My Secret Date....

While Mr Jazzy enjoys some time away with his golfing friends I decided that I needed some fun time too and that perhaps an evening out might be a welcome distraction to make the time pass by more quickly.

An evening out in the warm ambience of a nice restaurant with lovely food, scintillating conversation and very pleasurable company would definitely be the order of the day. A date as it were. Well, while the cat's away and all that...

We made plans for this evening out, my date and I, before Mr Jazzy had even departed and spent yesterday in excited anticipation of our forthcoming local liason.

We left the house together, my date and I.... he having helped me chose what outfit to wear with his honest and forthright appraisal... to leisurely stroll hand-in-hand to our local Chinese restaurant discussing in detail what we would order from the menu.

We arrived at the restaurant and saw from the menu that this year they celebrate 11 years of being in business in our village and I pondered on that.

I recalled the first time my date and I had come here all those years ago and on some occasions since...

I looked over at the table where we usually dined and saw the corner he usually sat in...

Then I looked over at the lamp that my date was usually so enamoured of that he would leave my company everytime just to go and examine it ...

Of course the corner he usually sat in was because he was usually asleep in his buggy and the lamp he was so fascinated by has an intricate water feature attached!

Yes, my date for the evening was my fabulous 11 year old son, WiiBoy and what a lovely evening we both had!

We very capably and politely gave our rather detailed order to the waitress and were even open to some compromise when our request was not able to be fully met.

We shared  well, mostly shared the complimentary prawn crackers and tasted each other's starters.

We  devoured enjoyed our main courses accompanied by a coke and one glass of wine. The latter being for me, of course!

He enjoyed his  ice-cream and a cup of my Jasmine Tea to finish.

Some scintiallating conversations were threaded through all these courses as we discussed all manner of things...

For example we discussed negative equity, enzymes, how saliva 'that's spit, mum' breaks down your food, cheating on school tests (he didn't) apologising for a little transgression 'sorry mum, I really needed to do that fart ' and his hopes for his working future....

Apparently the latter ambition is to be a 'CEO of an Incorpration'.... a 'Games Incorparation', of course. You didn't really have to ask that question, did you? However, we also want to make our own games so we wondered if CEO's get to do that. I explained that he would probably start by inventing the games himself and would then eventually become CEO of his own company and hire others to do it for him.

We talked about how he might achieve these lofty game-invention aims. Although he sees lots of improvements he could make to Halo games he would much prefer to invent his own ones. I suggested that he might like to start by planning his game on paper, like he would say, an essay and that maybe that could be a project for summer holidays? He quite liked that idea as did I ;-)

After a very pleasant meal we began  our stroll home. As we strolled I pondered on the long and sometimes very arduous journey we have travelled in order to arrive at this point in time. It is becoming obvious to me from my recent posts that my WiiBoy is growing up to be a fine young man. As he approaches his teenage years I am pausing to acknowledge this journey he has taken, the fabulous company he is to be with and to publicly declare how proud of him I am.

As we walk I am serenaded by his lovely voice as he sings a line or two from one of his favourite songs  ..... 'I'm your Venus...I'm your fire'

Except the word he sings isn't Venus... it just rhymes with it.

Which serves as a timely reminder of the 11 year old hilarious young boy that my WiiBoy still is!



  1. Fabulous post...what a wonderful evening. On one hand he reminds me so much of my Sam (games design etc.) on the other my Oscar ( I'm your..Venus? was it?) He has come so very far and accomplished so very much..I feel as if I have watched so much of it..I so want to say-wow, it seems like yesterday when he wanted to try broccoli-now look at him. He's a wonderful kid your wiiboy. Thanks for sharing him with us. :)

  2. I love this so very much. Everything from your conversation to the song lyrics to the fact that you genuinely enjoyed his company. I think that's pretty awesome.

