dance move;-)

Oh God, I've suddenly remembered that I danced 'Time of our Lives' from Dirty Dancing with one of them. I think it was Mr French guy? AND I think I threatened to do the famous lift... In the middle of the busy packed bar!!!Oh God...

There were Italian rugby supporters there too.... *Drool*. and Mr French guy and his pals were also here for the Italian match the next day. Go figure?

Poor Mr Frenchie... Him and hees friends had nowhere to sleep zat night. A fact he kept reminding me. He asked at the end of the night if I had room for him at home? I said of course, but my husband mightn't be too happy!!

I have more photos then the lead one here but they are too unflattering to include. Think head back, mouth open singing loudly along to music with damp hair plastered on face. Not a good look.  Sigh...

We left only when we absolutely had too, i.e. when they shut down,  and I arrived home at 3.30am, still laughing and singing in my head!

I had previously decided that 50 was the new 40 but we decided that night that that's not quite right. It's the new 30s. In fact its age 38, to be precise. A good, world wisely, comfortable-in-your-own-skin age.

And so begins a new phase in my life, that of the retiree. The rocking retiree, that is. Although, as not much has really changed it's more an additional status to my life as opposed to a new one. I'm still an SAHM , except I now get a very  small 'wage'. Good move Jazzy, good move;-) So I guess I can cheekily call myself a Yummy Mummy Rocking Retiree?

And while this Rocking Retiree's diary will be filled with the usual mad frenzy of appointments, places to be and things to do, there may also be some additional fun stuff in there too.

Like the other day when I used my free Applegreen voucher to enjoy a Spa morning in Sansana Spa in the Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire. Ah, bliss. Did you know that Sansana does a 'bring a friend free' on Mondays and Wednesdays?

That could definitely be a regular in this rocking Retiree's diary . Good name for a series of posts, eh?!!

Yes, nothing much has changed really, I'm the same old Jazzy I've always been.

And any reports of a mad woman, having a 'senior moment', driving in repeated circles around two tiers of the Royal Marine Hotel car park desperately seeking the exit, and heard shouting out loud into the seemingly empty and eerie space ... Hello... HELLO... Anyone there?? Anyone?? I'm a yummy mummy rocking retiree .. GET ME OUT OF HERE... are completely untrue. Okay, Okay I didn't shout out the 'yummy mummy' bit!!

It was just me having one of my classic, every day, run of the mill and oft repeated Dizzy Jazzy moments.


I will now simply continue on with my life, albeit with a certain attitude, or swagger, or.... Je ne sais quoi ;-)