The Dream.....

I've spent a lot of  time this summer trying to get WiiBoy to just go out and play. You know, outside, where all the other kids are playing, on their bikes, on the green, looking at bugs in their gardens or just hanging out. You know, the regular stuff that regular kids do.

WiiBoy is a home boy. Happy to stay here and play on the xbox, and bounce on the trampoline when I absolutely insist he go outside and get some air and exercise. I've made a concerted effort to do things and go places wth him every other day but it's exhausting! Sometimes I just want to hang out at home too. But hanging out at home means extended xbox play. That said there have been no XboxWars this summer,  not really and I'm very proud of him for that. He has also befriended a friend he fell out with last year and they've played a lot together. Outside play still involves the trampoline.....  and nerf guns! They take turns at shooting the sponge bullets at each other when on the trampoline. It looks like great fun!

But when he's alone at home I often ask him, in desperate tones, to just go outside and play! Anywhere. Go to the green, I tell him, you never know who you'll meet. He's just not interested. I tell him how as kids we were sent outside and not let back in 'til meal times! Nah, still not bothered by my hard luck story!

Then last night I had a dream, an awful dream. A dream I actually woke myself up from it was so awful.

I dreamed that WiiBoy did go out to play. he went to a green, or somewhere away from the house.

And he didn't come back.

A week later there was still no sign of him.

It was one of those dreams where things happened slowly and no matter how hard I tried somethings were impossible to achieve.

I was, of course, worried sick about him but I wasn't out walking the streets looking for him. We didn't call the police for a few days and I was upset about that, I recall. I think I was waiting to hear from him.

He had his phone with him you see, I always insist he carries it in real life, in case someone runs away with him! And I  have to remind him to switch the damn thing on.

In the dream he phoned or texted us, he said he was fine and didn't want to come home. So unlike our home boy.

I was feeling increasingly uncomfortable and upset in this dream and had a feeling of imminent doom. Something really bad was going to happen. In fact, so strong was this feeling that I may have even made myself dream that he texted us. I definitely made myself wake up.

I have not been able to get this dream out of my head all day.

What does it mean?

I'm an avid reader and my genre of choice is psychological thrillers. I devour them. Can't get enough of them. I had just started reading Michael Connelly's latest The Reversal last night, but was only one chapter in. A child was abducted and killed in this book. In more recent books I've read children were abducted and some of them showed up months later. I think that's the feeling I had in my dream. Or it's a feeling I made myself feel... he's going to come back.

Maybe my psychological thriller addiction is why I had this dream.

Maybe my psychological fear/dread/excitement take your pick over his impending Teendom and an unconcious fear of losing my little boy was the reason behind the dream.

Or maybe it was just a dream.

 An awful dream.

It's okay son, you don't have to go outside and play after all.


Blog Gems: Air Your Archives #20: Change

It's been a while since I've joined in my pal Jen's Blog Gems over at the King and Eye and I'm delighted to join in with this fortnight's linky, which is being hosted by Varda over at The Squashed Bologna.  Ya still with me? Good!

This is what Jen says about Blog Gems:

How many posts do you have languishing in your archives? Great posts that will never be dusted off and brought out to breathe again! Maybe you created fabulous content before you had lots of followers, or maybe you have been blogging for years and your current followers haven't seen your older material.

Blog Gems - Air Your Archives is a fortnightly linky list where we will give a prompt and you select a post from your archives that fits the prompt. You do not have to create content for the prompt, unless you want to. All you have to do is copy and paste the url of the post into the linky list. Voila, an old post gets a second shot!

This fortnight's theme is 'Change'

 For my entry I've chosen a post written last year, just before my WiiBoy's 11th birthday, about his voice and the changes I was noticing in him....

 The Sound of his Voice

It's kind of poignant right now as I anticipate another change in his voice in the next year or so..... *Gulp*

Pop over to The Squashed Bologna to enter your archived post!


My Teenage Crush....

It was 34 years ago today that Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll died in a most humiliating way. In a way that of course,  my WiiBoy finds absolutely hilarious!

