Bank Holiday Bonanza

Summer Time and the livin' is..... hectic! As we stumble through each day trying to think of things to do and places to go to provide an active 11 year old, with alternatives to spending all his time on xbox or wandering aimlessly around the house, declaring to anyone who will listen, how 'soooo bored'' he is.

It cannot be said,  by any stretch of the imagination,  that this summer is evocative of the long, hazy days of sunshine of our youths. Or perhaps our memories are being a tad selective? Anyway, it's summer.... it's here..... get used to it! Up and at 'em people.....c'mon, find stuff to do!

At least, that's been my attitude to date, but it can be exhausting actually doing the stuff that I come up with!

Thankfully, although WiiBoy loves spending time on xbox, he is usually quite open to alternative, attractive suggestions. And it's with that attitude we began our Bank Holiday Weekend...

FRIDAY: Recession-Busting Day Out in Dublin.

This involved a last minute decision to get the Dart into town to pay a visit to our Natural History Museum in Merrion Square. Also wittily known as the Dead Zoo! With lots of stuffed animals and birds, bugs and bees and no admission charge,  this was of great interest to WiiBoy. He totally enjoyed it!

I enjoyed it too, but I avoided the bugs and bees bits....ugghh!

We had decided that we'd meet Mr Jazzy after work for tea so we now had some time on our hands and we were hungry. Despite the gathering rainclouds we headed to St Stephen's Green,dancing between the first tentative raindrops as we went, and had our free picnic of popcorn and chocolate on a bench near the fountains and Gazebos. We were soon surrounded by some hungry guests who joined us in our feast..

One guy was really hungry, and none too shy, as was prepared to go to any lengths to get to the spoils..


We whiled away a pleasant hour in this fashion, with WiiBoy totally enthralled. Two more hours to fill though. What to do?

We went through the park to Grafton Street where I was dragged into a couple of mobile phone shops! Then we spotted Ireland's first Disney Store, only open 7 weeks! So in we went and met our Greeter friend who I just remembered worked there, and he gave us some store advice. WiiBoy spent his pocket money and got himself a bargain! I fell in love with the Dublin Mickey Mouse in his little green bag and the Dublin Mickey Mouse mug but alas, I had to leave without them!

We finally tumbled out into the by now sun filled street, just in time for some witty, entertaining street theatre from a very funny guy who juggled. With fire. And a very sharp knife. Whilst riding a unicycle!! Enter: Tremendous Trevor...

                                             The Man Who Played With Fire

The unicycle bit was at the end of the act and there was quite a funny repertoire building up to that point. He needed some help from someone in the audience though. A nice helpful child, with previous stage experience would be nice! You'll never guess who got to help!

Oh, my heart was in my mouth as WiiBoy 'minded' the (unlit...thank goodness!) torches and the very sharp knife, for what seemed like an eternity! I needn't worry though, as Tremendous Trevor kindly reassured me.... 'if your child is injured, don't worry... I will personally help you... to make a new one'!!!

It is a long video clip but it's funny watching WiiBoy! I'm a nervous wreck watching as he tires of holding the items and restlessly toys with them, and my heart is positively in my mouth when Trevor asks him to 'toss the knife' up to him!! So, you might therefore forgive the mad woman laugh, born of nervousness, that you hear in the background!

Well, after the fun and laughter of this act it was time to meet Mr Jazzy! Now, at this point we could have just gone to Mc Donalds or Burger King for a real low cost tea but..well...they don't sell wine! But TGI Friday's do, so we went there  instead! There you you can get  Beers for only €4 a pint and a large glass of House White for about €4.60, free child re-fills and 2 courses for €15... which makes this very good value indeed.

A very tired threesome subsequently made their way home on the DART...


After Friday's exertions we spent this day lazing about but I did manage to drag WiiBoy out for a walk later on in the day. It was on this walk that we met his friend with whom he had a falling out last year. We have no idea what it was about but all difficulties were put aside and they chatted as if they'd seen each other only yesterday!

This made WiiBoy very happy as his friend calls over every day now and he's no longer 'sooo bored'! This is great news but I will have to monitor to avoid any problems ;-)


I followed through on my plan  from my One Night Only post and we went back to the Druids Glen Hotel to lounge in the pool for 2/3 hours whilst Mr Jazzy played golf.

We had to get up at some unearthly hour to get there on time but it was so worth it! A huge success. WiiBoy LOVED the pool and wants to go every week! It was only €15 for a day pass which makes it very good value compared to €11.50 for 40 minutes in our local pool.

And, being a 5 star hotel there was free fruit on offer on the way out! In such good form was WiiBoy that  he ate, for the first time ever.....a whole banana....AND some grapes!

We are SO going there every week!


Another lazy day on Monday with an impromptu play in his best friend's house followed by a Barbecue for WiiBoy and grocery shopping and a visit to my mam for me!

And so ends our Bank Holiday Weekend, with smiles all round :-)

Whatever we're doing this summer seems to be working and interspersing active days with resting ones seems to be a very good idea.

Coming up with ideas and carrying them through can be tiring but the effects on WiiBoy are amazing.

Anytime we go somewhere that's to his liking his mood is lifted, he's full of chat, animated,  in fantastic form...... and open to trying new foods!

So worth the effort :-)

I may plod on with my Summer Bucket List so.

I wonder where we'll go next.....



  1. My DD still has nursery until next Tuesday. Then I have 3 weeks to fill in weather too hot to move in. I'm dreading it! I look ofrward tot he days when she'll be old enough to do museums etc...

  2. We are exactly the same last post was very similar!! We are heading off now for a few days now to my MIL's caravan.......not very exotic but a few days away none the less. However, that still leaves lots of time to fill when we get back!! I think I'm more exhausted in the hols than when they are at school!! LOL xx

    PS love the look of the Natural history museum, my boys would love it there :)

  3. I love that the Natural History Museum is called the Dead Zoo. I love that!!! I'm glad you guys are enjoying the summer (hopefully it will warm up?) and getting out and about---and that Wiiboy is responding so well. That's great!

  4. @Midlife Singlemum:Only 3 weeks holidays to fill?? Oh, joy! We have 8 weeks...8 weeks!! In no time at all you'll be bringing her to museums etc;-)

    @mum in meltdown: I know the feeling! I'm still trying to get used to the holiday routine! Enjoy your little break away, I hope the sun shines for you! I'm on my way to check out your blog in a mo;-)

    @Lizbeth: Lol... funny, isn't it?! Irish/Dublin wit ;-) yes, we really are having a great excluded!

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  5. Lol at the pigeons :) Also well done to Wiiboy for HIS performance on Grafton Street, very impressive. And glad we were able to help with the summer bucket list today xx

  6. I am so sad that the summer fun is kinda over for us. I am back to work now. :(

  7. @Blue Sky: Thanks! And we enjoyed your company on one of outr fact you can join us on more:-)

    @Kristy: Aww..that's short! We have a few weeks to go yet.

    Thanks for your comments:-)

    xx Jazzy


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