The Show Must Go On....

We had a fantastic evening out on Thursday, WiiBoy and I. I was looking forward to this evening for ages. You see we were meeting with my show pal couple and their son for tea, then off to our favourite Dublin show venue, the fabulous character- filled and chandaliered Gaiety Theatre, to see the Billie Barry Stage School show: The Time of Our Lives. Oh, the excitement!

Now, I know a lot of you reading this will be groaning at the mere mention of the Billie Barry Kids thinking, no doubt, of the oft hinted at BBKS (Billie Barry Kid Syndrome) which seemingly involves a large dollop of cheesy smiles accompanied with a side of perceived precociousness. Please let me try and dispel that rather unfair assessment....

Before I tell you about the show let me set the scene with our little pre-show, show pals reunion! Plus kids! The perpetual circle of life, eh?

It's about four years since we all met-up so a lot of catching up and 'oohing' and 'ahhing' over the boys, how tall they're getting, who they take after etc had to be done! Then we naturally turned to reminiscing about our own show days. All kinds of things were remembered! Pre-Opening number, side- stage jitters and how they ....ahem....presented themselves got a mention. As did the rather rude names we gave ourselves once when in an extremely giddy humour at one rehearsal! Those names will not be revealed here in order to avoid litigation protect our real identities!

Although we ourselves were never Billie Barry Kids (more's the pity) we had the honour of dancing as seniors in two shows, two years apart, back in the 80's as the Billie Barry reins were been handed over from Mother to daughter. The daughter worked us hard for both performances which were each approximately 7 minutes long! We loved every minute of it, every single one. Side-stage nerves were nothing on how we felt on performing at a rehearsal, in their back garden portocabin, for the awe-inspiring Ms. Barry herself! She was always extremely encouraging to us but showed no facial reaction whilst we were dancing, so it was nerve racking to wait until the end to hear her judgement! Kept us all, boys included, on our twinkle toes, that's for sure!!

So, many moons after those thoroughly memorable (to us anyway!) performances, we arrive at the beloved Gaiety Theatre with our own children to see yet another generation of BBKs perform. First thing our boys notice? The chandelier!

The last time we saw a BB show we watched through a veil of excited tears, totally mesmerized by the performances on the stage before us. We knew it would be the same this time and we were not disappointed.

It was a long but thoroughly entertaining show. The whole production, concept, set and costumes were amazing, especially given these difficult financial times. The Billie Barry Show is now only every three years,  so they can do it properly. Modern technology also played an important role in this production providing some exciting special effects and allowing dance styles seamlessly segue into mid-number tap dance routines.....without any mad, frantic changing of shoes!!

The choreography was absolutely fabulous for every single number, from babies right up to to seniors. We were totally enthralled. Well done to the very talented Lorraine Barry. We wanted to up there dancing with them Lorriane! A special mention has to go to the Musical Director Peter Beckett, who's musical arrangements were fantastic. I may have tweeted last week, in frustration at the disaster that is this year's XFactor and said that you can't dissect and re-create classic songs. Well you can... when  you have a fantastic MD and talented students, that is! Peter had two original compositions in this show: The Gift (Finale) and Superheroes. Oh, and Peter...our apologies for our giddy behaviour at that rehearsal many moons ago. As far as I know you escaped a name-makeover. Although, I can't be 100% sure!

Some of you may still be thinking BBKS but I'll tell you something, those kids provided far more entertainment and professionalism than this year's XFactor.

Apart from the amazing production, choreography and music/singing we were totally blown away by the professionalism displayed by all, from such young performers. Their timing, entrances, exits, holding their final positions ets turned stage training into an art form! And all  the beautifully pointed feet deserve a special mention. The most important thing for ANY aspiring dancer to learn!  Everyone on that stage performed to the best of their ability, excelled even. To see the 'babies. perform was enchanting. The girl 'fairies' were lead by a front row of four 'older', more experienced girls, one of whom is a daughter of an ex-Billie Barry friend of ours. Dancing in her mother's footsteps, at the tender age of seven! Incredible maturity! Such a beautiful dancer. The boy 'Superheros' were great too and one very young and very enthusiastic Superhero charmed us all and had us in stitches! I'd go as far as to say that he stole the show!!