I must admit that due to the passing of time my addled memory didn't remember the anniversary until I saw it on twitter. Although that could also be due to school holiday bedlam that is my life at present. I mean, I don't even know what day of the week it is mostly let alone the date...or the month. Hell, I barely remember my own name these days!

But I do remember that day, 34 years ago. The day that I woke up to the most devastating news ever in my 15 short years on this planet! I thought my entire world had ended that morning. I remember going outside, hanging out with the gang on the road. We were all shocked, but I  was devastated. I cried for two days!!

Are you shocked at my admission? Are you slowly backing away from your laptop, frantically searching for the 'unfollow this weirdo's blog NOW' button in shocked amazement? Not yet? Well hang around then, there's more....

Most teenagers have crushes on boys. I did too but I was a shy teenager then and I was kind of afraid of boys! I did, kind of, have a boyfriend at the time but I was besotted with Elvis Presley....I swooned over him  and talked about him constantly! My area of special interest you might say ;-)

I can't believe I'm admitting to this but I collected every photo, fact or newspaper item on The King that I could find! A girl across the road from me was equally besotted and she had some great photos too. We pooled our resources and made a.... wait for it.... a scrapbook!! We even had a carefully monitored joint custody over it! Hilarious, or what?! Well, it was a gentler pre-digital (no.. NOT pre-historic) time!!

I devoured anything I could get on him. I got Elvis LP's (remember them?) for Christmas presents. My brother got me a book all about the King's life that was my absolute most prized possession for many years. I must have read that book from cover to cover many, many times and digested every fact in it. It may even be still in my possession, somewhere.

Not only that but I even joined the official Elvis Presley fan club ( still exists!!) anxiously watching the post for the monthly little booklet that would come to my door!! Oh, the innocence! Before he died I dreamed of going to see him in concert in America when I was older and had a job!

I of course watched the Elvis Presley movies every time they were on. We only had a couple of TV stations back then and I think RTE showed a weekly Elvis movie?. Oh God, I now not only sound really old...I sound extremely demented! And there's more....

Let me qualify what I'm about to reveal, there was no YouTube back then. Ok? Just bear that in mind, right? *takes deep breath*.....

One Christmas my parents gave me a present of a tape recorder with a plug-in mic. We had great fun taping ourselves 'singing'. I soon found another more... ahem.... creative use for this device. You will NOT believe this but....Oh God I'm laughing here just thinking about this! I bought a load of blank tapes and every time an Elvis movie was on I would be found sitting right in front of the only TV screen in the house, poised with tape recorder and mic in hand waiting for the King to sing!! I had it down to a fine art and could correctly guess when he was about to do so. I had every song from every movie, together with some pre and post song dialogue on a collection of tapes that I listened to constantly! I bet if I watched an Elvis movie now I could repeat those lines as well as sing the songs!!

I can also admit to being particularly besotted with a particular Elvis movie with a the lead female with my name. Oh....swoonville as Elvis looked at her, danced with her and kissed her...all the time saying my name!! Ohhh....teenage bliss!!

Oh dear, how sad am I? And yet, still there's more...

Stupid RTE stupidly decided on some stupid whim to cancel regular showings of Elvis movies. I was horrified. How very dare they, I thought to myself and in a show of defiance, and perhaps my future bolshieness, I wrote a very strong letter to RTE asking them to reconsider!! They didn't, unfortunately!

So that's it. My teenage crush on Elvis Presley! I'm still a fan but not to the same extent, obviously! My brother also got me the Elvis Gold Collection CD a few years ago and although it's a treasured possession it's not on my iTouch. See... I have made the smooth transition into the digital era!

Does that restore your faith in me?

Are you slowly creeping back to your laptop and stepping away from that 'Unfollow..' button,  feeling safer in the knowledge that I have not truly lost the plot?

I do hope so!

'Cos I'm not that sad, not really. After all there are two Elvis songs being used in two TV advertisements at present and  I'm sure, if I try really hard, I might even remember some movie dialogue for them!!

Thanks twitter for plunging me back into my Elvis adulation era. I think! This truly has been a trip down memory lane!

