Jazzymum Comes Home!

Finally, after weeks of Panto madness Jazzymum is home and life is slowly (very slowly) getting back to normal!

Panto was great, all six shows went really well and there was plenty of positive feedback. The children all enjoyed their moment of fame and I'm already being asked what Panto 2012 will be! Very eager indeed. My WiiBoy (AKA Panto Boy for three months of the year) thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being on stage.....

He mixed well backstage with the other boys who, incidentally are not in his class. The big moment for me though, was seeing him chose to sit chatting with the girls from his class whilst waiting to go onstage at a big rehearsal and then seeing his fun reaction to said girls as they (nicely) slagged him! This is what the NT kids do all the time you see so this is HUGE! See, Panto is good for Social Skills too ;-)

So now it's back to normal. I always laugh when people say:  What will you do now? You won't know what to do with yourself with all that extra time..... etc.

Thing is, there are tons of things to be done as lots of jobs have been long-fingered for so long. Hectic weeks of rehearsals etc are simply replaced with normal everyday stuff. After a few days rest of course. Monday was inadvertently declared a Duvet Day after WiiBoy pulled a sick day and I didn't have the energy to fight him. I was tired, you see, from two hectic weekends of shows. Staying out partying until 7.00am on the Sunday morning had absolutely nothing got to do with it whatsoever!

The first serious job to be tackled is my very untidy and unclean house!

So I got stuck into that this morning. It took three hours to get to the point where I could actually hoover! And that's just downstairs! Still it looks a bit better now.

Tomorrow I'll tackle upstairs. Next week will be time to do some real Spring Cleaning.....starting with WiiBoy's room. I definitely need to psyche myself up for that job, you should see the state of his room and the piles of...stuff..he has accumulated over the years. Dear Lord!

I'm pleased that I've gotten off to a good start though, but there are other more enjoyable long-fingered activities to catch up on. Like meeting with friends! Ooh, this is the best part of Apres-Panto!

I start off with a meal tomorrow night with some friends then a meal and a movie on Saturday night with a lovely lady...can't wait to see Black Swan. You never know, I may also be brought out to dinner on Sunday 13th or Monday 14th  ;-) You reading this Mr Jazzy?

This is a lovely start to what could become a bit of an unplanned birthday weekend ;-)

Followed next week by a coffee morning with two good friends, breakfast with another and I have some other friends I am due to have a meal and a natter with also. Looking forward to it all!

Life is good.

Jazzymum is finally home..... almost ;-)



  1. Have to say, your kitchen is gorgeous! Apart from that welcome back to apr├Ęs Panto...and did someone mention coffee? Enjoy xx

  2. Welcome back!! You have been missed. That is wonderful news about Wii boy!! It's lovely to sit back and watch sometimes isn't it? Happy Birthday a few days early-I hope that Mr. Jazzy pulls through..I'm betting he does! Birthday AND Valentines..I think deserves two special dinners!

  3. Slagging with other kids? That must be the ultimate Aspie challenge! Panto-boy never ceases to astonish me!
    Did I spot something about coffee being mentioned?

  4. It will be nice to have you back again after your long absence. Busy indeed, you have plenty on your plate which is wonderful and what's this about a birthday coming up? I hope that you have a fantastic time heaven knows you deserve it!

  5. @BLUE SKY:Thanks..it really was a mess though. All of downstairs was, I got rid of 3 full bags of stuff into the Green Bin! Yes!! Coffee morning...bliss. I will fill my weeks with them now :-)

    @KATHLEEN: Thanks for the nice welcome back...it is good to get back to normal. Yes, it was a very lovely moment indeed and something that no-one else would notice (except for my Drama Pal;-) In fairness, Mr Jazzy will suggest it..it will be just one meal though and as WiiBoy now comes to birthday meals it won't be that romantic!! But I prefer that he comes too :-)

    @TRUF: THe absolute ultimate challenge! And with the GIRLS, not the boys! First time I've EVER seen it :-))))
    Yes, coffee....LOADS of time for coffee mornings now!!

    @LORA: Thanks Lora! January is such a busy month for me with all those panto children of mine that I really look forward to February. Nice to have a birthday to celebrate too :-)

    Thanks for all your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  6. Love your kitchen, glad the panto went well for Wii boy, enjoy the coffee mornings, you never know you might just be able to make the next one of our gangs coffee mornings or even a night out eventually :)

  7. @ANDRA: Thank you! I will do my best to make it as far as Naas :-)
    Thanks so much for your comment :-)

    xx Jazzy

  8. Oh, cleaning of boys' rooms... I always thought there was spontanuous life happening in my son's room when he was growing up... Eventually I refused to go in and clean it! His problem!... It was too scary in there ;-)

    He refuses to tell him what it's like now that he has his own place, and I am not allowed to see the room... Though his girlfriend has said it's not "that bad"... Just wondering???

  9. @NAN P: Total disorganisation in this house, especially in WiiBoy's room. No risk of finding last weeks pizza in there or anything so that helps! Maybe your son's girlfriend is as bad as he is!! Or maybe your son HAS grown up.... now that he has a place of his own ;-)

    Thanks for comment ;-)

    xx jazzy

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  11. Catching up on posts now m'dear, can't believe I ended up missing that coffee meet. Have to do another :) Jen


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