You Just Never Know What May Happen....

Life is fickle and fate can bestow all sorts of unwanted travails upon us whenever it feels like it, so it is always good to be prepared, for all sorts of eventualities. All sorts of things can go wrong you know, especially with regard to property. Therefore Home Insurance is always a good idea. I mean, you just never know when you might need it.

You never know when a family member might come home late at night feeling a tad tired and subsequently fall asleep on... say... the sofa. With lit cigarette in hand. While your parents are away on what may be the first holiday they've had in years. Quite a lot of damage could be done in that scenario. You would hope though, that said family member would wake up just as the cigarette burns through and touches skin and that he/she could escape the encroaching smoke and flames. You would also hope that he/she may think of waking the sleeping sister upstairs in her bed before he/she makes fast his escape. Otherwise it may be left to a passing neighbour to remind him that he actually has a sister who may  be still  inside the house. The house with the billowing smoke and flames that is. Jeez. If this accident were to happen in your lovely home you'd be glad you had Home Insurance. Wouldn't you?

You never know when you're married with a child  in a house of your own and let's say that your child is about 2 or 3 years old . Let's also say that one day your child throws a whopper of a tantrum and throws a small glass picture frame at the double-glazed window in your hall door. You then see a huge crack in the window.... he's a small child with huge strength, especially when in tantrum mode. Wouldn't it be nice if you had Home Insurance that covered that?

You never know when you might have trouble with your oil tank in your back garden. Let's say.... you get a fill of oil and that approximately six weeks later your heating system fails. You may scratch your head in bewilderment and finally think to check the oil tank to find that it's empty. Empty? After six weeks? Where is this....Antarctica? It may take a while for that to sink in, you may even, in your bewildered state, convince yourself that some very clever person siphoned the oil from your tank over the back wall.....  in a truck.... in broad daylight. You may even be convinced enough to report this theft to the local Gardai. However someone may eventually prove to you that your very full oil tank slowly but surely, over a six week period, leaked it's entire contents (1000 litres) into your back garden.....  and, as you may later discover, into your neighbour's back garden as well. Oops!  You may also hear horror stories of other cases where the oil leaked under their house and then you'll be thankful for a large back garden with a strategically placed oil tank.... and your Home Insurance policy!

You never know when your heating system may inexplicably fail again, a couple of years on. Of course this time you'd have learned your lesson and the first place you'd check would be your oil tank. Your a fast learner, after all is said in done. When a leaking oil tank proves not to be the culprit you would most probably wipe copious amounts of sweat from your brow before you soldier on to find the real cause of this particular disaster. In this scenario you would learn that there is such a thing as a Trace and Access Clause...... and once again you would be very grateful to have your Home Insurance policy to pick up the tab. Phew.

You never know, even though at this stage you would probably feel that you've had your fair share of , ahem upsets, when disaster may strike yet again. The Gods may have decided that house fires, oil leaks and heating system leaks hadn't quite discommoded you enough and may conspire to curse you with a flood of epic proportions. Well, a flood of approximately 2 to 3 inches throughout your whole house might satisfy those evil Gods. To justify their existence and show their true strength however, the evil Gods may ensure that the flood water also contained the contents (all the contents) of the local  foul water system. Could you just imagine how you would feel in this case? Particularly if you lived on a cliff......  20 feet away from any body of water..... anywhere? Jeez. You could take solace in the fact that you weren't the only house affected and be eternally grateful for your Home Insurance Policy that would cover the cost of this very expensive bill. You may also cross your fingers and touch all things wooden in your vicinity for years to come, in the hope that the evil Gods have been satisfied and have moved on to pastures greener.

Oh yes, be in no doubt at all...... Home Insurance is a very good idea indeed.

Please note that this is a fictitious account of imagined scenarios and any similarities to events that may have occurred in real life - seriously, even The Jazzys couldn't be that unlucky.... or could they?!?!- are purely coincidental. Seriously!


NOTE: This was a sponsored post. thank you for reading.


  1. April Fool I hope - nobody could be that unlucky. If you are, your insurance premiums must be astronomical - lol!

  2. Stranger than fiction? You're so right Jazzy, we all feel so safe in our homes yet there are so many things that can go wrong xx

  3. I agree-home insurance is very important. you sound as though you speak from great experience which case I'm trying very hard to be sympathetic and not to laugh...:)

  4. @HAMMIE: xx right back!

    @Tilly: Haha.... you might think that alright;-)

    @Blue Sky: Truth or fiction??? Hmmm.....!! Best have home insurance, just in case!!

    @Kathleen: Yes!!! Laugh!! You're supposed to laugh.... well, ya gotta laugh, right? Otherwise you might cry!!

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  5. Oh NO!
    I was hoping it was an April fool as well! :(

  6. Oh....and P.S...
    I have always loved your blog but I can't figure out how to subscribe to it so I forget to visit! Sorry!

    But I just followed you on networked blogs on facebook so I’m hoping that it
    shouldn't be a problem from now on :)
    Fi x

  7. Oh, jeez, I thought I had it bad!! At least with our flood we lived on a river---like we couldn't see THAT coming. hehe!

    PS--I tagged you and its totally optional--its all about style..hehe!

  8. @fiona2107: April Fools joke I'm afraid!!
    Aww... thanks for telling me that. It means a lot. I have no subscribe link I'm afraid. maybe I should investigate! I have put you on my blog list so I won't miss your posts either :-)

    xx Jazzy

  9. @Lizbeth: hehehe! It's not nice being flooded, is it?!

    Ooh... a style tag? I'm intrigued!'s always nice when someone tags or shares an award with me :-) I will pop over to yours to investigate!

    @Casdok: Every day Casdok, every day!!

    Thank you for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  10. Jazzy, if I were you I would not tempt fate.... Remember the "iron incident"? That in itself has its own dangers...! ;-)

  11. Ahem...Coincidental i hear you say!!! The burning couch story sounds vaguely familiar. Just goes to show you that you should always check that the labels on your furniture read "fire resistant". its a pity you didn't invest in a fire resistant brother.Oh christ i've just had a scary thought...."im married to the pyromaniac!!"

  12. Laughed so hard at your seriously bit, you find anything down the couch recently??!! Jen

  13. Talk about fate---we had a hail storm last night and had our cars, roof, gutters, stucco--all damaged. Our premium is up to date but uggh, what a mess!

  14. @Nan P: Iron incident?? My memory and tired body fail me! I never tempt fate though... ever;-)

    @Anonymous: Yes, you are. be afraid... be very afraid. And make sure you're home insurance premiums are ALWAYS up to date!! (thanks for commenting...good to see you here ;-)

    @Jen: Hehehe! Hard to believe, isn't it?! No I haven't, but I did have occasion to look a few days ago when I mislaid another show ticket! This time I found it, in time!

    @Lizbeth: Oh no! That's awful. So glad you have insurance to cover it. A nightmare though. Hubby wanted to delay our renewal by a few days. Seriously..... with our track record???!! You can be assured it was renewed right on time!

    Thank you all for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  15. Even the Trufs haven't managed that many disasters, but we keep trying!

  16. I knew it must be true. You can't make stuff like that up. And if you did I would have been mildly disappointed because I really enjoyed the stories! Sorry, I know that's wrong. But I did. At least you have a good attitude about it.

  17. Love it Jazzy !!!!!

    Mossy Mu


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