Summer Growing

This summer, the one that stretched endlessly ahead of us a mere 7 weeks ago, empty, waiting to be filled with fun non-Xbox related activities, is now over. Just like that it seems, and it flew by.

We occupied ourselves with visits to friends, playtime with other friends, trips out, swimming, climbing hills, playing on the beach and walking in the park. Of course there was some Xbox play  throughout this eclectic mix of summer activities and whilst there were some rows, the predicted XboxWars thankfully did not materialise.

In the last week or so I have noticed some changes in my 11 year old boy. My boy has done some growing this Summer, it would seem.....

He has gained his usual extra summer inch or so in height. Not unusual, I know, but the thing is this inch puts him very close to me in height! I knew it was imminent but that knowledge did nothing to stem the level of shock I felt upon sudden realisation of the fact!

Buying his school shoes the other day was also a bit of an eye opener. We went to Clarke's children's shoe Department, the one were I bought his first pair of shoes 9 1/2 years ago, only to find that he was officially a size 6, the last children's size that they do, with no room for further growth! Summer or otherwise!

We were sent to the Men's Department to get shoes for my 11 year old baby, whose first back tooth only fell out the day beforehand!! He ended up getting a size 8 (small fitting shoes) to allow growing space in these cost-cutting times! In a size 8. SIZE 8, people! Does the Tooth fairy come to a child with size 8 feet, I wondered? Turns out, she does. Size 8....... that would be twice the size of my new shoes.

My boy has grown in ways other than height and shoe size this summer though. He has somehow managed to simultaneously retain some childish humour whilst also exhibiting some new pre-teen maturity. When it suits him, of course!

He has shown some great responsibility in certain situations and we've had some really good almost-adult conversations. At other times I've also been treated to more of his infamous Random Words and song parodies. Just to keep some balance, you see.

He has made some very cohesive arguments in relation to decisions of mine he wanted overturned. His Master Manipulator side came to the fore in one particular decision that I would love to share with you. Alas, it us not my story to share. Suffice it to say, I listened to him, studiously researched his arguments  and found them to be supported, before finally capitulating. This once. Sigh!

He has shown amazing willingness to try new foods this summer. He tried some sensorally challenging fruits such as: bananas, grapes, apples and strawberries for example! He also tried Hoi Sin Prawns and has  most recently eaten crab cakes and parma wrapped chicken stuffed with Brie and pesto!! And finally, most recently he has eaten a chicken wrap with lettuce! Yes..... lettuce! Truly amazing and means that his school lunch box will be far more interesting and much healthier this year.

                                      (Yes...that would be some Bribery Crisps you see there!)

All of this is important as we face his final year in primary education. Tomorrow my boy and his classmates will commence 6th class. He is excited it seems and showing a great willingness to go to bed on time, be up early and have all his clothes ready to go. He has also placed his order with the resident cook - that would be moi- for a rather healthy breakfast of poached egg with (not on) toast He has a plan for homework after school and for reduced xbox play on school days.

He is growing up and never ceases to amaze me. I seriously hope this year goes well for him. I feel less trepidation about this year than any other.

And now I'd better go and finish wrapping school books and putting names on everything. Wouldn't do for me to let him down when he's putting all that effort in!

Good luck to all of you for the coming school year.



  1. He is sounding so mature and responsible now, you must be so proud :) xx

  2. @Blue Sky: Thanks, I'm incredibly proud of him :-) He's amazed me by going to bed early (unpromopted!)the last 2 nights and I really thought his fully dressed self, in school uniform, waking me up at 7.10 am this morning was a vision!! Go WiiBoy!

    xx Jazzy

  3. Good luck to your son in this new school year. You can tell you are a very proud mum :)

  4. Ahh good luck with this school year....they grow up so quickly! My 2 are now a shoe size 4+5 which is way behind yours but still a bit of a shock. My eldest is slightly smaller for his age but is reaching my dizzy height of 5'2" LOL don't know how I will cope when they overtake me!! :) How on earth are we going to keep control when they are looking down on us patting us gently on the head!!!

  5. @lyndylou: Thank you, we started well anyway!

    @mum in meltdown: He was only a 4 last summer! That's my fear, looking up at him whilst wagging my finger at him...not quite the same impact! I'm 5'2" also and hubby 6'1". Thankfully he seems to be taking after hubby in the height stakes!

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  6. Could you send him over here for a motivational talk? Its only day 3 of school and I only managed to drag M out of bed 25 minutes before school! On the other hand, they are still small enough to manhandle,mwa-ha-ha!

  7. Awww Jazzy, you give me hope. I can't believe how big he is getting and how mature. I often see your son an a more mature version of mine. I'm so glad school is going off with a good start and he's so excited. I'm truly happy for you guys!

  8. A lovely positive post and I wish your son all the best for the next school year. PS: Know what you mean about shoe sizes. My son has a size 10 foot and he's only just turned 13 (and still loosing the odd tooth).

  9. Aw Jazzy, you must be so so SO proud of him - he sounds like he's done some major growing up this summer and is turning into such a wonderful young man. I'm glad the tooth fairy still visits children with size 8 feet :) xx

  10. @Truf: Absolutely! Remember, it was only last year that I was dragging my boy out of bed! Good luck, hope things get easier as the year(s) go by;-)

    @Lizbeth: YES! That's exactly what you're supposed to see! Yes, I write these glowing posts about my boy not to show off (well, there might be a little bit of that!)but to share how far we've come and to give hope. So glad to hear it gives you some:-)

    @Deb at aspie in the family: Thanks Deb. Wow...a size 10?! Mr Jazzy is a size 10 also..I think we're heading that way!

    @SAHMlovingit: Thank you, I am VERY proud of him...he's proud of himself too which is only right:-) We think the tooth fairy and Santa continues to visit until 13! We'll see about that....

    Thank you for your comments:-)

    xx Jazzy


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