I'll leave you with this YouTube (I really have moved on!) clip of Elvis singing King Creole....



Wordless Wednesday: Killiney Hill

                                                  Enya and Bono's Houses I believe?

                                                   Get back here NOW!


FitFlops Flop for non-Flip Floppers

Oh, how I enviously look upon those trendy people wearing their blingified trendy FitFlops every where I look..... in the park, queuing at the supermarket till or traveling through the Airport. How easily they can be worn to dress up or down an outfit.

Don't they look so good?

So trend setting?

So blingified?

That's all very well for those who like to flip flop in style but what if you're like me? What if you cannot wear Flip, or even Fit, Flops? What if you simply cannot abide things... or thongs... between your sensitive little tootsies? What then?

Oh, you have alternatives? Oh goody.... goody-two-shoes. Let's see, do you mean these....

Or these.....

 Or even (Good God) these....

Seriously? That's it? Come on Fitflop, surely you can offer us non-toe-thong wearers a better, more blingified alternative?

 It's not rocket science. You could still follow your trademark design of starting at the back of the shoe giving a deep V at the front you know. Instead of two bands going straight across you could have them crisscrossing .... and BLINGIFY them. For example, no.1 alternative could have been made nicer material with some bling attached. Ya don't gotta save all the jazzy material for thong toes folk ya know!

Why are us non-thong wearers subjected to boring, brown 'mammy' alternatives? Patent leather clogs really don't cut it with me either!

Any skechers tone ups  trend-setting marketeer reading needn't feel too smug either! Here's an example of your alternatives...
 Really? Is that the best you can do too? (Admittedly skechers do have some appealing non-tone up models on offer but it's tone ups/shape ups I'm interested in)

Seriously folks, I have been studying this since last summer and have also viewed this summer's offerings here in Ireland, and unfortunately I  can see no real differences. Except a €20 hike in prices for FitFlops that is.  Dear FitFlop: there is a recession on, in case you haven't noticed. 

I am totally fed up of going into numerous shops and being confronted with a wall-to-wall presentation of trendy flip flops with only a small section of slip-on footwear for non-thongers such as myself.

I know flip flops have been on trend for years, centuries even. And I'm not one to buck tradition, even if this does date back to the Egyptians and beyond and perhaps you think what's good enough for Tutankhamen should be good enough for me...

Personally speaking I think it is time for us non-toe-thong wearers to stand up and be counted, so to speak.

Are ye with me, or agin me???

Are you ready to stand up in your non-blingified non-toe-thongs and be counted?

Are you ready to join with me and say.... Blingify me?!

Seriously, I reckon that this is a definite opportunity for shoe manufacturers to fill a niche market. No one else is doing it.

If FitFlops, sketchers or ANY interested shoe manufacturers are reading I'd be more than happy to try out any prototype you have to offer and to review it here for all to read.

Just sayin' like!


Bank Holiday Bonanza

Summer Time and the livin' is..... hectic! As we stumble through each day trying to think of things to do and places to go to provide an active 11 year old, with alternatives to spending all his time on xbox or wandering aimlessly around the house, declaring to anyone who will listen, how 'soooo bored'' he is.

It cannot be said,  by any stretch of the imagination,  that this summer is evocative of the long, hazy days of sunshine of our youths. Or perhaps our memories are being a tad selective? Anyway, it's summer.... it's here..... get used to it! Up and at 'em people.....c'mon, find stuff to do!

At least, that's been my attitude to date, but it can be exhausting actually doing the stuff that I come up with!

Thankfully, although WiiBoy loves spending time on xbox, he is usually quite open to alternative, attractive suggestions. And it's with that attitude we began our Bank Holiday Weekend...

FRIDAY: Recession-Busting Day Out in Dublin.

This involved a last minute decision to get the Dart into town to pay a visit to our Natural History Museum in Merrion Square. Also wittily known as the Dead Zoo! With lots of stuffed animals and birds, bugs and bees and no admission charge,  this was of great interest to WiiBoy. He totally enjoyed it!

I enjoyed it too, but I avoided the bugs and bees bits....ugghh!

