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If you're like me you'll dread the time of year when your home insurance is up for renewal. See, I don't believe you should just pay up when that first reminder lands on the doorstep. I believe that there are savings to be made and that you should always compare home insurance.

And that's the part that I dread! There is so much to think about and you have to really read the small print to ensure that you're getting the coverage that you require. Especially if you're switching Insurance provider.

You have to think about the two components to home insurance i.e. buildings insurance and home contents. Basically the former protects against structural damage to your home and the latter against damage to or loss of contents.

Of course there's also Combined Buildings and Contents Home Insurance. Apparently you don't have to get both policies with the one company, although you may get a discount by doing so.

I always check that certain unusual events are also covered e.g. fire, storms, flooding etc and a little known thing called Trace and Access. Trust me on this ;-)

Don't forget to mention any additional changes you may have made to your home either since your last renewal , e.g. an extension or any additional expensive contents purchased.  Imagine if your spanking new 50inch plasma TV came crashing off the wall, or was stolen, and you hadn't amended your contents list?!

Always mention any security features or smoke alarms that you may have installed as they could result in a nice little discount.

Keeping both your home and car insurances with the one company can also result in putting more money in your pocket!

The cash is always better in your pocket then in anyone else's....right?!

There's so much to remember when comparing what different insurance companies have to offer you. Don't forget to go back to your Insurance provider with the best quote you receive to see if they can match it. That's always worth a try!

Of course you don't have make the phone calls yourself , you could try a company that will check it all out for you and provide you with the best quote on offer!

That's definitely worth a try!


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  1. Some great advice on this post Jazzy, but I have no idea what Trace and Access is. Somehow I feel that I should!

  2. Good advice! I am so slack because I let Allan deal with all that sort of stuff. Time for me to have a good look through all of his files!!

  3. @Blue Sky: Thank you. 'Trace and Access' is something you can find out about the hard way! Like when you have a leak inside your house, usually related to heating system. We had one once (we've had everything happen us!!)Leak Busters (like ghost busters, but for leaks!) comes in and they have to TRace where the leak is coming from and then access lift or cut out some fix! I can't remember now but the leak must be either under or over ground. An important factor and I think it's underground.

    @Di: A horrible job but someones gotta do it....leave it to Allan is my advice!!

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  4. And this tip from a twitter pal who heard it on BBC last week:

    'We should consider lowering re-build insurance cost as costs have dropped hugely in the past 2 yrs.
    He was saying that building costs have at least halved so should knock at least 30-40% off premium as is biggest risk cost'

    Sound advice and a tip that I will be following!!

    xx Jazzy

  5. Thanks for this, you've given me things to think about.... I do hate all the differences, it's similar to when you try and pick a mobile phone contract too!

  6. @Steph: Thanks, glad you found this helpful. Oh God, mobile phone networks! Don't even go there!! A TOTAL nightmare!

    Thanks for your comment :-)

    xx Jazzy


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