The Puppy

I was just driving back from the school yesterday morning, minding my own business and looking forward to finally getting back into the routine of going to the gym, being more sociable offline as well as on, vising mam and Dundrum Town centre etc; quietly screaming WHOOP...I'M FREE to myself,  now that WiiBoy is finally back at school.

Then I saw a little black creature playing on the road in front of me, darting in and out of traffic then stopping bang smack in the middle of the road to stare at me. I stopped the car, she stared at me some more then scarpered off to the green area in front of the Dart Station.... Come follow me she seemed to say..

Totally ignoring the other screaming voice inside my head NOOOO....DON'T DO IT  I stopped the car and went back for the little black creature. She had a lovely glitzy collar on her so I was sure someone would claim her within the hour, then I could carry on with my day and get back to my so-called Yummy Mummy life.

So, I took her home to MIND. Mistake Number One....NEVER bring a cute black 10 week old (approx) puppy into your house....

And don't let her (yes, it's a she) find a sunny spot to flake out in....

Absolutely do NOT make her a bed, however temporary it is.....

She might check it out,  you see.....

And like it SO much that she sleeps for an hour.

While she was asleep I made some phone calls and printed off some posters as her owner must be found,  you see she's not staying. She can't really. I'm finally getting my life back. We like to go on holidays when we can and it's expensive enough without the cost of kennelling. In fact the extra costs involved all round may make holidays impossible and I REALLY couldn't cope with that. She's a Labrador Cross, she'll grow big. We're not doing another big dog.

No she's not staying. I CAN and WILL say no to this face.....


                                  (Oh..... God. How can ANYONE say no to that face!)

As the owner wasn't found before 2.30pm Mistake Number 2 was made..... never EVER let your child meet a cute, 10 week old puppy. Nothing good will come of it....

And there will be tears when she has to go, no matter how cute she is....

I will NOT be won over by platitudes like she was meant for you or she was sent to you to replace your missing dog. No way am I falling for that....and I did not say something similar to Mr Jazzy when we found Scamp a few years ago! Nope, wasn't me! See, there's another reason we can't keep her: Sod's law. it governs my life you see, always has and always will. As soon as we replace Scamp with another dog you know what'll happen, don't you? A phone call form a Vet somewhere who finally scans him for that microchip.....sigh.

She has to go.

It means nothing that she has bonded with me (her with me, NOT me with it?!) and followed me around all day like a .... well, like a lost puppy!

It means diddly squat that I slept on the sofa last night with her in her bed nearby. She yelped every time I left the room and I didn't want her to keep everyone awake, you see.

And just because she slept well means nowt.... I woke to a pile of poo and pee!

I am not fooled by her apparent docile, obedient nature.... she's a manipulating creature, old beyond her years, reeling me in. I'm no sucker Holly eh... Puppy. Uh Uh...not me.

I did not partake in the name suggestions on facebook last night... someone must have hacked into my account. And just because WiiBoy and I have taken to calling her Holly does NOT mean that she can stay.

She has to go. But her owner has not come forward yet leading me to believe that she was abandoned yesterday morning. Recessionary abandonment no doubt.

How sad....


NOTE:: If you lost a puppy on 02/09/2011 in the Shankill area please contact me or the local Gardai who have my contact details.


  1. afriend found a black puppy details at shankill garda station

  2. Holly is a cute name. I hope you like're going to be using it for the next 20 years. HAHAHA!!

    No, this is a bad (bad, bad, bad) situation!!! If the owner does come forward then WiiBoy will be crushed and if not then you have a new dog. Sigh. I still can't help myself from laughing. Sorry. :)

  3. @Anonymous: Eh...thanks!

    @Lizbeth: How could you!! So cruel!Yes, it's bad-very bad. That's how we kept Scamp...WiiBoy was distraught when the owner came to collect him after only a few hours. Although he has said he'll accept it if the owner comes forward this time....'it's good to let go mum, i can let go' Yeah...right! It's ok to is kn=inda funny! I'm cursing myself for stopping the car!!

    Thanks for your comments here and on facebook & twitter, I really appreciate all the support :-)

    xx Jazzy

  4. Come on now... you cannot possibly give her up, and you know it!!! ;) x

  5. Oh he is gorgeous! I think you have a new family member!

  6. @Marilyn: I dunno.... I look at her and say that then I think..God, housebound for another few months?? Can't cope with that!

    @The mum of all trades: See, that's the problem she IS gorgeous. Oh dear....!!

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  7. How lovely of you to pick her up and try to find her owners.... but if she hasn't got any, she is absolutely adorable and as much as they are a tie, she looks very much at home ;) Emma xx

  8. them cute little buggers get right under your skin..
    Maybe you could arrange some reciprocal dog sitting arrangement for holidays and theres always lidl for dog food
    Good luck

  9. You slept on the sofa for her? You must be smitten... somehow I think your family has just expanded. I hope she likes budgies xx

  10. Our beautiful dog Holly came to us with a collar on Stephen's day fifteen years ago, like you we advertised etc and said that there was no way we were going to keep her, we even brought her to the pound only to get a attack of the guilts and go and take her back again. I have a feeling this was meant to be just like it was with us, just go with it and enjoy :-)

  11. @Emma: That's what I'm afraid of and she's getting more and more at home by the day!

    @niamyeyb: Yep, she's burrowing deep! That's a good idea. There has to be some cost cutting measures. What am I saying??? She's not staying!!

    @Blue Sky: Poor Sunny is not getting a look in! And I'm NOT smitten.... that is just a viscious rumour ;-)

    @Andra: That's also what I'm afraid of! It really was fate. There... now you've made me say it loud! Your Holly sounded gorgeous:-)

    Thanks for your comments, they mean a lot :-)
    And thanks for all the 'supportive' posts/comments on my fb wall!!

    xx Jazzy

  12. She's adorable!!

    Hope it works out well whatever you decide to do!

  13. Uh, oh, I think it all happened for a reason.... :)

  14. @Clive: Thanks...have a feeling it will all end in tears one way or another!

    @Kristy: That's what everyone keeps saying...sigh!

    @Tanya Savko: yeah...but puppy puddles and parcels ain't so cute!

    Thanks for your comments:-)

    xx Jazzy

  15. She is still young (hence the little presents she leaves for you to clean up). And she sounds as if she is quite scared, maybe traumatised, if she follows you around and barks when you leave the room... Once she knows she is safe there with you, that you won't abandon her, she "should" settle down... Because she IS safe there, isn't she? And you are NOT going to abandon her, are you? ;-)

  16. Oh wow! Holly is fab-a-puppy! Your post was ace, very funny!


  17. @Nan P: Hmmm.....we'll see. She trembles when I bring (carry) her anywhere but VERY comfortable at home. Sigh.... Thanks for your valuable insight, much appreciated ;-)

    @Michelle Moloney: Hi, thanks for visiting and following :-) And for your lovely comment too:-)

    xx Jazzy


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