Jedward Mania

 'I'm John, he's Edward and together we're Jedward

That's the introductory line for Ireland's latest craze , Jedward. The be-quiffed duo that we have just unleashed on an  unsuspecting Europe for Eurovision 2011. Let's just call it Pay-Back for Bail-Out... or Just Desserts :-) This introductory line is delivered at warp speed . Much faster than I can type, or any interpreter could possibly interpret. God help them is all I'll say!

Since they hit our TV screens in XFactor 2009, Jedward have made a name for themselves. Whether that is a good or a  bad thing is largely irrelevant. Everyone in Ireland and the UK know who they are and besides, as the saying goes, there's no such thing as bad publicity. That's a lie, there is!

Who can ever forget, no matter how hard we try, those XFactor performances? Oh, the hilarity! How we laughed! At home, at work and  at play on Social Media sites etc! And how some people cruelly mocked them. They are only young lads but they did put themselves out there at the public's mercy and the public, frustrated as they were at the good acts who were displaced by them week after week, showed them no mercy at all.

Some said that this duo, as that old ad goes, 'can't sing, look awful and will go a long way.' In reality they really can't sing, they look quite good actually and they are indeed going places!They prance dance about the stage with boundless energy and they give interviews where they are hyper and talk incessantly over each other with  an affected faux American accent. They are incredibly, irritatingly, annoyingly...... addictive!

Mock as you will but can anyone remember who actually won  XFactor in 2009? It was Joe McElderry. Where is he now? Is he out there performing,  entertaining? He is indeed, per his website but it seems very low key to me. Meanwhile The bould Jedward are out there working their asses off with  ahem  their own unique style of entertainment!

They've had TV appearances on The Late Late Show plus their unforgettable appeance on Vincent Browne's very first Friday Late Show. For foreign readers the former is a weekly chat show and the latter is a lighter by-product of a 5 nightly Current Affairs programme! We all laughed so much when we heard they were to be one of his first guests! What is he thinking? I'm sure he wondered too...after the event. It was absolutely hilarious. Best TV ever... especially when watched via the twitter stream! Very entertaining as they tripped up over questions and started throwing cushions at their bewildered host....cue ad break! It may have been entertaining for all the wrong reasons but it was entertaining. In fact it was by far the most entertaining episode of that show to date, in my opinion.

They talked about their preparations for the Eurovision and trotted out their usual lines of how they're gonna stay focused and it'll be amazing and awesome  .....groan! They also said that were going to drink water, eat fruit, go to bed early and give loads of interviews. They always make time for their fans too. Irritating? Annoying? Or perhaps ..... surprisingly  good role models for teens to aspire to? There are worse they could emulate, you know ;-)

They are well ensconced in Dusseldorf now and are busy with rehearsals and giving interviews in preparation for their Eurovision performance this week. Thier first interview was in Russian... like I say, God help the interpreters! There is some relef for the beleagured interpreters though as it is reported that Jedward have been banned from speaking due to John's vocal issues.

I watched a video of one of their interviews, all 20 minutes of it... for research purposes only, doncha know. Initially it's hard to know who's hosting the interview as they have total control. They're bright eyed and bushy tailed, polite, obliging and funny. Well, everyone's laughing anyway. At them or with them, it's hard to tell! They conclude by very obligingly giving an unaccompanied rendition of their Eurovision entry song. All of it! And yeah... I did say unaccompanied! Eeek...

When their song was initially chosen to represent us it was greeted with the usual mixture of euphoria by the few versus incredulity and annoyance by many.

My first tweet on the event read:  We once sent one Turkey to represent us, now we're sending two!

We may laugh and mock them all we like but I am seeing Jedward in another light these days. These two 'Turkeys'  are two very astute young men who are genuinely focused on their goals (all that Athletic Training and competetive edge coming into play) and are no doubt laughing right back at us.... all the way to the bank. At least, I hope they are! They are no doubt taking Europe by storm!

Ireland has won The Eurovision 7 times but due to bloc voting we will never win again. We could strip naked, perform amazing dance routines or (as Mr Jazzy says) dig Elvis Presley himself up and it would make absolutely no difference! The only chance we have is to annually, enmasse, take a weekend break in specific European countries at Eurovision time and vote from there! Perhaps this year Ireland's emigration woes, together with last year's  voting changes, may have a positive impact!

Is winning Eurovision a positive thing though? Who in Europe, apart from our emigrees, will vote for poor beleagured Ireland? Or maybe allowing us to win would be Europe's revenge on us for sending them Jedward! They could gleefully rub their hands thinking of another over-charged bail-out they could force upon us to help us host next year's extravaganza!

If internet searches are anything to go by then by this report they could be favourite to win. Elsewhere there are a lot of conflicting reports and the reported favourites change! I haven't seen any other acts as I'm waiting for the semi-finals.

