Fun for Everyone....

Today was an unexpected fun-filled one. It was on Thursday afternoon when I picked up a leaflet at school heralding a'Family Sports Day hosted by the the Irish Sports Council in our local community Leisure Centre this Saturday. Sure what else would we be doing on a Saturday afternoon, besides me being on my laptop and WiiBoy being on his Xbox, I wondered. So, not being one to miss an opportunity  to present non-xbox related activities to my son I shook off a threatening hang-over and whisked us both off to said leisure centre!

It was an amazing Indian summer kind of a day, unusual in itself, so we arrived in great form to find an equally amazing array of sporting activities to try out. For free. Everything is amazing when it's free, isn't it? Anyway, these are the sports that were on offer: archery, trampolining, boccia, old school games, buntus, olympic handball and others!

It was such a lovely day that some of the activities were held outside. Due to WiiBoy's interest in Taekwondo we headed off to try the Martial Arts first. The idea of punching 9 shades of you-know-what out of some punching pads proved too tempting to miss, I just had to go-a-punching....with all my might! And I threw in some kicks too! It was such fun that I had to continue on and try the swing kicks also. All my dancing days came in handy today, although I can no longer do kicks as high as I used to! Thankfully I have no photos of my martial Arts attempts. Unfortunately an official photographer came along, and when he was finished photographing the Community Guard in action, he couldn't resist taking shots of the Mad kickin' Mama!!

You'd think I'd be done then, wouldn't you? But oh no.... no stopping Jazzy when she's on a roll....

We headed off to try trampolining next, WiiBoy's other interest. He loved it and was actually quite good at it...


                                 He even  moved too quickly to be caught on camera!

Now, I know this trampolining is really just for kids and indeed, the place was full of them. And adults too, the 'responsible guardians' standing around watching.

I tried to desist and to just be the 'responsible adult', really.... I did. But, once again the temptation proved too much. I just had to get my almost-but-not-quite  pentagenarian ass up on that trampoline....

 I even tried a few basic moves...the tuck jump, touching shins, split-leap jump and a turning jump! Whoop....go the mad mama!!!

I must admit, I am very grateful that the official photographer wasn't around for my exhibition.

WiiBoy thoroughly enjoyed it, the art of Trampolining NOT my exhibition, and as there are regular classes available we are going to sign him up for this term.

They do adult classes too and although I'm tempted, I think I'll stick to my more sedate, mama-like exercise activities that I enjoy. Like Curves Gym and my weekly Urban Funk dance class where us funky red-hot  mamas strut our stuff!! I SO enjoy those classes! And for as long as I can shake this pentagenarian (almost....not quite!) booty I will continue to do just that!

So, thanks Irish Sports Council and our local Council for such a fun day and for proving that sport/fun is indeed for all.

I see our local council has a Social Inclusion Week coming up in October. There are lots of events planned. It should be a lot of  fun.

I also see that there's a youth flashmob planned too.

I'd come along to watch but clearly I can't be trusted to stay on the sidelines. I'd have this overwhelming compunction to join in....

Wait a minute...YOUTH flash mob?

Why restricted to youth?

I know a group of funky red-hot mamas who could see your youth flash mob and raise you a glide or a body-roll or ten.

Just sayin', like.



  1. The trampolining sounds like great fun, I know both my boy would love to do it regularly but we are resisting getting one for the garden - for the first time ever I have a potentially beautiful garden and a trampoline would just not go!! I have also heard our local town offers something caalled bounce (me being intelligent and all recons that mght mean trampolines) for kids with needs mainly ADHD/aspergers and siblings can attend to, so I am going to look into it x

  2. The trampoline sounds like fun! They call them "tramps" here but I've never been able to get that out of my mouth without a giggle. So how did you feel the next day? Were you sore? I'm only asking because I think I'd need some Flexaril and stiff drink to get to bed that night!