We had decided that we'd meet Mr Jazzy after work for tea so we now had some time on our hands and we were hungry. Despite the gathering rainclouds we headed to St Stephen's Green,dancing between the first tentative raindrops as we went, and had our free picnic of popcorn and chocolate on a bench near the fountains and Gazebos. We were soon surrounded by some hungry guests who joined us in our feast..

One guy was really hungry, and none too shy, as was prepared to go to any lengths to get to the spoils..


We whiled away a pleasant hour in this fashion, with WiiBoy totally enthralled. Two more hours to fill though. What to do?

We went through the park to Grafton Street where I was dragged into a couple of mobile phone shops! Then we spotted Ireland's first Disney Store, only open 7 weeks! So in we went and met our Greeter friend who I just remembered worked there, and he gave us some store advice. WiiBoy spent his pocket money and got himself a bargain! I fell in love with the Dublin Mickey Mouse in his little green bag and the Dublin Mickey Mouse mug but alas, I had to leave without them!

We finally tumbled out into the by now sun filled street, just in time for some witty, entertaining street theatre from a very funny guy who juggled. With fire. And a very sharp knife. Whilst riding a unicycle!! Enter: Tremendous Trevor...

                                             The Man Who Played With Fire

The unicycle bit was at the end of the act and there was quite a funny repertoire building up to that point. He needed some help from someone in the audience though. A nice helpful child, with previous stage experience would be nice! You'll never guess who got to help!

Oh, my heart was in my mouth as WiiBoy 'minded' the (unlit...thank goodness!) torches and the very sharp knife, for what seemed like an eternity! I needn't worry though, as Tremendous Trevor kindly reassured me.... 'if your child is injured, don't worry... I will personally help you... to make a new one'!!!

It is a long video clip but it's funny watching WiiBoy! I'm a nervous wreck watching as he tires of holding the items and restlessly toys with them, and my heart is positively in my mouth when Trevor asks him to 'toss the knife' up to him!! So, you might therefore forgive the mad woman laugh, born of nervousness, that you hear in the background!

Well, after the fun and laughter of this act it was time to meet Mr Jazzy! Now, at this point we could have just gone to Mc Donalds or Burger King for a real low cost tea but..well...they don't sell wine! But TGI Friday's do, so we went there  instead! There you you can get  Beers for only €4 a pint and a large glass of House White for about €4.60, free child re-fills and 2 courses for €15... which makes this very good value indeed.

A very tired threesome subsequently made their way home on the DART...


After Friday's exertions we spent this day lazing about but I did manage to drag WiiBoy out for a walk later on in the day. It was on this walk that we met his friend with whom he had a falling out last year. We have no idea what it was about but all difficulties were put aside and they chatted as if they'd seen each other only yesterday!

This made WiiBoy very happy as his friend calls over every day now and he's no longer 'sooo bored'! This is great news but I will have to monitor to avoid any problems ;-)


I followed through on my plan  from my One Night Only post and we went back to the Druids Glen Hotel to lounge in the pool for 2/3 hours whilst Mr Jazzy played golf.

We had to get up at some unearthly hour to get there on time but it was so worth it! A huge success. WiiBoy LOVED the pool and wants to go every week! It was only €15 for a day pass which makes it very good value compared to €11.50 for 40 minutes in our local pool.

And, being a 5 star hotel there was free fruit on offer on the way out! In such good form was WiiBoy that  he ate, for the first time ever.....a whole banana....AND some grapes!

We are SO going there every week!


Another lazy day on Monday with an impromptu play in his best friend's house followed by a Barbecue for WiiBoy and grocery shopping and a visit to my mam for me!

And so ends our Bank Holiday Weekend, with smiles all round :-)

Whatever we're doing this summer seems to be working and interspersing active days with resting ones seems to be a very good idea.

Coming up with ideas and carrying them through can be tiring but the effects on WiiBoy are amazing.

Anytime we go somewhere that's to his liking his mood is lifted, he's full of chat, animated,  in fantastic form...... and open to trying new foods!

So worth the effort :-)

I may plod on with my Summer Bucket List so.

I wonder where we'll go next.....