  3. Great minds think alike Jazzy! I have just arranged a date with aspie boy as my birthday outing :) So glad you had a good time, it sounds like he is becoming a lovely companion xx

  4. What a great evening. I dream of dates in the future when my daughter is old enough to behave and converse in sentences of more than four words.

  5. Sounds a great date!! LOL at the farting and the rymes with 'venus' song :)
    Totally made me chuckle....glad you both had a great time! x

  6. @Kathleen: I am SO thrilled with our meal out! I just knew you'd enjoy this post and I'm enjoying reading about your 'adventures' too! Yes, I reckon WiiBoy is a mixture of both your boys and yes he did use the word you're thinking of (begins with P!)!!

    @Alysia: You know, I think it was pretty awesome too! It was such a success :-)

    @Looking for Blue Sky: Ooh.. can't wait to hear about your adventure! Didn't realise it was your birthday? Happy birthday hon :-)

    @Midlife Singlemum: Keep dreaming... it takes a while. Actually, it takes a LONG time but dreams finally come true!

    @Casdok: the ABSOLUTE perfect date ;-)

    Thank you all for your comments :-)

    Note: Most of you know the journey we've been on but some of you don't. I didn't want to 'spoil' this post by specifying the difficulties we've had but this night out was something I never thought would be possible. When he was younger I'd avoid bringing him shopping with me and we would limit eating out. It was a nightmare because of his behaviour and the fact that he didn't eat. It was nightmare because of his Autism. But look at him now.... just look at him! I really am so proud :-)

    xx Jazzy

  7. What a perfect date. Smart, handsome AND funny! XXX

  8. Oh your Wiiboy does make me laugh :) Sounds like the perfect night out was had by both of you xxx

  9. What a charming young man you have!

  10. @ Mum in Meltdown: Glad you enjoyed and had a giggle!

    @Jean: Thanks. I know I'm biased but yes, he IS all of those things :-)

    @Petunia: Thanks... glad he made you laugh too!

    @Apples and Autobots: Thank you. He can be both charming and monstrous in equal measure! So glad I took the charming boy out that night!

    Thank you for your comments :-)

  11. What a lovely young man. And pausing to fart, that never gets old. I love your WiiBoy.

  12. @Lizbeth: Thanks!! Isn't he fabulous??! Ok... I'm gushing now, I know!!

    Thanks for comment :-)

    xx Jazzy

  13. What a lovely evening. Doesn't it show how quickly are little boys turn into men!

  14. Oh, I love it, I love it. Great post about your son. One to treasure forever. His personality is priceless!

  15. @Mammy Dolittle: It sure does! Where has the time gone too?

    @Kristy: Thanks! Oh, he really makes me laugh! Every day! I know it's ridiculous but I keep reading this post again and again and want to pinch myself to make sure I didn't dream it!

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  16. Now, that is a very nice post! And very touching.

    Is there something about mothers and sons going out together for a meal? I have always enjoyed going out with my son since he reached his teens, and now, at the age of 28, he is such great company!... You have a winner here!

  17. Fantastic post. What a wonderful idea to go out with your son (must remember that for the future) and I love how you end with his rhyme. Its just the sort of thing my son does.

  18. @Deb @ Thank you..really appreciate your comment! Well, if your son says similar things it bodes well for a similar succesful restaurant trip in the near future ;-)

    xx jazzy

  19. @Nan P: Sorry... thought OI had replied to you before! I did, in my head! I do hope there IS something about mother and sons and restaurants...and that we still enjoy it when WiiBoy is 28!! Gosh... there's a thought... I'll be a lot older then...yikes!!

    It's really good that you get to do this with your son Nan :-)

    xx jazzy

  20. hey jazzy dec here that is an amazing blog .yes mark is a thorough gentleman now question did he foot the bill lol glad you enjoyed it dec xx

  21. @Anonymous: Thanks, no he didn't pay any bill!!

    Thanks for your comment :-)

    xx Jazzy


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