A Jazzy Easter Part 3: A Helping Hand, PopNics and New Friends

The last few days since our return from our Bolt Hole has been filled with visiting my mam, with a bribed WiiBoy in tow, a movie 'n' pizza trip with his cousin and a tough Taekwondo class. I am impressed with how he performs his Purple belt pattern called Chung-Gun, I must say. He does it with style and power.

Enough of the fun stuff now.....there is work to be done around here ya know. Chez Jazzy needed a clean up. So I drafted in some help.

Our car was filthy after our long drive so WiiBoy washed it (with minimal assistance from me)

We were expecting some special visitors so yesterday we got to work! House needed some tidying up...it would be nice for our visitors to be able to find a seat to sit on, amongst the clutter!

Downstairs needed hoovering (so did upstairs but sure they won't be going up there!) WiiBoy to the rescue!

WiiBoy really wanted our garden furniture set up but patio needed cleaning first....

He then got to enjoy the fruit of his labour...

After all that work (he really did all that by himself!)  we headed to the beach where we whiled away a blissful two hours lounging about listening to the waves gently breaking on the beach and munching on our PopNic (Wiiboy's cool new name for Popcorn Picnic...cool, eh?!) Followed by more lounging about in the nearby park.

Then, as we knew they were coming we baked a cake. Well, it was in theory a cake!

And today our special visitors arrived! Yes, we had a lovely visit from the ever- lovely Blue Sky who was accompanied by the ever-cool CD and the ever-smiling Smiley...... and a plate of yummy brownies!! It was fantastic. We really wanted to get WiiBoy and CD together as they have very similar interests etc. But, would it work? Would they get on or would it all fall apart?

All I'll say is that Blue Sky and I were left to chat in peace while the boys bonded through Xbox play. See, Xbox IS good for something after all ;-)

They got on so well. Same interests and same sense of humour. We could barely get a word in!

We thought a quick walk to the beach before their journey home would be nice so off we went. We spent nearly an hour down there as the boys got a little carried away with their paddling in the sea! It started off as chasing other other on the sand then paddling but ended up with them both totally immersing themselves in the water. Fully clothed!! Oh the squeals of joy from them, it was a pleasure to behold.So, we just left them at it!

We somehow, eventually managed to drag them back to the house and the boys said said their excited farewells, making promises to befriend each other on Xbox!

I literally deposited a saturated WiiBoy into the shower, from where he waxed lyrical about his new found friendship! He was so excited and so, so happy. He was amazed that he made a new best friend today ...a straight best friend as he says, in that they became best friends immediately!

Yes, I believe a friendship was forged today.

And that's good. Real good :-)



  1. What a great day! I loved that they both went in to the water..they will always remember that. :) Fabulous on all the household help...thinking of having the herd read this post...perhaps it will spur them on? How lovely to be able to visit with blogging friends..lucky girls!

  2. He did all that cleaning--you are a lucky mom indeed! And you got to meet a bloggy friend and the kids hit it off---that is a memory in the making!!! I'm so glad the kids got along and had fun. I can almost see you two moms grinning ear to ear!!!

  3. I need one of thos wiiboys at my house. And a straight best friend sounds wonderful!

  4. wow! that's very awesome that he has a new friend (and you too!)
    And I could use some help around here. Any chance I could fly your son across the pond and have him teach my kids a thing or two? :)

  5. Popnic= BEST word ever!!

  6. @Kathleen: Yes, long lasting memories were made yesterday :-) Just as well I posted photos too, let the herd see them!! Us Dublin Bloggers are very lucky indeed. Real friendships are made via blogs and fb and then cemented in real life :-)

    @Lizbeth. Ah, it was fantastic Lizbeth! We were laughing our heads off at them! They had SUCH fun. Still talking to other today via Xbox Live!

    @midlifesinglemum: He's available.... at a price! I actually suggested that he go wash some cars for pocket money!! Yes, a wonderful 'straight friend'!!

    @Alysia: yes, it IS awesome :-))))Yes you can do that but as a child he will need a chaparone/manager to accompany him ;-)

    @wonderfullywired: Isn't it just? It will be part of pour vocabulary from now on!

    Thank you all so much for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  7. sounds like a great day had by all! Help cleaning up too, you really were lucky. It's great that they became firm friends and you will all meet up again soon x

  8. Tell Wiiboy he is fabulous, I had no idea he'd worked so hard before our visit. We had a lovely day, and my son now has a new friend, who knew that our children could become friends through blogging?

  9. @mum in meltdown: It was fantastic! I wish the helping out would continue though.. he hasn't done much since then!!

    @Looking For Blue Sky: I will pass that on!Isn't it amazing? The girls afre right... we are lucky that Ireland is such a small country and us bloggers can get to meet up. The fact we have similarly aged (and diagnosed!) kids is an added bonus. Wiiboy delighted with his new pal too and can't wait to play properly on Xbox with his new pal:-)

    xx Jazzy

  10. That is so wonderful that the boys got along so well I am thrilled for them! It is good news for you and Blue Sky too because now you have the opportunity to sit and chat with one another and forge your own friendship.

  11. you know they did away with child labour!! lol.

  12. What a wonderful day and how great it is to meet up with another blogger friend and enjoy cake!!

  13. What a lovely Easter you've had and what hard work too. I'm so jealous you and Blue Sky met up...I love her blog.

    Thanks for sharing your Easter stories.


  14. Delighted to see that I am not the only mother getting the kids to help out around the house! Sorcha cut the grass yesterday while Murray helped and it may have taken a bit longer than usual etc etc but hey, they did it!!

    Thrilled that the meet-up with Blue Sky went so well! There's a lot to be said for blogging!!


  15. @Lora: Yes, it really is fantastic and we will definitely have to do oi again.

    Mum of all trades: Shhhh.... don't tell on me ;-)

    @SAHMLovingit:It was a tiring but very lovely Easter. Blue Sky and I have met a few times now, with Jen from The King and Eye and some other fb pals too :-)And yes, I love Blue Sky's blog too!

    @Clive: Absolutely! We have to make them help out more often!Blogging is simply the best;-)

    Thank you all so much for your comments. it was really nice to come home after visiting family overnight to see some comments waiting for me :-)

    xx Jazzy


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