The Halloween Domestic Goddess

'Twas the Halloween Bank Holiday weekend and a very busy one here at Chez Jazzy. There was lots to fit in around everyone's interests and activities and there was a birthday to celebrate....for someone who hates birthdays!

It is my belief that weekends should be a break for everyone in the family (you know what I'm sayin' here.... right?) and I'm finally finding subtle ways to achieve just that;-)

As birthday boy Mr Jazzy had a big golfing day on Friday with a meal out, WiiBoy and I treated ourselves to a takeaway! Saturday involved  more golf so myself and WiiBoy tagged along and spent 2 1/2 hours in the swimming pool (including some sauna/jacuzzi time for me!) while golf was played. We then all had lunch in the golf club, turning a golf day out into a family one;-) Sunday was the only golf-free day so we went for a family birthday meal to our favourite Indian restaurant that does a good early-bird deal.

Do you see what I've done here? Three whole days and no meals cooked!! Shush.... don't tell;-)

It's now Monday, Halloween and I'm feeling a bit guilty as my child hasn't eaten a home-cooked meal in a few days! I'm also feeling guilty as I haven't visited my mother in her nursing home all weekend either. I did try to remedy that today. We  may only be a one child family but we are also a one car one too so that does create difficulty sometimes. Heavy rain was forecast and I wanted to stay home to keep an eye on the  flooding situation so I came up with a genius plan.... get the nursing home to send her out to me in a taxi! Would have worked too, if only their damn phones were working. It's strange, they always seem to have a problem with phones on holidays.... 

Anyway, I have a confession to make..... I hate Halloween! I'm not creative at all with regards Halloween costumes or decorations and I most certainly don't make my own. I did reluctantly put up some decorations though...

 Pathetic I know, but I had to risk life and limb standing on a chair to get these up. No mean feat when you're as accident prone as me!

WiiBoy and I DID make a traditional pumpkin lantern....

 Okay....... slightly lop-sided and deformed I know, but hey, it's Halloween! Anything goes!!

Everyone always has these fab photos of lit pumpkin lanterns but no-one ever tells you that the lids burn from the inside!! Jeez... just as well I checked, or it could have been a case of escaping a flood only to get burnt out by a creepy, deformed pumpkin!

There were some leftovers after our lantern making so me, being in Domestic Goddess mode (or being Queen of Waste Not Want Not, perhaps?)  turned this...

into this.....

And my WiiBoy enjoyed the pumpkin soup SO much he asked for more, in true Oliver fashion! It was absolutely gorgeous, I must admit Ooh.... go me!

 But I wasn't finished. Oh no, not by a long shot!

Before I made the soup I made flapjacks as breakfast fodder for the faddy breakfast eater.....

And  as I knew WiiBoy would  be off eating pizza with his Trick or Treating buddies before they went trick or treating, and subsequently stuffing themselves with crap,  I made a healthy lunch for him, to follow the gorgeous pumpkin soup. I made his very favourite lunch... Indian Pizza (or Quesadilla to you and I) which is packed full of vegetables. He loves it!

My guilt somewhat assuaged I sent him off trick or treating with his 4 pals. They had pizza in one house, did the rounds on 2 roads and have now  taken themselves and  their sugar-laden booty off to another house to watch a movie!

Last I heard it was turning into an impromptu sleepover!

My sugar-filled sleepy boy will return home tomorrow to a clean house as this Domestic Goddess finishes her Halloween chores, before the clock strikes 12 midnight and her lit pumpkin turns into rat or a frog or something and all mayhem resumes as normal. Sigh....

Note: Jazzy would like to assure her readers that no-one was hurt in the making of this blog-post, she hasn't been turned into a Stepford Wife and normal service WILL resume shortly.



  1. I am seriously impressed with your cooking...... and your sneakiness at getting out of cooking over the weekend! :D

  2. you are a true godess
    look at all those skills you amazing woman
    your pumpkin soup looks amazing as does the breakfast treat
    Wiiboy is a doll

  3. @Di: I'm impressed too...dunno where it came from;:-P The 'getting out of cooking'comes with YEARS of practise!

    @K-floortime lite mama: Have to say it all tasted yummy! And my WiiBoy is a handsome young his mum I'm allowed to say that!!

    Thanks for your comments:-)

    xx Jazzy

  4. Well the flapjacks certainly were delicious: I know that because I ate three today! The rest of the food looks scrumptious too :)

  5. I was very wasteful and didn't use my pumpkin flesh, it was dumped. ( hangs head in shame)

  6. Holy Cow, you rock! And here I am wondering what on earth I'm going to pull out of the fridge for dinner. I think if I bailed on cooking for a day there'd be mutiny.

  7. @Blue Sky: Thanks...glad you liked them!

    @The mum of all trades: Oh, but you would have made the decorations and costumes yourself!!

    @Lizbeth: Oh, it's a fine art Lizbeth and I have it sussed;-)

    Thanks for your comments:-)

    xx Jazzy

  8. It all looks fabulous! Good job on finally getting your weekends to mean a break for everyone in the family. I haven't figured that out yet!! Weekends are full of tasks and to-do's. It's crazy!

  9. Wow for someone who hates Halloween you disguised it very well!! The food looks yum and I love Wiiboy's lantern ( he did a better job than my youngest who went for the Hitler look on his!!
    Sounds as though you had a lot of fun :)

  10. @Kristy: Well, not every weekend turns out quite like that! I cooked this weekend, unfortunately! I guess I'm lucky as being a SAHM I can squeeze in all my to-do's during the week. When I'm not busy online that is!! Shhhh....don't tell!

    @mum in meltdown: the sound of your kiddo's lantern!

    Thanks for your comments :-)



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