Stop This Christmas Rollercoaster... I Wanna Get off....NOW!

This post is a quickly thrown together one in a manic attempt to explain my frantic life at the moment and my absence from blog writing and visiting. It is also a timid attempt at a humble apology for not being around much.

Oh, I do get stressed this time of year as I go about doing everybody's (and I do mean everybody's) Christmas shopping for them and really it's ridiculous. I mean I don't even have 175 screaming adorable Panto children to teach this year!

In fairness it has been a tough couple of weeks here. My infamous Asthmatic cough-from-hell came to visit again about a month ago and has totally outstayed it's welcome. Well, not that it was ever really  welcome in the first place! It is a particularly persistent cough this time around and resistant to serious doses of inhaler and steroid tablets. It has warranted numerous trips to my very concerned GP who sent me for an urgent appointment with a good Consultant who prescribed an even more serious course of steroid tablets. I suspect I shall be sporting a beard by Christmas, a white one, and singing Ho, Ho, Ho in a very deep voice!. Hospital tests were organised and duly worried and fretted over. Good God, what a very scary couple of weeks. Totally stressed me out..... so much so that the consultant had to administer two doses of sedation and still I recall  every minute of the bronchoscopy! The initial results are encouraging but the CT scan results are pending. I suspect some kind of lung infection to be honest. Fingers crossed PLEASE that it's no more than that.

On top of all of that my WiiBoy is having a very difficult time in school at the moment. He is upset and quite confused I think at this stage. He no longer knows how to deal with it all or the correct responses to give, as the traditional ones (that he's learned) are not working. My heart is breaking for him. I think it's even affecting his decision making as he only wants a very small birthday party next week which is quite unusual.

 However, it's now my job to smooth the way and make next week the best one EVER. He wants a very special birthday present. So The Waiting Game has begun anew and sleeps are being counted to the day before his birthday. He can't possibly wait one day more as he must have it all up and running in time. The problem is there's no room in his bedroom for it.  So, Jazzy here, the Queen of Disorganisation,  got her messy head into his room today and somehow managed to change this...

 To this.....

Now I know it may not look much but it took 2 hours to do the whole room and now there's room for the most specialist birthday present for the most specialist birthday boy in the world :-)

Obviously due to my illness I have missed a lot of Christmas shopping days and I'm stupidly panicking! Of course, now that I'm  a bit better WiiBoy is now home sick from school!! Aaarrrggghhh. It was in this frame of mind that I headed out this evening to sort out the big birthday present, a coveted Santa goody and some other stuff. This Queen of Disorganisation even had a list! I also had a 'moment' on the way and nearly had myself an accident turning onto a busy road as I misread the traffic  lights. I had words with myself....

Okay... that's it. No more. This is beyond ridiculous. NOTHING is worth this crap. It's only fecking Christmas for crying out loud. This is NOT what it's all about. Wake up Jazzy.... chillax. Your child still believes in Santa! How lucky are you?! You have one last year to enjoy the magic of a Santa believer! Don't screw it up and miss the magic. He also turns 12 next week, his last birthday as a pre-teener. You definitely don't wanna let that flit by you! Get a grip girl...

Right, back on track and in a much better frame of mind I arrived at the shops and in a very organised manner I got through said list and nailed the important stuff, in one hour .  Look at the lead photo, that's 5 pressies wrapped under the tree now, finally!!Yessssss! There's lots  more to be done and that will happen.....soon....whatever! Chillaxed, see?

I was a bit disappointed though as I had hoped to pay a quick visit to TK Max to buy a little number for a little overnight party I'm going to on Saturday night. Yes, I said overnight party!! Whoop! I sheepishly arrived at 8.55pm expecting a 9.00pm closing, but as I cheekily asked to go into the fitting room I was told closing was 9.30. Excellent.... there is a God! A quick dash back to the rails was made to secure more dresses to try on!

