New Regime..... or Middle-Aged Meltdown?

Okay, so here we are at the start of another New Year and Jazzy here feels like making some changes.

Not resolutions, you understand. Dear God no. Resolutions are only made to be broken so I am NOT making any New Years' Resolutions. Instead I'm making some positive life-enhancing changes. That I'll stick to. This time.

Stoppit, no laughing now... you hear?!!

A girl doesn't stay the same age forever you know so she has to take some steps, to take control you see. Besides, the month of December has been a month of over-indulging and it's now time for reparation.

Step 1

This new Jazzy is cutting back on food and alcohol intake. Jazzy doesn't do 'diets' either. Instead, she is now going to take control of intake and portion sizes;-)

In fairness, I have done very well in this area from September to early December and after recent health checks it seems my cholesterol is high so this is a necessary positive life-enhancing change!

Step 2

I'm embarking on a healthy regime of food supplements to help reduce my cholesterol and to help support pulmonary/respiratory function (in addition to inhaler.) I'm also taking multi-vitamins and Vitamin C. My infamous cough from hell may, to put it simply.... GO TO HELL! Finally.

Unlike previous occasions these supplements will be taken daily, EVERY day and my medicine cabinet will NOT contain half-used out-of-date capsule containers, that end up in the bin!

Step 3

As I have a very busy start to the New Year with our involvement in a local school musical (ooh, I'm SO excited to be teaching dancing again!) I have reason to implement my next step. That of being more organised. In this regard I have started making entries into my Diary. Not just upcoming appointments etc but daily to-do-lists.

This WILL be adhered to, to keep me on track and to reduce stress. It doesn't matter if I don't complete my schedule each day (like today...oops!) it will help prioritise and ensure it gets done the next day. Or the day after! Well, that's an improvement in not getting it done at all!

I may even get all high hi-tech and use my iTouch calender App!! Doh....

Step 4

Be in bed by midnight at the latest. Mid-week nights, at least! Eeeek...would ya look at the time? Better get me skates on and finish this post!

Step 5

Stay positive, banish all stress inducing thoughts. Easier said than done at times!

Step 6

Have fun and don't get too bogged down by ANY of the above;-)

Already off to a good start by celebrating getting this written with a cup of hot chocolate! Well, a girl's gotta get her daily calcium somehow! Skimmed, of course and better than having a mid-week glass of wine ;-)

It feels good to be in control and to make such  positive changes. It's important to me right now it seems, as I face a big birthday next month. It is quickly becoming very scary to be facing turning 50. Good God, how on earth did that happen? Not only that but I will also be taking early retirement at the same time, so I'll officially be a pe..... a pen ...a pensi... a.... a..... no,...  sorry, can't say it. Won't say it. Won't BE it!

I'm far too young, with WAY too much energy for that!

No, I'll survive this by taking control, being positive and by celebrating!! Only way I know how to do it ;-)

It's only day 3 of this new regime and God knows how long I'll last BUT, if I stick to it and keep up the exercise and dancing I hope to be able to do this when I'M 70......

In WAY cooler heels....



  1. It all sounds great! Good luck!! =D

  2. I admire you with these "positive life-enhancing changes"! They sound great and I can't wait to see that picture of you!

  3. @ Hammie aka lisadom: I may be converted so. But no wine midweek...unles I'm out Have to have a life too ;-)

    @Tired Mom: Thank you, I'll need it!

    @AlongCameTheBird: I will post one, if I'm brave enough. Which probably means I won't!!

    Thanks so much for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  4. We need to start a turning 50 club... we so need to. And also three days into the new-me regime. How exciting that you are teaching ddance again - good luck with that. I must say though, that picture of you with your leg up the lamp-post is not the best one I've seen of nyou ;)
    (btw - the 100 word challenge you read on my blog was my guest post, my entry is one post down, underneath it - if you'd like to read it, no pressure, etc... :) )

  5. Loving your blog :) Upbeat and funny. Agree with you about the heels. I blog at if you want to take a look.

  6. I would hate to admit that I'm about to hit the age you are currently discussing - so I refuse to do so. Age is... hmmm...what it is.

