A Book is Born....

A brand new book has just been born!

And this is how it looks -----

Doesn't it look good?

Oh, the excitement....

 As you can see it  has been aptly  named as......


Wit and Wisdom from the Parents of Special Needs Kids: Mostly True Stories of Life on the Spectrum (Volume 1) 

This book was put together and edited  by Lynn Hudoba over at AutismArmyMom with initial  help from her blogger buddy BigDaddyAutism.

This book is a collection of articles written by over 40 bloggers who are parents of children with Special Needs.

There's even an article in there from yours truly!!

How terribly exciting!

 Here's the blurb.....

Wit and Wisdom From The Parents of Special Needs Kids brings together dozens of the best writers in the blogosphere, sharing their stories of both the challenges and rewards of raising children with autism and other cognitive disabilities. More than forty essays are included in this unique compilation,covering topics such as sensory issues, the difficulties of social interaction, the impact on marriage and typical siblings, and the world of special educationand therapies. These parents cover the gamut of experiences -- from initially receiving the diagnosis for their child and reconsidering their expectationsfor the future to learning how to let go of children as young adults – as well as an emotional spectrum from sadness and loss, to the frustrations of assimilating not-so-typical children into the typical world, to the joy of living amongsttheir often hilarious quirks and obsessions. Wit and Wisdom From The Parents of Special Needs Kids is a must read for anyone whose life has been affected by intellectual disabilities. Every parent of a special needs child will identify with the life experiencesincluded in this book -- they are as varied, unique, and inspiring as the children themselves.

I look forward to getting my hands on my copy to see the wonderful stories that my fellow, very talented, blogger buddies have put forward.

I feel honoured to be included.

I may even be brave enough to read my own article!

I am curious to be reminded of what I wrote... I think!

Maybe you would like to buy a copy too? Or here if you're in Europe!

That would be great!

Oh, the excitement!

And the nerves!!

Does this mean I'm a..... 'published author' now??!!

That thought really settles my nerves!



  1. Great stuff! I'll be buying a copy for sure. Well done Jazzy, xx

  2. That's wonderful! You SHOULD be proud and oh so excited!

  3. @Momx3: Thanks...that'd be great:-)

    @Kristy:Thank you! Hopefully I'm proud when I see it...in context with the others!! It is exciting:-)

    Thanks for your comments:-)

    xx Jazzy

  4. What a fabulous achievement of which you should all be very very proud and toot your horns a-plenty. Hope it is a huge success for you all. x

  5. It can be exciting and scary to see your stuff in print! Enjoy it :). I'm looking forward to having a read xx

  6. You are definitely a published author - congratulations! What a fantastic idea for a book and if all the contributions are as good as your blog, it should be an entertaining and informative read. Well done!

  7. @Hot Cross mum: Many thanks Hazel, much appreciated:-)

    @Blue Sky: Thanks.... scary enough seeing it online!

    @Midlife Singlemum: Whoop! Thanks so much...high praise indeed:-)

    Thanks for all your lovely, supportive comments here and on facebook & twitter. Very much appreciated :-)

    xx Jazzy

  8. YAY!!! Now I have to go and get it!!!

  9. @Lizbeth: yay!! I think!! Lol:-)

    xx Jazzy


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