A Jazzy Easter Part 4: Final Chapter

A two week school holiday is an unmercifully loooonnngg break and yet I can't believe that it has  now come to an end. We have filled the past fortnight with fun activities, laughter, tears, frustrations.... but mainly fun as you can tell from my previous posts. Besides, looking back on a long school holiday is infinitely more appealing than dreading looking forward to it!

We had a lovely weekend, spent with family, to bring this break to it's conclusion.

Saturday was my mam's birthday so we had a small family barbecue to help her celebrate. The weather in Ireland has been unseasonably warm this April, in fact I hear that it's the driest April since records began, so an outdoor celebration was possible. However this Saturday morning saw some very dark clouds come our way. We had everything prepared and laid out in waiting for our special guest of honour.

And then some wet stuff fell from the sky. Rain, I think it's called. Rain? Now? Nooooo....please sun, come back and shine for us, we begged! As the morning went on, bit by bit the sun fought a brave battle to shine through. At times it was winning but then the rain fought to retain it's... eh, reign (sorry, couldn't resist!) but the sun determinedly shone through the raindrops.

Thankfully, as soon as the guests arrived the sun won it's battle and we had a glorious afternoon.

My mam sat outside, holding court with her surrounding family and herself and her sister regaled us with tales of beaus and belles of bygone days ;-) It was very funny but my lips are sealed! Uh uh.... no way will I reveal their secrets here!

There was of course a birthday cake, with just one candle. The number one.... I told her it was for No 1 Mum. It was, but it was also one half of WiiBoy's 11th birthday candle!! Shhh...don't tell!

Sure she enjoyed it and had some help in blowing out her candle

                                                           Happy Birthday Mam

It was a lovely relaxing afternoon and we ended it with a memorial mass in our local church for my dad's 10th anniversary which was on April 26th. That also went well and the elderly priest, a funny man, made a fuss of her which she loved. She put him in his place though when he asked what age she was! Very funny!

Sunday and today was spent visiting Granddad and other family members for an overnight stay. Another (small) barbecue, lunch out today, play with Daisy the dog and a visit to the new playground in Rathdrum brought this weekend to a happy end.

So now the fun is finally over. A tired WiiBoy has been dragged off his Xbox and is now in bed at the earliest time in 14 nights, in readiness for going back to school tomorrow! (Whoop....*Jazzy secretly does a happy dance*!!)

Wow, back to what is the last term of this school year. How on earth has that happened? Hard to believe how quickly time has gone.

The next big school break is the Summer Holidays.

Eight weeks long...







  1. I feel your pain. My two back to school tomorrow but have a week off at end of May/ begining of June! Then we are at school until the 20 something of July!!!! I miss the old Irish summer hols............mind you don't think I could cope with my 2 being off for so long! LOL

  2. This holiday was such a success, couldn't you just do it all again and repeat it three times for the summer holidays? ;)

  3. Looks like you've had some good times! I am looking forward to summer break since I work at a school. I am ready to have time to deal with my own child, rather than everyone else's! :)

  4. Nice photo of your mum and WiiBoy toghether.

    And don't measure the length of the summer holidays, just enjoy and savour each school day until then ;-)

  5. I can't believe break is over! It sounded lovely, all of it. Good luck getting off to school in the AM.

  6. Enjoyed this lovely post! I bet you and WiiBoy do just as well during summer hols.


  7. Great that the hols finished on such a high note!

    You think eight weeks is long - Sor is off for 12 weeks this year!! That's secondary school for you - she finishes the last week of May!!

  8. Glad it all went well for the last weekend xx

  9. @mum in meltdown: Your school breaks sound a bit more manageable! It is nice fro the kids to get a break I suppose....

    @midlifesinglemum: Yeah, I suppose I could... but I would probably end up in a home for the bewildered!

    @Kristy: Yes, that IS something to look forward to! Hope you enjoy it:-)

    @Nan P: Good advice! I'll make the most of it.

    @Lizbeth: Thanks. Back to school actually went very well. It was reported that he seemed happy to be back.... something he'd NEVER admit too ;-)

    @TherExtras: Thanks Barbara. It was very lovely indeed.

    @Clive: Oh Dear LORD! I don't even want to think ahead to secondary school hols!!

    @Looking For Blue Sky: Thanks :-)

    Thank you all for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  10. Sounds wonderful
    what a wonderful looking cake
    hey did you enjoy- The girl ...
    I loved the story
    So sad the trilogy is over

  11. Oh..I forgot about summer break...*sigh*..It does sound like you had a lovely time. I'm glad that your mom was able to celebrate with you all in the sunshine! Smart thinking on the candle. I'm hoping Wiiboy has adjusted back into the routine...and I hope that when you finally get a moment to relax-it isn't already summer holidays! :)


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