FitFlops Flop for non-Flip Floppers

Oh, how I enviously look upon those trendy people wearing their blingified trendy FitFlops every where I look..... in the park, queuing at the supermarket till or traveling through the Airport. How easily they can be worn to dress up or down an outfit.

Don't they look so good?

So trend setting?

So blingified?

That's all very well for those who like to flip flop in style but what if you're like me? What if you cannot wear Flip, or even Fit, Flops? What if you simply cannot abide things... or thongs... between your sensitive little tootsies? What then?

Oh, you have alternatives? Oh goody.... goody-two-shoes. Let's see, do you mean these....

Or these.....

 Or even (Good God) these....

Seriously? That's it? Come on Fitflop, surely you can offer us non-toe-thong wearers a better, more blingified alternative?

 It's not rocket science. You could still follow your trademark design of starting at the back of the shoe giving a deep V at the front you know. Instead of two bands going straight across you could have them crisscrossing .... and BLINGIFY them. For example, no.1 alternative could have been made nicer material with some bling attached. Ya don't gotta save all the jazzy material for thong toes folk ya know!

Why are us non-thong wearers subjected to boring, brown 'mammy' alternatives? Patent leather clogs really don't cut it with me either!

Any skechers tone ups  trend-setting marketeer reading needn't feel too smug either! Here's an example of your alternatives...
 Really? Is that the best you can do too? (Admittedly skechers do have some appealing non-tone up models on offer but it's tone ups/shape ups I'm interested in)

Seriously folks, I have been studying this since last summer and have also viewed this summer's offerings here in Ireland, and unfortunately I  can see no real differences. Except a €20 hike in prices for FitFlops that is.  Dear FitFlop: there is a recession on, in case you haven't noticed. 

I am totally fed up of going into numerous shops and being confronted with a wall-to-wall presentation of trendy flip flops with only a small section of slip-on footwear for non-thongers such as myself.

I know flip flops have been on trend for years, centuries even. And I'm not one to buck tradition, even if this does date back to the Egyptians and beyond and perhaps you think what's good enough for Tutankhamen should be good enough for me...

Personally speaking I think it is time for us non-toe-thong wearers to stand up and be counted, so to speak.

Are ye with me, or agin me???

Are you ready to stand up in your non-blingified non-toe-thongs and be counted?

Are you ready to join with me and say.... Blingify me?!

Seriously, I reckon that this is a definite opportunity for shoe manufacturers to fill a niche market. No one else is doing it.

If FitFlops, sketchers or ANY interested shoe manufacturers are reading I'd be more than happy to try out any prototype you have to offer and to review it here for all to read.

Just sayin' like!



  1. Love it! I'd love some non toe thong type fitflops too but they're soooooo ugly!!! Maybe we could get a craft glue gun and some sequins lol ;)

  2. I'm in your corner Jazzy :) I have a pair of barely-worn Fitflops that I don't find comfy and only wear flip flops if the temperature is over 25 degrees ! Me and hot weather just do not work, unless I'm on the beach of course!

  3. @Petunia: Hey, maybe we'll make our own prototype, eh? Neccessity being the mother of invention and all that ;-)

    @Blue Sky: Lol! I seriously can't even put them on! I tried, really tried to put themon in a shop last year. I did it but was nearly hyperventilating! I suddenly got how are kids feel about toe nail cutting or seams in socks!

    Thanks for your comments ;-)

    xx Jazzy

  4. The non thongs do seem to be trying to out-lesbian Birkenstock.
    You could try Geox? They do lovely wedges that you can run in (well I can)

  5. Yes, their design teams could definitely do better in that area!

  6. Does that mean you're going to give up your green crocs?!? Please say never! ;)

    My daughter gets cheap flip-flops and then gets poofy flowery barrettes and attaches them to the top of the flip-flop. She's going to be a designer!!!

  7. Totally agree! I have dowdy alternative fit-flops which are very comfortable but, as you say, no bling. Mu mum came out for a visit this week and I asked for fit-flops (intending to make a real efforet with the thong) but she didn't understand and bought thin-soled flip-flops instesd. Lots of bling but no support - they're going back.

  8. @Hammie:Hahaha...yes, they do! But... are Geox wedges tone-ups?? See, I'm standing up for all us non-toe-thongers who want cool and trendy tone-ups with a bit of bling! I cannot axcept that it's not possible!

    @Tanya Savko: Thank you for agreeing!

    @Lizbeth: Don't mention the green crocs! Mind you they're still here.

    Right...that's your daughter roped in on our design team!!

    @Midlife Singlemum: Yay!! Another one on my side!!'re right to send them back! You know you can get gel thingies to put between your toes (even typing that gives me the heebie-jeebies!!) to help make them more comfortable?

    Thanks for your comments ladies!:-)


  9. Here flip flops are called Klip Klaps which always makes me laugh! I completely agree with you about the toepost, so uncomfortable, but some of those other shoes - especially the red ones... yuk! Emma :)

  10. What drives me crazy are the blinged out flip flops in the Victoria's Secret catalog that cost 50-80 dollars!

  11. YES!!! I'm so with you on this! I can't tolerate flipflops between my toes, but they're so cute. Sigh.

  12. @Emma: Klip klaps...that is hilarious! Yes, they're pretty ugly, aren't they? I do hope some fitflops designer is reading..... hint hint!

    @Kristy: Wow, that is expensive. Fiflops in Ireland cost about €100 which is approx US$140!! How mad is that?? And no-one is spending money here. So they say....

    @Apples and Autobots: Excellent!! Another one who agrees with me!

    I tell ya, I'm on to something here...I just know it;-)

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  13. Hilarious. Count me in too; I desperately need blingifying. I have struggled with flipflops with those things between your toes for years and have resorted to wearing boring safe sandals.

  14. @Deb @ aspieinthefamily: And another one! EXCELLENT!

    Thanks so much for commenting :-)

    xx Jazzy

  15. Sorry hun I'm on the other side!! However I'm right with you against the ugly alternatives......something I've never noticed before but will probably see everywhere! Hoping someone takes you up on the offer of trying out some blingified nice ones :)

  16. @ mum in meltdown: Hey! That's perfectly ok! I am so glad that you can wear them, I'd love to but can't. They are very, very popular but now you too can see the point I'm trying to make so thank you:-)

    Thanks for commenting hun:-)

    xx Jazzy


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