First things first, Jedward have to get through to the Final on Saturday 14th May and  after checking out a video of their second Eurovision rehearsal it's evident that they have some way to go vocally!  Bad pitch...bad! I do hope they get it together for Thursday's semi-Final.  Boys, just perform it like you did for Euro-Song. You got away with that That worked. Let the backing singers take over support you when needed and throw your usual energy into it. Whatever you do stay together on the lyrics and STAY IN TUNE. The last bit's important, this is a SONG Contest after all ;-)

Oh,  I love the spectacle, cheesiness and downright clutziness Of Eurovision!  I'll be tuned in watching, laughing and enjoying. We're a strange nation you know, us Irish.  We're a nation of begrudgers, so they say. No matter what though, we're Irish and I reckon there'll be lots of us secretly flying the flag and hoping they do well, whilst slagging them off on twitter etc. You know I'm right!

Jedward will perform (note I didn't say sing!) their entry 'Lipstick' in this Thursday's semi-final. Here it is and I warn you................

It is incredibly, irritatingly, annoyingly...... addictive and you won't be able to get it out of your head. For days!! A sign of a true Eurovision song!


I look forward to the Semi Final and to Saturday's final. I do hope they  get through. The competition will be all the more entertaining because of them!

And when all is said and done, that's what it's ALL about..... ENTERTAINMENT!


(I can't believe I just said that!!)

See you on the twitter machine and on facebook. Where the real entaertainment will be :-)



  1. G'wan ya good thing!
    Eurovision won't know what's hit them, fingers crossed they get through!
    nice post! x

  2. Your so right!! Good or bad they are out there doing what they do!!! Whatever that is it's working for them and good luck to them :)

  3. Sorcha adores them!!!

    Murray can't stand them!! Won't even be in the same room when they are on!! They really drive him mad!

    So watching them here is going to be fun!!

    But GO JEDWARD from me and Sor!!

  4. Like that I want to hate Jedward, but I just can't! I think they're much cleverer than they let on and their whole public persona and career is carefully planned and largely by them. It seems to be working as I understand they are millionaires already. I remember the great boost Ireland got in the early 90s when we (can I say that now?) won Eurovision so many times. There would be no better year for Ireland to win it again xx

  5. I've not heard of these guys....something tells me they're going to be one of those things I love to hate!!! ;)

  6. its scary just how cathcy that flipping song is!! i've found myself singing it a few times today!

  7. @Paula: Thanks! I'm delighted that they got through the semi finals :-)

    @mum in meltdown: Yes, it does seem to be working for them and they are raising the spirits of a nation drowning in bad news on a daily basis.

    @Clive: I hope you all survived Jedward mania in your house last night!! And you get to do it all again tomorrow night!

    @Looking for Blue Sky: I totally agree. They know precisely what they're doing. It would greta for us, nationally, if we won. The funding of it would be a problem to be sorted another day but would be so worth it to put us on the world stage. After watching both semi-finals at this stage I can say that it's not the best song/Act but it is fun and a great energetic act! This competition will be won on popularity I think so all that's left to say is .... GO JEDWARD! They are high in the popularity stakes.
    Oh...and yes you are absolutely one of us now and aren't we lucky to say so ;-)

    @Lizbeth: Yup... you got that spot on!!

    Thanks for comments:-)

    xx Jazzy

  8. I think that they are interesting..more power to them-they know how to market themselves. We have "The Kardashian's" a group of sisters that have done absolutely nothing..and "Jersey Shore" a group of people who have done absolutely nothing..yet they make millions. Always astounds me. At least Jedward is entertaining..:)

  9. Jedward looks much more up my alley than Bieber.

    If you ever want to do the Post It Note Tuesdays, go to Only Parent Chronicles or Supah Mommy (Google them) and they direct you right to the site where you make the post it notes. You save them on your computer like a picture and add them into your blog post like an image.

  10. @Kathleen: Yes Kathleen your assessment is spot on. They were HUGELY entertaining last night in the final and did our down-spirited nation proud! They did really well but finished in 8th place. As I predicted...good ole bloc voting is alive and kicking yet again.

    @Kristy: TheyARE fun Kristy!

    Thanks for that I will check it out and find an opprtunity to use it ;-) Thanks so much for the info, I really appreciate it.

    Thanks for your comments:-)

    xx Jazzy

  11. Blue Sky has expressed exactly what I think about them. And their vocals have improved so much since that very 1st audition for XFactor. They seem to work so hard, they look very cute, they are a real tonic... Hate them or love them, you just get swept by their energy.

    We need more people like them!

    As for Eurovision night, my first real experience of TwitFacing through a BIG event ... and I enjoyed it so much..... LOL


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