Our Northern Expedition

Mr Jazzy was playing golf  two days ago, near the border with Northern Ireland and had a fantastic idea. He suggested that we come with him and take a 30 minute trip to go shopping in Newry whilst he played golf . I procrastinated said YES.... are we there yet?.... are we there yet? And off we went.

Well, actually we started the day with me making an early morning detour to the Doctor, with an action plan for finally getting this cough from hell sorted out. Doctor agreed and gave me necessary letters but I subsequently bypassed A & E, didn't collect (or pay) €200 and then... off we went. Well, there was shopping to be done. Priorities, you see.

I got some excellent advice from some twitter pals and had a vague plan in mind. Mr Jazzy printed off directions to Newry and passed over the car keys..... and  the credit card! Mwhahahahaha! So excited was I that I didn't take much notice of what my husband was wearing. (Note: This is important.)

I took off on a beautiful journey, with WiiBoy as my excellent navigator, constantly carefully calling out directions as we went!  It was such a beautiful drive and we took some photos  as we passed through Carlingford.

As we approached Newry I decided to throw caution to the wind and head for an unplanned destination.... The Outlet at Banbridge. There would have to be really good deals there, right? Sure I'd practically be saving money, right? So, I tossed aside the directions and bravely found my own way there. I guess ten years on the road finding directions is a skill you never lose. I did go wrong a couple of times but instincts kicked in and I realised immediately each time.

Banbridge was great (so long as you get used to the  bizarre smell of manure?)! Lots of deals and 'savings' to be made here. If I keep saying that I might eventually believe my own rhetoric.

Before I go any further, take a look at this photo of WiiBoy in Banbridge.....

See the clothes he's wearing? Stupid Santa not only brought stupid xboxlive into our house last Christmas.... he also included a stupid and very comfty Call of Duty (game not included) T shirt. Which I subsequently and stupidly teemed up with equally comfty matching trackkie bottoms. As a result this outfit  is never off the child's back. Well, almost never, I do get to wash them once a week. Twice if I'm lucky and really quick.

He has also grown out of a lot of his clothes and summer holidays are beckoning. I hoped that by bringing him shopping with me, although the thoughts of that were not pleasant ones, and allowing him to be involved in choosing his own clothes might ultimately make it more likely that he would vary somewhat in his choice of attire......  on some days at least!

WiiBoy does not 'do' shopping. However he's old and mature enough now that I can let him go into certain shops on his own armed with his mobile phone and a myriad of instructions.... do NOT leave the shop alone OR with anyone else..... No matter what a stranger may tell you I will NOT have told him/her to bring you to me.....  the stranger does NOT have sweets/toys/animals/xbox paraphernalia outside and......  if the stranger says he/she needs your help with his/her injured mother/child/Animal/Halo Reach Character then shout out loudly/run screaming to the nearest shop assistant! Plus I continually pop in and out to him. Phew!

Anyways, it works. I quickly scanned the Nike shop then went back to the toy shop where he was sitting patiently on the floor admiring the toy he wanted! I bought the bribe toy and we headed back to Nike shop! He very patiently tried on lots of different long/short shorts and T Shirts... all in comfty material and colours other than stupid black! He also got new trainers ( only £20!) which he needed!

Now, I know I was only there to shop for him really but, you see, there kinda was an M & S outlet store there  with some little things that I kinda needed too. I had quickly scanned there too, in between pop backs to the toy shop, and knew exactly what I wanted to try on so WiiBoy came with me. There is NOTHING like having an ASD/Aspie kid for telling you what looks good...or not... on you! Honestly, he's brilliant and.... well.... honest! Funny too... 'so glad you weren't trying on any bras, mum', he told me as we exited the dressing room!!

Oh, and there was kinda a shoe shop there too....and I kinda needed shoes. So I kinda bought some (more about the shoe style in a later post.) Whilst buying said shoes (and two Christmas presents.... never one to miss an opportunity, me!) I had a  kinda full-on-out-of-the-blue MEGA coughing fit. I quickly dumped everything, including child and bags and sat outside coughing, spewing and snotting in  an eye-watering, gasping episode. Oh, how typical and embarrassing. The very understanding and exceptionally nice sales assistant patiently waited for me to return to semi-normality. The sales staff are so lovely in Newry/Banbridge in general, I must say.

