The Boat

I sit atop the perilous cliff edge

As the evening light fades in the local park.

I'm drawn to this spot when I noticed the boat on the soft sea waves

 mere moments ago. 

The big white boat with it's salubrious red markings is sitting silently in the bay..  

Just sitting. 

The night is closing in and it feels wonderfully calm.

I hear the gentle rippling waves softly lap the stoney shore below where I sit. 

The night air clothes me in it's late summer warmth and magical embrace. 

I am now rooted to this spot...

Entrapped by the stillness of my surroundings

And the beauty of the view on the calm sea ahead. 

And still the boat just sits there. 

Watching me 

As I watch it 

The light house and buoys blink at us both with regular insistence, 

As if to draw us closer  still, in this magical moment. 

Why is the boat just sitting in the bay?

Why am I sitting here? 

The light fades further and the night sky slowly darkens

With a twinkling  promise of the starry night to come.

I can barely see the boat, just sitting on the bay. 

It cannot see me atop my perilous cliff- seat.  

The light fades further still and all around is eerily quiet 

The walkers have long since departed.

And now, so must I.


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  1. I was sat there with you for a moment - lovely description.

  2. Very different Jazzy, and I really liked it xx

  3. Lovely to have joined you for a brief moment. Lovely.

  4. @Jean: Thank you.

    @Midlife Singlemum: Thanks, hope you found some peace as I did!

    @Blue Sky: Phew... so glad that you enjoyed!

    @Lizbeth: Thank you.

    @Clive: Glad that did.

    Thanks SO much for these lovely comments on this my frist attempt. This has been sitting in my drafts for a few weeks, I was too nervous to publish it here. Thank you :-)

    xx Jazzy

  5. Very tranquil scene painted in words. Well done you. Loved it x

  6. @Colette: Thanks, glad you loved it :-)

    @Di: So glad...that's what I hoped people would feel...restful.

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  7. Jazzy, thanks for your comment on my blog! xx
    Do you by any chance follow Valerie Foley?
    Love, love, love her blog! :)

  8. @Di: No problem...I look forward to reading more over at yours! I did actually check out Valerie's fantstic blog before, I'll go have a more recent look..thanks!

    @momx3: Thank you :-)

    @aud: aw, thanks!

    I am relieved and so happy with the lovely comments and the reaction to this piece here and on facebook and twitter. Thanks to all :-)

    xx Jazzy

  9. I felt as though I was sitting there with you. Wonderful imagery and the right amount of description!

  10. @Kristy: Thank you...

    @Hot Cross Mum: Thanks..

    These comments coming from two such fabulous writers as yourselves mean an awful lot to me.... thank you both :-)

    xx Jazzy

  11. Lovely poem! and how perfect to click over from the link you left at our boat making post to this beautiful writing on boats! :)

    Anyway, just wanted to suggest that your little one might enjoy the Fetch or design Squad lessons from PBS, which are available online with a google search. They can be done alone.


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