And all this done without a cheesy smile or any display of precociousness whatsoever. All we saw was bright eyes, smiles, enthusiasiam, professionalism and a level of maturity and stage presence that we achieved only  in our late teens/early twenties!

That is the stage training provided by this school. Since 1964. The highlights of the many Theatre,TV and Film appearances by many BB students over the years takes up an impressive two pages in the programme!

There's also a list of some well known past pupils. A lot of other past pupils are pursuing successful careers here and in the UK. Some run their own stage schools!

This is a huge life experience for these children, learning their craft, immersed in fun and encouragement and making friendships for life.

Just like ours.

Stage schools like this provide a supportive outlet for talented children and help keep musical theatre alive.

Judging by the performances of Billie Barry's grandchildren I'd be hopeful that the school will be continuously in good hands for years to come.

I hope all the students involved in this production did indeed have the time of their lives. They will have fond memories of this for years to come, of that I have no doubt.

There is nothing like live performances and I now look forward to my next one which, co-incidentally stars a Billie Barry past pupil........

Committmets- Live at the Olympia on November 10th!

Can't wait!


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  1. I loved reading this as it reminded me of my eldest daughter's years at dance school. She did tap and ballet and as she got older she then did jazz. They were magical years; the dancing school was one the oldest in our area and led by an experienced dancer who was so committed to our children. Every couple of years they put on a show at our local theatre which was a fantastic experience and quite similar to the things you talk about. It was a fantastic experience for my daughter; it helped her to develop confidence as well as good posture! Thankyou for sharing. Deb x

  2. @Deb at aspie in the family: Glad you enjoyed reading. I guess I wrote it for myself and the dancing memories and to share how I feel about the importance of dancing and stage work for children. it is a huge confidence building and friend making activity. For adults too! Great to hear your daughter's story....thanks! I did Ballet for years too then Jazz/modern as I got older. I learned Tap on the hoof so to speak, whilst doing many shows!

    Thanks for your comment Deb :-)

    xx jazzy

  3. Wow, your description is so good that I can really imagine what it was like. Sure do wish that I was there! xxxx

  4. @Lora: Thanks Lora. Glad you read it as I know this is a subject you love too and have a wealth of experience on :-)

    Thanks for your comment :-)

    xx Jazzy

  5. Great review Jazzy: I would've enjoyed something like this too and I also second your 'point' about pointing your toes! It applies to gymnasts too and my Angel still practises every day, along with standing on her toes, which looks very painful, but she can do it!

  6. It sounds as if it were wonderful!! Fabulous that there are programs like this. Programs that want to do it well..even if it means doing it only every 3 years. Unfortunately..our dance school here..well..after one year-I pulled my girls out..because dancing should be should not resemble a funeral in any way shape or form. It is fun to reminisce with friends from past shows isn't it?..The last time I performed in anything was when I was 6 months pregnant with my oldest! I miss it very much sometimes...

  7. @Blue Sky: Yes it most definitely applies to gymnasts and I shudder at the 'standing on toes' things! My point also is that children don't have to be involved in team sports to increase their confidence & self esteem and to fulfil a talent that they have. Stage school is an equally acceptable way of children with that talent to reach their potential. It irks me a bit when people talk them down. They are amazingly talented.

    @Kathleen: Oh no, funeral dances do not appeal to me either..that is not good! I would have thought there were lots of stage schools in the US? Suppose like anywhere it depends on where you live, eh?! Wow, 6 months pregnant and performing on stage....go you!

    My show days.... some of the best days of my life. I hope those kids grow up to feel the same :-)

    Thanks for your comments:-)

    xx Jazzy

  8. that was an awesome review jazzy gal
    so glad you have this program

  9. @K-floortime lite mama: Thank you! It is a wonderful outlet for the children :-)

    Thanks for your comment :-)

    xx Jazzy


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