    I wish you all the best in your "positive life-enhancing changes" and, btw, if you get #5 nailed, please, please share your secrets!! ;) Happy New Year!

  7. All sounds very positive, enjoy the dancing!

  8. My NY resolution is to stop hiding behind flowers, think I managed to change from snowdrops to embergreen!

  9. @Midlife Singlemum: Wait 'til you see the real picture of me doing that... I will look AMAZING! In my head anyway!! Oops, I was a bit confused so i will check it out;-) are SO right about the 50 club...quite a few of us this year. Looking for Blue Sky and I were just saying that yesterday....

    @Zoe: Thanks for visiting and takin the time to leave a comment :-) I will of course pop over to yours for a visit!

    @Karen V: I'm facing my fear and doing it anyway Karen. 50 is the new 40, you know ;-)

    No 5 will take a LOT of work. Evident from my 4o minute wait to get into to a shopping mall carpark in time to see a movie the other day!!

    @Snowdrops: Thank you and thanks for visiting!

    @Embergreen: Hehehe...that you above then?! I will have to check it out!

    Thank you all for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  10. I like your style! :) Let me know what 50 is like, as in, does it really feel like the new 40?! Hope you are having a party and pulling out that red dress!

  11. Such a positive feel-good post and I'm definitely with you in being a pioneer in the #50Club :)

  12. OK, here's the deal. Take the Lipitor BEFORE the big fatty meals and then you'll be set. And if you ever come over to my house for dinner or drinks or whatever, I promise to eat ALL the cookies before you come. I'm a good friend like that. :)

  13. Good luck! Nobody's perfect that's for sure. Man, if I stayed up till midnight every night, I couldn't function!

  14. @Di: I will MAKE it feel like the new 40! I'm not having a prty as such but I will find a wy to rock that red dress again!!

    @Blue Sky: Yay!! Let's get that #50club up and running ;-)

    @Lizbeth: You're the best friend ever!! Must look up that Lipitor! Thanks :-)

    Thanks for your comments:-)

    xx Jazzy

  15. A fabulous positive post for the New Year! Good luck with all of your points! Emma :) xx

    PS. 50's not old! :)

  16. @BavarianSojourn: Thanks Emma! So far so good. And no, 50 DEFINITELY isn't old!!!

    Thanks for your comment :-)

    Stay tuned for my next related post ;-)

    xx Jazzy

  17. The very best of luck with the resolutions for the New Year!!

    We have been visiting over Christmas - just didn't get around to commenting - glad to hear that all is going well and onwards and upwards for 2012!

    - Fiona

    ps-know you asked us a long time ago about photo collages - can't remember if we responded (think we need a desk diary too!!) - anyway, just in case we didn't we upload photos onto Picasa and use their collage button (very simple!!). Although in recent weeks using the Hipstamatic app on the iPad has become the new obsession in the house! Murray really loves how easy the iPad is to take photos and create good effects!

    Best of luck with the musical!

  18. Best of Luck with the new regime.

    I always make that resolution bed before 12, never stick to it though, we'll see how 2012 goes.

    Helen Murray

  19. @Clive: far not too bad! Thanks for the info. Have tried Picasso but the collages are quite small on my blog which may be due to my template?? But I don't think so. If I ever get an iPad I'll check that App out!!

    @Anonymous: Thanks Helen. That before midnight one is a bit of a killer alright! Even achieving it some nights is a help though I reckon ;-)

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  20. How great that you are teaching dance again, that si bound to lift your soul. Sounds like a fab new regime you have, so glad you did not make any resolutions! lol

    Mich x

  21. Of course your heels will be way cooler! I have no doubt of that! I don't make any resolutions either..way too easy to break them...I seem to have the same expired supplement problem as well...I try and remember to take them-but always seem to forget...and they wind up in the trash..

  22. @Michelle Twin Mum: Thanks Mich! Dancing keeps me young too...especially as I'll be working with teens ;-)

    @Kathleen: We sing from the same hymn sheet so ;-)

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy


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