A Jazzy Easter: Part 2.... Our Bolt Hole

It can be expensive trying to find interesting activities to lure an only child away from his beloved Xbox on the school holidays. My last, hastily written post, details Part 1 of this break.

Part 2 of this Easter Break  has just taken place and was a successful diversion from all  things Xbox related, as planned.

This stage of the holiday involved a few days away in our favourite Bolt Hole to which we have retreated once or twice a year for the past 10 years, in order to recharge our much depleted batteries. We love this place a lot, situated as it is on a beautiful sandy beach on the south coast of Ireland. The Clonea Strand Hotel has been very good to the Jazzys over the years and we thoroughly enjoyed this trip too.

 And they don't have Xboxes either ;-)

Although I keep referring to Xbox in these posts it's not just Xbox that's the problem. It is  mostly xbox but it's also all screen related activities too. With that in mind this trip away nearly got off to a disastrous start. I arrived home from The Sound Of Music as I mentioned in my last post to discover that WiiBoy's  itouch, that I'd left connected to the PC to update after downloading a movie, had reverted to factory settings!! Oh, Dear Lord. He has no music on his itouch, none, nada... it's all Apps. Four pages of Apps...all gone. Disappeared into a cyber black hole. Oh God. I cried. Really, I did! It was late, I was tired and we were heading off the next morning! Thankfully I got some help from a twitter pal and all was restored:-) Well, all except the movie, that is.

So, the next morning with our new car (yes...our new car!) all packed up and with itouch and Nintendo DS all charged up, off we went! It was  a lovely trip and a sleepy WiiBoy was very quiet most of the way, catching up on much needed rest.

It is always when I hit the watery warmth of the hotel's jacuzzi that I feel I am truly on holidays, as all strains and stresses melt away. Total bliss. And so it was on this trip also.

We had a glorious fun-filled and busy 3 days away. We played in the pool every day. He is 11 now and at that age it's great because he can go into the men's changing area by himself or with Mr Jazzy. I don't know how this transformation took place but magically it has! Well, I suppose all the training with school lessons and the changing villages in the local pool has had something to do with it ;-) Is it sad that changing and showering by myself in the ladies area constitutes 'me time' these days? At this age he can play in the pool by himself while we avail of the jacuzzi and steam room etc. Only problem is he still wants one of us to stay and play with him! I must learn to cherish this as no doubt this too will soon pass.

We spent time on the fabulous beach where he played in  the waves with his water board and dug some trenches to allow rock pools flow into each other. Something he always does.

And I got some time to relax and read my book.

I'm currently reading the third in Stieg Larsson's trilogy.. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest and am thoroughly enthralled. I am of course intrigued by The Girl in question who has Asperger's Syndrome. I am particularly intrigued by her  IT abilities and the culture and lifestyle of her hacker pals. You know where my head is going with this. Right? Sigh....

We had lazy lunches enjoyed with a lunchtime drink. Thirsty work, is swimming! And I got to sneak down to the foyer either before or after dinner to read in peace for a while and enjoy a glass of wine.

We played bowling. Once. I booked for 30 minutes but was late down. Mr Jazzy started up but was told I'd booked for an hour! Nooooo....never, EVER book bowling for an hour. Never! We survived but 30 minutes from now on. Seriously, don't they remember us???!!

We had lovely lazy meals too. The hotel does fabulous dinners and we ate out one night in the local Indian restaurant too. And all electronic equipment was left in the hotel room for most of these meals!

All this frolicking around  in swimming pools and on beaches and eating big meals with lunchtime pints is very tiring work you know, so the Jazzys were in bed by 11pm! Hard to believe I know, but it's true!

We arrived home safe and sound with WiiBoy promising that the first thing he'd do is play with his budgie, who was very lonely without us. What do you think was the first thing he did? Well, he went to the loo and then, without so much as a backwards tweet at poor, lonely Sunny he went straight onto his Xbox. Just to 'check something out mum'.

Four hours (yes... I said four hours) later we got him off and went out for tea to finish off our holidays. There is a positive aspect to this particular Xbox Fest that I will discuss in the Xbox-Wars post I have planned.

And so it continues as we go forth to Part 3 of this Easter break...

We will have a chat in the morning.

Damn Xbox....

I really did enjoy Part 2 of the Easter Break though :-))))



  1. Lol!

    Your right though it does soon pass - all to fast.

  2. Loving the fact you have the same struggles as me keeping my son of his playstation/ wii/ laptop etc etc!!
    You hols sounded great though and looks gorgeous there xx

  3. You are so lovely and I loved all the pics
    Just wanted to add a feeling of deja-vu - while I read your post ( not exactly dejavu but you know what I mean )
    OMG are we the same person?
    we are doing the identical things and having the identical thoughts
    RIGHT DOWN TO THE GRIL WITH THE HORNET"S NEST( which I was dowloading right before reading your blog ) and the thoughts around "the girl" who quite definitely is an aspie
    trying to reduce screen time, finding joy in me time while showering

  4. What a lovely holiday! Oh I know about the changing on their own thing-when did it happen? sigh..and yes being able to get dressed on ones own Is "me" time..I have to say though..even though I have four-even if they are all swimming together...they still want my company in the pool. I suppose I ought to be flattered and cherish it and all that...but.....:)

  5. That sounds so relaxing (I mean, not loosing the App's part, I would have had a massive coronary if that happened here) and fun. A nice break.

  6. Beautiful pictures! Looks like a nice place to vacation and I'm glad you got some time away from the x-box.

  7. @Casdok: Yes, the past 11 years are almost a blur. Almost ;-)

    @Mum in Meltdown: So good to hear I'm not alone! Yes, it is a beautiful place.

    @K-floortime lite mama:Aww...thank you :-)Wow,that is rather freaky! I am absolutely drawn to this series and the last one is such a page turner. And she is definitely an Aspie! It is through these posts I realise I am sooo not alone in screen time control!

    @Kathleen: Yeah...so know the feeling! Gosh.. I thought it would be easier when there are siblings involved. Sounds like they ALL wanna piece of you!

    @Lizbeth: Yes, busy yet relaxing moments within! Oh GOD... I thought my life was gonna end! I was up til about 2 or 3am sorting it out!

    @Both Sides of the Coin-Christy: Thanks. really enjoyed it :-)

    Thanks for all your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  8. So much to enjoy in this post (apart from the rocky start)...the jacuzzi, the beach, a new car, Wiiboy growing up, lots and lots of good news :) Also I didn't know that book featured a girl with aspergers: will have to add it to the pile of (yet-to-read) books xx

  9. Relieved to read that I am not the only mum of a computer screen obsessed autistic pre teenager. Its a struggle to divert mine from anything that isn't a square or rectangle. Glad to read you found some relaxation time - the hotel and the beach sounds lovely.

  10. Sounds like a fab holiday, so glad you got some down time with your book.

    Mich x

  11. @Blue Sky: Yeah, lots of good news :-)He really is growing up. He's a great kid. She's never diagnosed but you just know it within a few pages of meeting the character in the first book and there are some vague references. They are brilliant books.

    @Aspie in the Family: Oh yeah, I hear ya! It really is lovely, our bolt hole :-) Hope you're surviving your Easter Break.

    @Michelle Twin Mum: Thank you...it was lovely:-)

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  12. I devoured Stieg Larsson's trilogy in one go last summer.... and then I felt all lonely and lost when I turned the last page of the 3rd book... :-(

    Glad you enjoyed your little trip. So lovely down there!


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