Seasonal Gardening.....

Oh dear. My poor garden, with it's relatively newly-laid lawn, has really been through the mill this winter and is now ripe for some seasonal Spring lawn Care.

The frost and snow in December really hit hard....

It was beautiful to look at and to play in but it lost it's luster before long!

Although I will admit that it was lovely to have our first proper White Christmas, ever.

The snow came upon us so quickly and left even quicker. Within 24 hours of a big rainfall on St Stephens Day (Boxing Day in the UK) the snow you see in the above picture, which had been there for almost a full week,  had completely disappeared.

That's a lot of water for our garden, with it's poor drainage, to deal with but thankfully there was no flooding.

The snow and it's rapid evaporation has been followed by regular frosty mornings. This has resulted in our lovely lawn now looking like this....

Which is a far cry from how it looked only last October....

Oh, the difference a season can make.

It's okay though, the new season is almost upon us and a bit of Spring Time TLC will soon return our lovely lawn to it's former glory... I hope!

What? You don't believe me that Spring will soon be springing...all over the place?? Too cold and miserable for that to be possible, I hear you say?

Well, here's another picture from my garden, taken on the 8th of February which proves that Spring truly is on it's way!

Ooh...nice juicy raspberries come the Summer, I hope!

In the meantime  I'd better go do some gardening.....



Note: This was a sponsored post, thanks for reading.


  1. It was 10 below zero here this morning..sigh..I have spring envy!!..I am sure you will have a lovely garden again in no time..Although,if you get tired of looking at your lawn..I have a couple of pounds of snow I can send over!!

  2. @KATHLEEN: Oh Dear're still snowed under! Thanks no snow thank you very much.... been there done that! I'm seriously going to be putting that treatment on my lawn, hope it "springs" back :-D

    xx Jazzy

  3. Can not wait for Spring! Mother nature better get on the prozac lol. Winter is too long and dull. We are owed a good season after that miserable bout! xx

  4. Oh thank goodness for Spring - you've reminded me it's on its way. Great post.

  5. @LIFEASWEKNOWIT: Yeah, Spring: nature's prozac, eh?! Be great to have the longer evenings back and some pleasant weather:-)

    @ANONYMOUS: We need a little lift...thanks Lisa ;-)

    Thanks so much for your comments:-)

    xx Jazzy

  6. Spring is around the corner - my daffs are just about showing above ground. Fingers crossed!

  7. Once the daff start showing, you know spring is indeed on its way... Can't wait!

  8. Juicy raspberries sure sound good right about now! I am looking forward to the Spring but I am not complaining because we've had a very mild winter here especially compared to last year.

  9. It's great when you see the first signs of Spring - I've just discovered that my daffs have survived me not living here for 4 years, happy days!

  10. @TRUF: That's good. It has been very mild recently....yet more freezing nights and frosty mornings on the way! Hope your daffodils stay strong!

    @Nan P: Absolutely! I lOVE seeing the daffodils. I must plant some before it's too late.

    @LORA: That's good. Although I know you've had quite a bit of snow... that's mild for you!

    @BLUE SKY: Wow! I'm impressed! Daffodils are quite resilient I guess.

    Thanks a lot for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  11. Spring comes so much sooner for you! Your snow was gone by the New Year...we still have a foot or so on the ground. But I'm off to Florida in 10 days...yay!

  12. @LYNN: I simply can't imagine still having snow. But I can imagine bing in lovely, warm, sunny Florida!! Enjoy Lynn and thanks for commenting :-)

    xx Jazzy


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