  3. @The Rambling Pages: Forgive my bluntness: SOD THE GARDEN..... BUY A TRAMPOLINE....NOW!!! Seriously, best OT for ASD/ADHD & whatever your having yourself kids! We have ours 5 years, it's falling apart, he's 11 and is on it EVERY day. we even have a mini-one inside the house for winter. Very calming before school;-)You can set them into the garden if you want....

    @Lizbeth: So... I guess i was an almost pentagenarian tramp on a tramp!!! Lol!! I was only on it about 10 mins...there was a queue of children waiting to have a go!!So I'm fine this to a 2 hour swim session with son now...

    Thank you for your comments:-)

    xx Jazzy

  4. What a great day, I would have loved it and been up on the trampoline as well...and I had to be banned by my dd from taking the adult gymnastics class up at her gym! Realistically I think my back might just protest too much, but I can still do a perfect cartwheel :)

  5. It sounded like great fun. The best thing we ever bought was one of those big trampolines; we got it as a joint birthday present when our kids were 3, 6 and 9. What we have noticed is that whilst our son has grown out of favour with it, our aspie daughter goes on it quite a bit. Helps with the anger! I've also had a secret go; great way of looking into the neighbours gardens LOL.

  6. This post is so funny: the writting, not the action. I love women who listen to their "madness" not their age... look at me, didn't I give myself a 2 week scubba-diving holiday for my 50th... having never EVER done this before.... and got 12 dives in 2 weeks... and was with beginners most of whom were less than half my age...

    Mammy-status and age have nothing to do with what you can or can't do! WELL DONE!... Hmmm... would love to see the punching photos though ;-)

    And @Blue Sky, if you want it, really want it, get yourself to that gymnastics class girl!

  7. Good Lord I'm done out just reading that post! Good for you, it looked like great fun.

  8. Urban Funk dance class sounds a-mazing! Wish I was there. What a great idea to give trials of all those sports. We do have a trampoline in our garden (would recommend it, one of our best ever purchases for the girls - they've done a half hour session on it just now!) but I have a slight problem with it myself... as soon as I've done two bounces, I need a wee! Oh the joys of motehrhood :)

  9. @Blue Sky: I know you would! Actually, I'm surprised my WiiBoy didn't ban me..he even took the photos! To be was my back issues that prevented me signing up too. I'm tempted to sy as Nan P does and just go find another club...or a different time class? Maybe you could find a more back-friendly but similar activity?

    @Deb at aspie in the naughty mama!! tramploline is wonderful for our kids for all sorts of reasons;-)

    @Nan P: did...and fair play to ya!! You go Nan! 'Cos I sure am me get myself into that 'youth' (pah!) flashmob!!! I have plans....

    @The mum of all trades: it was....very much so!

    @Steph: hahaha ('pee' comment!!)Thank God that didn't happen me yesterday! Urban Funk classes ROCK! Such fun:-)

    Thanks for your comments. Now, to get some Funky Dancin' Mamas into a 'Youth' flashmob.. for SOCIAL INCLUSION Week...there's the answer right there.... 'Social Inclusion' ;-)

    xx Jazzy

  10. Good for you for getting out there and doing something different! Sometimes it's hard to do that, and then what a great model and lesson for your son. Good job with the trampoline. Last time I attempted that, I tried to do a flip, and my knee whacked my eye and I had a black eye!

  11. This looks great fun and always a great idea to burn off their energy and your own sometimes!! Me and trampolines don't mix unless I include Tena Ladies in my outfit!!! LOL

  12. @Kristy:Oooh...not good, black eye, not good at all! Thanks...doing stuff like that in front of my son does not usually make him happy! He was quite ok with it on Saturday. But, to see me dancing in a flashmob might be one step (get it?!!) too much!! Tough...if I get the chance I'm going for it:-)

    @mum in meltdown: Absolutely! hahaha...'tena ladises'!! I had to google to see what you meant!!

    Thanks for your comments:-)

    xx Jazzy


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