My Teenage Crush....

It was 34 years ago today that Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll died in a most humiliating way. In a way that of course,  my WiiBoy finds absolutely hilarious!

I must admit that due to the passing of time my addled memory didn't remember the anniversary until I saw it on twitter. Although that could also be due to school holiday bedlam that is my life at present. I mean, I don't even know what day of the week it is mostly let alone the date...or the month. Hell, I barely remember my own name these days!

But I do remember that day, 34 years ago. The day that I woke up to the most devastating news ever in my 15 short years on this planet! I thought my entire world had ended that morning. I remember going outside, hanging out with the gang on the road. We were all shocked, but I  was devastated. I cried for two days!!

Are you shocked at my admission? Are you slowly backing away from your laptop, frantically searching for the 'unfollow this weirdo's blog NOW' button in shocked amazement? Not yet? Well hang around then, there's more....

Most teenagers have crushes on boys. I did too but I was a shy teenager then and I was kind of afraid of boys! I did, kind of, have a boyfriend at the time but I was besotted with Elvis Presley....I swooned over him  and talked about him constantly! My area of special interest you might say ;-)

I can't believe I'm admitting to this but I collected every photo, fact or newspaper item on The King that I could find! A girl across the road from me was equally besotted and she had some great photos too. We pooled our resources and made a.... wait for it.... a scrapbook!! We even had a carefully monitored joint custody over it! Hilarious, or what?! Well, it was a gentler pre-digital (no.. NOT pre-historic) time!!

I devoured anything I could get on him. I got Elvis LP's (remember them?) for Christmas presents. My brother got me a book all about the King's life that was my absolute most prized possession for many years. I must have read that book from cover to cover many, many times and digested every fact in it. It may even be still in my possession, somewhere.

Not only that but I even joined the official Elvis Presley fan club ( still exists!!) anxiously watching the post for the monthly little booklet that would come to my door!! Oh, the innocence! Before he died I dreamed of going to see him in concert in America when I was older and had a job!

I of course watched the Elvis Presley movies every time they were on. We only had a couple of TV stations back then and I think RTE showed a weekly Elvis movie?. Oh God, I now not only sound really old...I sound extremely demented! And there's more....

Let me qualify what I'm about to reveal, there was no YouTube back then. Ok? Just bear that in mind, right? *takes deep breath*.....

One Christmas my parents gave me a present of a tape recorder with a plug-in mic. We had great fun taping ourselves 'singing'. I soon found another more... ahem.... creative use for this device. You will NOT believe this but....Oh God I'm laughing here just thinking about this! I bought a load of blank tapes and every time an Elvis movie was on I would be found sitting right in front of the only TV screen in the house, poised with tape recorder and mic in hand waiting for the King to sing!! I had it down to a fine art and could correctly guess when he was about to do so. I had every song from every movie, together with some pre and post song dialogue on a collection of tapes that I listened to constantly! I bet if I watched an Elvis movie now I could repeat those lines as well as sing the songs!!

I can also admit to being particularly besotted with a particular Elvis movie with a the lead female with my name. Oh....swoonville as Elvis looked at her, danced with her and kissed her...all the time saying my name!! Ohhh....teenage bliss!!

Oh dear, how sad am I? And yet, still there's more...

Stupid RTE stupidly decided on some stupid whim to cancel regular showings of Elvis movies. I was horrified. How very dare they, I thought to myself and in a show of defiance, and perhaps my future bolshieness, I wrote a very strong letter to RTE asking them to reconsider!! They didn't, unfortunately!

So that's it. My teenage crush on Elvis Presley! I'm still a fan but not to the same extent, obviously! My brother also got me the Elvis Gold Collection CD a few years ago and although it's a treasured possession it's not on my iTouch. See... I have made the smooth transition into the digital era!

Does that restore your faith in me?

Are you slowly creeping back to your laptop and stepping away from that 'Unfollow..' button,  feeling safer in the knowledge that I have not truly lost the plot?

I do hope so!

'Cos I'm not that sad, not really. After all there are two Elvis songs being used in two TV advertisements at present and  I'm sure, if I try really hard, I might even remember some movie dialogue for them!!

Thanks twitter for plunging me back into my Elvis adulation era. I think! This truly has been a trip down memory lane!

I'll leave you with this YouTube (I really have moved on!) clip of Elvis singing King Creole....




  1. I remember that day too - we had been on a family camping trip and happened to stop in a little market for some food when we saw the newspapers. Hard to believe that was 34 years ago!

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Thanks for the laugh..Now I see where your strong letter writing skill all started! One day-when you have changed the way things are done in your schools-and you are publicly can credit Elvis! :)
    I had a friend who used to do the same thing with a tape recorder and the television..only she did it for Shaun Cassidy...until I introduced her to Led Zeppelin!

  3. @Tanyo Savko:I know, unbelievable isn't it!

    @Kathleen: Hahaha...I KNEW you'd get a laugh out of this! I swear every word is true!! Led Zeppelin? I'm shocked! Hehehe... you'd get on with Mr Jazzy, he loves AC/DC!!

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  4. The King will always be cool! My boys love him too. They don't make rock stars like that any more.

  5. Stupid RTE :) Did they reply? Great read as usual xx

  6. OMG, I'm laughing with you!!! I may be backing away from the keyboard a bit too but I'm laughing. Just kidding, of course, you crack me up!

    PS--and I had one of those singing things. Oh the horrible wailing I would make!!!

  7. I remember Elvis's death every year because he died on my dad's birthday.

  8. @The mum of all trades: Yay! Another fan...suddenly I don't feel so alone! Lol!!

    @Blue Sky: Yes, stupid RTE DID reply.... I'll give them that!

    @Lizbeth: hahaha! They were horrendous those 'singing things' weren't they? Glad you got a laugh:-D

    Thanks for your commets ;-)

    xx Jazzy

  9. @Apples and Autobots: Mixed emotions for you I think ((xx))

    (Sorry, my respnse above was sent same time as your comment!)

    xx Jazzy

  10. When I was a teen, I was obsessed with reading Priscilla Presley's memoir about her life with Elvis, Elvis and Me. There was a TV movie of it too, and we had a VHS recording of it. I watched it countless times even though it was like 5 hours long! For some reason, I just loved learning about him. I would watch his movies with my mom.

  11. You are so not on your own LOL. I remember being at our caravan at the time and everyone sitting there not really believing it. My dad was a huge fan and therefore I was born into it. My own sad confession was that BBC2 would play a season of his films on a tuesday eve 6pm-730!!! How do I remember this??? I used to do my commerce essay sitting on my brothers bed watching it!!!!! Now who's the sad one!! x

  12. @Kristy: Gosh, I never read that book or saw the movie. I now feel the need to do so....and to get CDs of his old movies!

    @mum in meltdown: Oh're right! I remeber watching them on BBC 2 later on! So glad I'm not alone :-)

    xx Jazzy

  13. What a great post Jazzy, I loved reading about how you felt as a girl collecting that stuff (and your friend across the street too!) and how his death affected you. I can't really relate much as I was only 3 at the time but I loved Elvis when I was a girl and still do - he is definitely the king xx

  14. @SAHMlovingit: Aw, thanks....what a lovely comment:-) This post really makes me look very old!! I'm not really, not in my head;-)

    xx Jazzy

  15. I'm sorry for your trouble ;)


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