Christmas Catch Up...

It's been a lovely Christmas here at Chez Jazzy. we spent the day itself with family and have been just hanging out ever since. Which is kind of nice, given the mayhem that came beforehand! Will I never learn? I even took a break from all online activity.... go on, pick your jaw back up off the floor! Yes, I can do it! I find It's very hard to get back into when you do though!

By the way, I DID rock that red dress in the post linked to above! However, I will need to lose a few Christmas lbs before I dare rock it again! I had a great night out that night, and as I watched my almost 70 year old relative (and her 60/70+ year old friends) I vowed to be just like them, when I grow up ;-)

Since my ode to my birthday boy we've had his birthday party just before Christmas Day. As he just couldn't wait any longer, the 'most specialist boy in the world got his most specialist birthday present' two days beforehand.....
                                    The coolest laptop..... Red, of course!

And his party, even though it was a very small one (at his insistence) it was also a very successful one. Thank God! He loved it and wants the same again next year. Turns out small parties are the best! How very grown up....

I was all set this year to enjoy the last magical year that Santa will visit this house and hoped that no-one would tell him in the last few days! I know he's very grown up my WiiBoy, but he still believes and I'm not ready to lose the magic of Santa just yet. So, even though I forgot to leave out goodies for Santa and Rudolph,  he still came with all the requested xbox- related gifts and a very non-fizzy Soda Stream , of all things! Turns out it takes more than a soda stream to put the fizz in MY drinks ;-) I was woken up at the unearthly hour of 2.15am to go check if Santa had arrived and my boy was very happy indeed that he had, but he was notably not ecstatic. See, he IS growing up..... sigh. I'll have to tell him!

Unfortunately we had problems renewing Xboxlive on Christmas Day. He entered the code and nothing happened. Thinking it might take a few hours to activate the code we were disappointed to see it unresolved when we checked again the following day. But, never fear, the wonderful helpers @XboxSupport were there to guide us to a successful outcome. Except that, despite their best efforts, they couldn't and we had to phone the support phone line today. In the course of that conversation I copped that he'd only scratched off one code (for the free gift) and not the other one! How embarrassing! Also in the course of that conversation I was asked where did you buy the card? You can guess what happened next, can't you?

See, the correct answer would have been 'Santa brought it' with the right inflection in my voice on the word Santa, instead of a wink, to relay that a certain 12 year old was standing right beside me. But, oh no, I totally forgot and answered honestly. He responded immediately... 'WHAT??... you bought it??....but....but...'

Oh crap...

Still, I had said before Christmas that I would tell him before he went back to school as most of his classmates will probably know anyway. So, this is actually good timing. Get it over and done with. Time to 'fess up. Right?

So, after some time he comes and asks me about it again and I braced myself to tell the truth, turned to him and....... lied!!

Oh crappity, crappity, crap crap!!

I've really messed up now!

And  he's going to a birthday party tomorrow. I could land myself in some very hot water yet!

Or, it may all just work itself out? Before secondary school starts would be nice!

Meanwhile, we have some fun events and meet-ups planned to keep us occupied for the rest of the Christmas holidays.

And we have a Christmas cat that seems to have adopted us. She's gorgeous....

She can't stay though as she kinda likes Sunny, our budgie...

.No, he's NOT on the dinner menu no matter how cute the strays that keep calling here are!

Is there a sign on our door I wonder?

The Jazzy Animal Rescue Shelter.... only cute animals need apply !!

I'd better take it down before the next visitor arrives!



  1. What a cute kitty! Sounds like you've had a good, full, busy time. We have too. And now, thankfully, a little rest before the new year. I, too, am working on ridding myself of the extra xmas pounds from a few days of indulging. We can do it!

  2. The cat is beautiful :) and I'm glad that you had a lovely Christmas. It sounds as though all is well in birthday boy's world, well apart from the question of how Santa 'bought' a present for him....and what is a nonfizzy soda stream? Love the idea of an animal shelter :) xx

  3. I think you must have a sign on your door in animal language you know!

    Gosh you sound like you have been busy anyway!

    My six year old asked a very accusing question about Father Christmas this year... I am determined she will believe for a good few years yet!

    Hope you have a great New Year too! Emma :)

  4. @Kristy: Yes, it is a busy time for all, isn't it? And yes, of course we can do it! I've started today with my first trip to the gym in AGES!

    @Blue Sky: All IS good in WiiBoy's world (or it is pre that party today anyway!)A Soda Stream is a machine to make fizzy drinks, but it's not that fizzy! I'd hoped they'd improved it over the years.

    No...Nonononono! It is NOT an 'idea' for an animal's a joke...nononono...not happening!!!

    @BavarianSojourn: I think we do too and it'll be removed pronto! I hope your 6 yo believes for another 6 years. She will if you do what I did last year....lie...through your teeth!! Not that I'm advocating lying in general to your child!!

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  5. You get more presents if you believe? No?

  6. @Hammie aka lisadom: yes. That was one of the lies I told ;-)

    xx Jazzy


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