Fun for Everyone....

Today was an unexpected fun-filled one. It was on Thursday afternoon when I picked up a leaflet at school heralding a'Family Sports Day hosted by the the Irish Sports Council in our local community Leisure Centre this Saturday. Sure what else would we be doing on a Saturday afternoon, besides me being on my laptop and WiiBoy being on his Xbox, I wondered. So, not being one to miss an opportunity  to present non-xbox related activities to my son I shook off a threatening hang-over and whisked us both off to said leisure centre!

It was an amazing Indian summer kind of a day, unusual in itself, so we arrived in great form to find an equally amazing array of sporting activities to try out. For free. Everything is amazing when it's free, isn't it? Anyway, these are the sports that were on offer: archery, trampolining, boccia, old school games, buntus, olympic handball and others!

It was such a lovely day that some of the activities were held outside. Due to WiiBoy's interest in Taekwondo we headed off to try the Martial Arts first. The idea of punching 9 shades of you-know-what out of some punching pads proved too tempting to miss, I just had to go-a-punching....with all my might! And I threw in some kicks too! It was such fun that I had to continue on and try the swing kicks also. All my dancing days came in handy today, although I can no longer do kicks as high as I used to! Thankfully I have no photos of my martial Arts attempts. Unfortunately an official photographer came along, and when he was finished photographing the Community Guard in action, he couldn't resist taking shots of the Mad kickin' Mama!!

You'd think I'd be done then, wouldn't you? But oh no.... no stopping Jazzy when she's on a roll....

We headed off to try trampolining next, WiiBoy's other interest. He loved it and was actually quite good at it...


                                 He even  moved too quickly to be caught on camera!

Now, I know this trampolining is really just for kids and indeed, the place was full of them. And adults too, the 'responsible guardians' standing around watching.

I tried to desist and to just be the 'responsible adult', really.... I did. But, once again the temptation proved too much. I just had to get my almost-but-not-quite  pentagenarian ass up on that trampoline....

 I even tried a few basic moves...the tuck jump, touching shins, split-leap jump and a turning jump! Whoop....go the mad mama!!!

I must admit, I am very grateful that the official photographer wasn't around for my exhibition.

WiiBoy thoroughly enjoyed it, the art of Trampolining NOT my exhibition, and as there are regular classes available we are going to sign him up for this term.

They do adult classes too and although I'm tempted, I think I'll stick to my more sedate, mama-like exercise activities that I enjoy. Like Curves Gym and my weekly Urban Funk dance class where us funky red-hot  mamas strut our stuff!! I SO enjoy those classes! And for as long as I can shake this pentagenarian (almost....not quite!) booty I will continue to do just that!

So, thanks Irish Sports Council and our local Council for such a fun day and for proving that sport/fun is indeed for all.

I see our local council has a Social Inclusion Week coming up in October. There are lots of events planned. It should be a lot of  fun.

I also see that there's a youth flashmob planned too.

I'd come along to watch but clearly I can't be trusted to stay on the sidelines. I'd have this overwhelming compunction to join in....

Wait a minute...YOUTH flash mob?

Why restricted to youth?

I know a group of funky red-hot mamas who could see your youth flash mob and raise you a glide or a body-roll or ten.

Just sayin', like.


A Book is Born....

A brand new book has just been born!

And this is how it looks -----

Doesn't it look good?

Oh, the excitement....

 As you can see it  has been aptly  named as......


Wit and Wisdom from the Parents of Special Needs Kids: Mostly True Stories of Life on the Spectrum (Volume 1) 

This book was put together and edited  by Lynn Hudoba over at AutismArmyMom with initial  help from her blogger buddy BigDaddyAutism.

This book is a collection of articles written by over 40 bloggers who are parents of children with Special Needs.

There's even an article in there from yours truly!!

How terribly exciting!

 Here's the blurb.....

