The Clear-Out

I nearly had a panic attack the other day.

I was sifting through my inbox and  dumping all my non-important emails to' trash'. As you do. Unknownst to myself, I somehow managed to hit the 'check all items' button which, of course, did exactly what it said on the tin. I then immediately hit the 'delete' button and all my emails went to 'trash'. All of them, every last single one. Disaster!

See, I have a lot of stuff in my inbox. I have some emails I haven't even opened yet because I know roughly what's in them and like, they're important. Or they might be important. Some day.

Then I have lots of emails that I keep' just in case'. I mean you never know when I may need that information, or need to contact that person again.

Lord forbid I'd move them to 'personal' or create a folder for them.

And now for the confession, just so you realise quite how bad I am..... some of my emails in my inbox.....are you ready for this? Really? Okay, some of the emails in my inbox go back as far as 2010. There may even have been a couple from 2009!

I panicked at the thought of all my potentially important and might-some-day-in-the-far-away-future-be- important stuff  being trashed. So to speak.

Plus the fact that the reason I was going through my emails in the first place was to find one that I got from someone last year because now that information was important and I needed to contact her again. See.... it does happen!

I also panicked because I knew I'd now  have to check my 'trash' folder.

And I couldn't remember the last time I'd 'emptied trash' .

See, even though I may send emails to 'trash' I wait a while before I empty it. 'Cos I just might still need them. Ya get me?

So, in I went to 'trash' to see if I could find the desired email amongst the sea of abandoned twitter and facebook notifications.

There were a lot of abandoned emails in there. In fact it wasn't a sea, it was more of an ocean.

I eventually skimmed through to see exactly how many there were.

I had 1732 emails in my ocean of  'trash'. 1732, people!

And I wonder why my laptop is slow sometimes??

I eventually found my proverbial needle in a haystack. Thankfully I had a brainwave and searched a relatively smaller haystack instead. My 'sent' folder!

Once I overcame the initial panic I found I quite liked the new clean look of my almost empty inbox.

I kept opening it, just to admire it.

And I've kept it that way. I've only 12 in it now. Although, admittedly I still haven't emptied 'trash'. There must be 2000 in there now.

It was kind of easy in the end really.

Clearing out stuff, even if it is only an  accidental clear-out, is quite therapeutic. It can also be applied to other areas of my life, I reckon.

 I have kept all sorts of stuff in my house  'just in case' , that also needs a clear-out.. accidental or otherwise,

 My head is also a disorganised mess of memorabilia.

We won't go there though, that's best left to another day.


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  1. I use incredimail and you can search for a name in any folder - all the emails under that name will show. I wonder if you have that option in your trash folder? I keep my inbox relatively clean and up to date but I also have 1000s of deleted items. Also I never seem to delete from my sent folder for some reason.

  2. idlife Singlemum: See, I don't even know what that is! Incredimail. I must look it up...

    Thanks for your comment, glad you have lots of deleted mail too!

    xx Jazzy

  3. I am a hoarder too, in real life and in the virtual world! I actually like reading back over old emails, sad I know!But you're right it is theraputic

  4. Im laughing with you Jazzy----I just cleaned my pantry and I found sliced pears that expired in January 2010. And we don't even eat pears.

  5. In real life I chuck lots of stuff out, but emails? Well like you say, they might be needed one day. So I have - wait for it - 8000 emails in one account and 4000 in another (going back to 2005). I did just try and check a third but I think it's been cancelled due to inactivity...I just use it for storage lol xx

  6. @The mum of all trades: It is SO hard to throw stuff out, isn't it??!

    @Lizbeth: Hahaha....oh yeah, my shelves are the same!! At least with out-dated stuff in the fridge it stinks first!!

    @Blue Sky: OMG..that's a lot of emails!! I actually do empty trash regularly, well fairly regularly. This was just a week or two's worth. I haven't even looked at my gmail a/c. Or at iPads4autims_ie's trash folder!! I must do, for a laugh!!

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  7. Gotta say, I'm almost OCD about chucking things out that I'm done with. I've been getting sweaty palms just reading this lol XXX

  8. Oh no!! That would totally send me off the deep end!!

    By the way, I'm really sorry, but I've tagged you in a meme. Please don't feel you have to do it! Hope you're having a great weekend!!

  9. @Jean: Lol.... could do with a touch of OCD! As it is I think my brain has a touch of ADHD! It's seriously all over the place half the time!

    @MarsupialMama: It is enough to freak you out isn't it?! Aw..thanks so much for the tag and for the'a always an honour to get either :-)

    Thanks for your comments ;-)



  10. OH MY WORD, that's a lot of emails. I have to confess that I too have quite a bundle in my old email account. Now that I have a new email, I am being very ruthless and *filing* the ones I want to keep and dumping the others!!
    Out of interest, what does your wardrobe look like?? ;)

  11. @Di: It's great to start afresh isn't it? My wardrobe? Di, my wardrobe is like any other compartment in this house that has doors on it and is choc-a-bloc full of ....crap!! I need an over-all clearout!

    Thanks for your comment :-)

    xx Jazzy

  12. Whew! Sounds like it was a blessing in disguise!

  13. Whew! Sounds like it was a blessing in disguise!


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