We finished up shortly after and headed back on the motorway for a quick stop off in Newry on the way back to collect Mr Jazzy. I will always be eternally grateful that I had that humongous coughing fit in the shopping mall and not whilst driving. Scary thought.....

We got to the golf club and relaxed looking out at the  beautiful scenery. We were, as it were, sitting in the 19th looking out at the 18th hole.

 Wouldn't it be great to get a photo of daddy hitting the last ball in, I thought? Yes, it was agreed that would be a very good idea indeed, so I did.....

..... except, I didn't really. It wasn't Mr Jazzy at all! As WiiBoy so succinctly puts it..... 'you took a picture of a randomer, mum.'

Oops! Knew I should have taken more notice of what he was wearing!!

A very tired yet happy threesome made the journey home again after a lovely day out. I know we had a lovely time because WiiBoy said so.... thank you mum, I had a lovely day. That was so good to hear and I thanked him for his help and told him that I enjoyed his great company for the day too:-)

And now all we have to do is face the credit card bill!!



  1. how simply beautiful
    glad you had a great break
    your son is a cutie
    loved the comment about Mr Randomer

  2. Ha-ha, "randomer"! As for shopping with an autie - they are all different don't ya know! Mine sighs with resignation "it is lovely, mam, when are we going to the toy shop?"

  3. Sounds like a fabulous day, and the scenery is just gorgeous! Emma :)

  4. @k-floortime lite mama: Thanks! yes, he is a cutie... AND a little monkey too! Wouldn't be without him though:-)

    @Truf: Lol!Well, I do get that too...straight after the honest evaluation! I would ask him rather than Mr Jazzy to help me choose between two outfits!

    @Emma: Thanks... it was a fantastic day. I thought there would be problems with all that shopping but there wasn't. he's getting so grown up:-)

    Thanks for your comments ;-)

    xx Jazzy

  5. It sounds like you had a great time. I love Newry for shopping. And sure you were actually saving money buying in the north!

  6. I love it! And he's glad you weren't buying bras--what a cutie! And you took a pic of a randomer--I think I love your son!

  7. You live in a beautiful place! Sounds like you both had a good time.

  8. For a boy who doesn't 'do' shopping, Wiiboy did great :) And how long do we have to wait for the post about the shoes? A little bit of shoe porn always cheer me up xx

  9. @mum of all trades: I was, wasn't I?! I'd go back too! I must check the Kildare Outlet down here also... when the credit card has recovered!

    @Lizbeth: Thanks.... he's the best, isn't he?! He IS really great company these days and easy to bring anywhere once I include stuff he likes too ;-)

    @Christy: We did indeed!

    @Looking for Blue Sky: He was fantastic! Much better than I expected. Oh, don't be too excited....I have a different angle entirely and shoe porn it ain't. Unfortunately! Wish I could wear those gorgeous shoes I see everywhere I go.... *sigh*

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  10. Sounds a great day I'm impressed with your shopping with kids skills!!! can't wait to see the shoes too. So love that you took a picture of a 'randomer'....something I would totally do LOL
    Love your pics to your boy is a cutie x

  11. HAHAHAHAHA! loved that your boy was glad you weren't trying on bra's! He really is so very funny. I have to ask-did he say this loud enough for others to hear? :)
    I'm glad that you had a lovely day. BTW-I say the same exact things to my kids about strangers asking for help..in fact I believe that I say it in the same exact way and the same exact manner..:)
    I hope that Wiiboys new clothes are comfortable enough for him to change out of his current fashion choice..

  12. @mum in meltdown: Thank you... it's hit and miss but we all find our way of coping with shopping and so what if there's a bribe or 10!! Glad I'm not alone in taking pictures of randomers!

    @Kathleen: Yes, he did say it loud enough but thankfully there weren't that many around to hear! And thankfully they couldn't hear his 'whhoo..whooo' every time I took off a top either!! hehe...glad you say in same manner too!
    The new clothes choice seem to be working alright....still wear 'favourite clothes' after school though. Have a nice pic for next post... coming soon:-)

    @Kristy: Hehe... I know, he's gas! 'So random, mum' is the new hip phrase for 11 yos here and I guess that he got the change in use grammatically correct. Not bad for an ASD kid, eh ;-)

    Thanks for your comments ;-)

    xx Jazzy


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