Wit and Wisdom From The Parents of Special Needs Kids brings together dozens of the best writers in the blogosphere, sharing their stories of both the challenges and rewards of raising children with autism and other cognitive disabilities. More than forty essays are included in this unique compilation,covering topics such as sensory issues, the difficulties of social interaction, the impact on marriage and typical siblings, and the world of special educationand therapies. These parents cover the gamut of experiences -- from initially receiving the diagnosis for their child and reconsidering their expectationsfor the future to learning how to let go of children as young adults – as well as an emotional spectrum from sadness and loss, to the frustrations of assimilating not-so-typical children into the typical world, to the joy of living amongsttheir often hilarious quirks and obsessions. Wit and Wisdom From The Parents of Special Needs Kids is a must read for anyone whose life has been affected by intellectual disabilities. Every parent of a special needs child will identify with the life experiencesincluded in this book -- they are as varied, unique, and inspiring as the children themselves.

I look forward to getting my hands on my copy to see the wonderful stories that my fellow, very talented, blogger buddies have put forward.

I feel honoured to be included.

I may even be brave enough to read my own article!

I am curious to be reminded of what I wrote... I think!

Maybe you would like to buy a copy too? Or here if you're in Europe!

That would be great!

Oh, the excitement!

And the nerves!!

Does this mean I'm a..... 'published author' now??!!

That thought really settles my nerves!


The Puppy

I was just driving back from the school yesterday morning, minding my own business and looking forward to finally getting back into the routine of going to the gym, being more sociable offline as well as on, vising mam and Dundrum Town centre etc; quietly screaming WHOOP...I'M FREE to myself,  now that WiiBoy is finally back at school.

Then I saw a little black creature playing on the road in front of me, darting in and out of traffic then stopping bang smack in the middle of the road to stare at me. I stopped the car, she stared at me some more then scarpered off to the green area in front of the Dart Station.... Come follow me she seemed to say..

Totally ignoring the other screaming voice inside my head NOOOO....DON'T DO IT  I stopped the car and went back for the little black creature. She had a lovely glitzy collar on her so I was sure someone would claim her within the hour, then I could carry on with my day and get back to my so-called Yummy Mummy life.

So, I took her home to MIND. Mistake Number One....NEVER bring a cute black 10 week old (approx) puppy into your house....

And don't let her (yes, it's a she) find a sunny spot to flake out in....

Absolutely do NOT make her a bed, however temporary it is.....

She might check it out,  you see.....

And like it SO much that she sleeps for an hour.

While she was asleep I made some phone calls and printed off some posters as her owner must be found,  you see she's not staying. She can't really. I'm finally getting my life back. We like to go on holidays when we can and it's expensive enough without the cost of kennelling. In fact the extra costs involved all round may make holidays impossible and I REALLY couldn't cope with that. She's a Labrador Cross, she'll grow big. We're not doing another big dog.

No she's not staying. I CAN and WILL say no to this face.....


                                  (Oh..... God. How can ANYONE say no to that face!)

As the owner wasn't found before 2.30pm Mistake Number 2 was made..... never EVER let your child meet a cute, 10 week old puppy. Nothing good will come of it....

And there will be tears when she has to go, no matter how cute she is....

I will NOT be won over by platitudes like she was meant for you or she was sent to you to replace your missing dog. No way am I falling for that....and I did not say something similar to Mr Jazzy when we found Scamp a few years ago! Nope, wasn't me! See, there's another reason we can't keep her: Sod's law. it governs my life you see, always has and always will. As soon as we replace Scamp with another dog you know what'll happen, don't you? A phone call form a Vet somewhere who finally scans him for that microchip.....sigh.

She has to go.

It means nothing that she has bonded with me (her with me, NOT me with it?!) and followed me around all day like a .... well, like a lost puppy!

It means diddly squat that I slept on the sofa last night with her in her bed nearby. She yelped every time I left the room and I didn't want her to keep everyone awake, you see.

And just because she slept well means nowt.... I woke to a pile of poo and pee!

I am not fooled by her apparent docile, obedient nature.... she's a manipulating creature, old beyond her years, reeling me in. I'm no sucker Holly eh... Puppy. Uh Uh...not me.

I did not partake in the name suggestions on facebook last night... someone must have hacked into my account. And just because WiiBoy and I have taken to calling her Holly does NOT mean that she can stay.

She has to go. But her owner has not come forward yet leading me to believe that she was abandoned yesterday morning. Recessionary abandonment no doubt.

How sad....


NOTE:: If you lost a puppy on 02/09/2011 in the Shankill area please contact me or the local Gardai who have my contact details.