More Lazing in Lovely Lanzarote

We enjoyed last year's holiday in Lanzarote so much that we went back again this year. Besides, as I always say, familiarity breeds content!

I can't believe that it's 2 weeks since our return from holidays and that I'm only now getting around to posting on it! Of course, I did have an important post to get off my chest first ;-)

So here I am, 2 weeks later enjoying wallowing in glorious miserable sunny crappy Irish weather....but at least I have some lovely photos to look back on and remind me of how a summer should be! Staycation my backside. So, let me share some of our sunny photos with you in the hope that it'll cheer someone up!

Thanks to a fractured little toe we were given a lovely room close to a lift....which had the most amazing sea view. Can you just imagine waking up to this every morning or chilling out on the balcony to it every evening before dinner....

It was a relaxing holiday and lots of time was spent around the pool, hopping in and out of the water to cool down, reading books, sipping a lunchtime, thirst quenching cold Shandy/Beer and finishing off the day with a cold glass of wine before dinner. Oh, bliss!

But that was just me! Mr Jazzy doesn't 'do' poolside for long so he relaxed in his own way and both he and WiiBoy joined in with the daily pool/beach side activities!

As well as splashing in the pool WiiBoy really enjoyed, and became quite good at, Archery, rifle & pistol shooting (dear God!!) and.... Darts! In fact, he wants a Dart board for home. Hmmm....not going anywhere near any of my walls and doors!

We did some trips too. I brought him to a water-park over on Fuertaventura which involved a boat ride over...

He had a go on all the rides but particularly enjoyed the biggest one you can see at the back...

He had a splashing time......

....and even if I couldn't or wouldn't join him he did have some company for the first 30 minutes of constant dunking..... his mobile phone! The look of pure horror on his face that, as the first tear was forming and the first scream building up, that turned to pure joy, all in a matter of seconds, was priceless. He'd realised the possible outcome, you see. Purchase of the new vodafone smart phone he'd been hankering after!! From his own money, of course. Mr Jazzy believed the phone could be fixed. We humoured him and left it out to dry. In the hot, hot sun. For days. Then promptly bought a new one on our return home!

We spent a wonderful day at the nearby Rancho Texas, which is a zoo-cum-animal-show kind of place. We enjoyed the cute Seal Show, Parrot Show and the amazing Birds of Prey show where the huge birds flew right over our heads! So close that we instinctively ducked  as their talons almost touched our heads as they soared past! The photo included below is that of the biggest bird of prey, the Condor. I nearly crapped myself as it flew right over my head!!

However, the most wonderful photos I took that day were of the newly born and very rare baby, white tiger! Seriously, how cute is this...

Isn't he simply adorable?

We had a lovely time although 14 days is just that little bit too long for us so,if we're lucky enough to go abroad again next year it we'll revert to our usual 10 or 12 days.

Of course, it's been hectic since our return with hospital appointments, a protest march and a week long summer camp! We will be getting back to normal, whatever that is, from this week which we face with no planned activities and 6 weeks to go of the school holidays. Six weeks of  XboxWars and Battle of the holiday Bulge....sigh!

We face the long, not-so-hot, summer of discontent!

Unless of course, I come up with an activity list.

A, kind of..... Summer Bucket List.

Hmmm.... wonder what I can include on it?