My previous chat with myself  must have worked as I was in a much more positive frame of mind, trying on these lovely cheap dresses. Well, either that or I totally believed the lies that the skinny dressing room mirrors told me! Either way I had another 'moment' in that dressing room. And it was way more fun than my earlier one!!

You see *ahem*... I was trying on this sizzling, red hot, figure hugging little number when my favourite Christmas song came on over the speakers....just as I was zipping it up. Now, I challenge you to listen to this song and not do what I did....

Oh, how I wiggled, posed and pouted in my red hot dress in that dressing room!!! Oh, how I hoped there were no security cameras in there!! There's not... right??!

Oh, how I thought... I can't get away with wearing this? Can I?

The hell I can! I bought the damn dress and I don't care if I can't bring the skinny dressing room mirror with me on Saturday night I am gonna rock that dress, ya hear me? Rock it!

I wonder if they'll play my song at the party?

I hadn't had any wine in the dressing room, you know. Just saying, like.

All together now...

Santa baby, slip a sable under the tree for me..
I've been an awful good girl,
Santa baby,
Hurry down the chimney tonight..

Oh yeah, Santa Baby...... BRING IT ON!!!

I can take it ;-)


PS.. I will catch up on your blogs soon.... promise!


  1. You go girl! And put some pictures up on Sunday!

  2. Oh Jazzy, you crack me up! Rock that red dress like no one else!!

    And you poor thing. I can't imagine going through a bronchoscope and remembering it. I really hope you are feeling better for your trip. Do keep us posted.

    And keep me posted on Wii boy. This time of year is rough and the age is hard too. That in between age is rough and I'm dreading it with Alex. I hope it gets sorted. Maybe his birthday and Santa will put some things to rights. I hope so.

  3. @Truf: Uh uh... no photos, no way! The mirror may lie but the camera most certainly doesn't!

    @Lizbeth:hehehe...I'll do my best, I may need wine!
    I'll keep you discreetly posted on both! Yes, this is a very difficult age. Through my work with panto for the past 7 years I have seen this happen with every 6th class. I'm just surprised it's happening in this one and am astounded that my child is in the middle of it :-(

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  4. First of all good luck witht he lung scan results. And poor you for that thing ending in scopy - after many years of fertility treatment I grew to dread anything with a scopy at the end of its name.
    Have a great time at the party and don't think about anything except rockiing that dress!

  5. @Midlife Singlemum: Excellent advice that I think I will follow!! Thanks :-)

    xx Jazzy

  6. Crikey, it has all been a bit hectic for you! Hope you get better soon.... and that WiiBoy is also ok. Enjoy your party, red is a great colour and perfect for Christmas! :)

  7. You know I'm thinking of you and am also convinced that this is just a virus that is outstaying its welcome. Today I have a song going round in my head "Jazzy in a red dress". I think it has a certain ring to it, now if I could just get it down... xx

  8. @Di:Thank you... so looking forward to our party night out tonight!

    @Blue Sky: Thanks for that, you're probably right:-) Ooh...maybe we could get toghether and pen it!!

    Thanks for comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  9. You're making me want my own Santa Baby fun!

  10. Santy foolishly got "Kylie and The Wiggles" to put in a certain lady's stocking. I may live to regret this. (hilariously, Jeff is front and centre on the cover: as in COME OUT JEFF!)

    Keep a sense of proportion and stop pushing yourself too hard. & huge hugs for the rest xx

  11. @Kristy: Oh, GO FOR IT! Have some fun :-)

    @Hammie: That should be 'interesting'! Don't watch the Wiggles but we had a thing for Hi 5. Similar I'd imagine;-)

    Thanks and you're right. proportionality definitely restored now. Especially when a sick wiiBoy was told to go to school or there'd be no pressies if I couldn't go get them. I was told 'stop going to parties then'!!!

    Cheeky monkey...

    Thanks for comments :-)

    xx Jazzy


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