The Hopes and Eyes of a Nation

Last Friday, after months of expressing their anger and
dissatisfaction, the people of Ireland were finally afforded the opportunity to go to the polls and make important choices that will effect our nation's prosperity and our children's future for years to come. One way or another.

Our little nation has been through some rough times. For the past fourteen years we have been (mis)lead by an inept Government that I will remember more for the astonishing arrogance they  have recently displayed  than anything else.

Last Friday, we showed that Government, Fianna Fail, exactly what we thought of them and ensured that they were banished from the dizzying heights of their power where they once  held 78 seats to the paltry levels of opposition where they're estimated to hold only 20 seats when the final counts are tallied. A mere six seats more than their arch-rivals Sinn Fein  (I shudder at the thought) and only one seat more than the 19 seats Independents/Others are projected to win. Figures are per this morning's Irish Times. They will barely be the leading party in opposition. Barely.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

They deserve to feel the wrath of the nation's people. There are undoubtedly good people in the Fianna Fail party but they allowed themselves to be led/bullied/cajoled/blackmailed (delete as you deem applicable) into backing their leader Brian Cowen when they recently had an opportunity to remove him from power. How they didn't try to oust him months ago is appalling and shows total contempt for the electorate. They allowed Party Politics and concerns for their own future in that party to take precedence over the good of our nation and it's people.

Fianna Fail dithered while Ireland burned.

I can never forgive them for that.

Fianna Gael had their confidence issues with their leader Enda Kenny and they ended up backing him too. Although Mr Kenny sidelined his rival somewhat he still kept him involved. That plays well into his statement last night that the team is bigger than any individual.

I do hope this issue has been put to rest as it's one thing I do worry about. We need a stable and balanced Government

At present it's looking like a Fianna Gael/Labour coalition which is what I hoped for, with a few interesting Independents in opposition who will hopefully play their part in effecting some important changes and put some manners on the longer serving politicians in this country while they're at it.

Oh yes, the little people of Ireland have spoken and negotiations to form a new Government are taking place as I type.

To this new Government I say....

Remember your election promises.

Make decisions for the good of the country and it's people and NOT simply to prolong your stay in Government.

Value and utilise this nation's most valuable asset -it's People.

Listen to the people when it comes to job creation. We are a resilient, innovative and informed people. Use that.

Listen to the people when it comes to reform: particularly in Health and in  the Public Service in general. The people on the ground have intelligent suggestions to make, work with them.

Trust the people and be honest with them. Keep us informed - tell us exactly how things are. Don't try to pull the wool over our eyes. We're not stupid. But I think you know this.

Above all treat the people fairly. especially when it comes to tax increases and cuts in spending. Try not to pitch one side of society against another and remember that you can't get blood from a stone.

Difficult times still lie ahead and I just hope that Fianna Fail haven't left some nasty-yet-to-be-revealed secrets that will make things even more difficult  as their Welcome to Government present to you.

I sincerely hope that Michael McDowell's premonition is ill-founded.

The people of Ireland have spoken. We must never, ever let a Government treat us the way the last one did. If we do then we only have ourselves to blame.

You may call me naive but I'm really just being positive and hopeful.

Good luck to the incoming Government.......

The hopes of a nation lie with you.

The eyes of a nation are on you.

Don't let us down.

This time we won't stand idly by.



  1. That's a great summary of everything that has happened and what most of us hope for the future. I hear there is hope that a FG Government plans to be more open, but I am concerned about their links with former PDs and members of the establishment who were involved in the banking meltdown. If we just keep reminding them of their promises it has to help xx

  2. Great blog and I agree with every word and sentiment, I would like to add that Cowan was a bollicks and I will not include some of the words I have to say about Bertie. But let me say one thing, some(alot)good things were done over the last number of years. Take a walk or drive down the local streets, motorways and communities (rural and urban) from the most Northerly point to the Southerly point of this country and you will see that little emblem NDP on a blue background placed on the walls and on the road sides etc (58billion was spent between 2000-2006). I will also like to add that in 1997 there were as few as 300 SNAs in schools nationally and the figure is now around 6000 (M. Martin was responsible for this). The funding for SNAs in 1996 increased from 14.44m to 158.65m. From personal experience the school which my little lad (ASD) goes to was only last year granted another teacher and 2 SNAs plus secured funding of 450m to build a purpose built unit which will allow them to increase the number of children to 12. So not all things were bad and I do feel we need to acknowledge that.

  3. @TRUF: Thank you, much appreciated as I was very nervous posting this.

    @BLUE SKY:Yes I have concerns too with regard to Fianna Gael, and Labour too. They have both stressed that change must take place in politics. We must watch them and make sure they deliver on this and on other issues. They must tackle the banking issue head on too. I do not envy them their job.

    @JAMESP: Thanks for taking the time to comment James, I really appreciate it. I too agree with your..ahem...sentiment with regards to Mr Cowen!

    You are of course correct, there are a lot of good things achieved by FF in the past 14 years and it is right to acknowledge them. I was trying to be non-personal and broad based and besides, I'm just too angry with them right now!

    They achieved much through the NDP and improved infrastructure increased our prosperity and will hopefully continue to help us through these difficult times also. But they sullied these achievements with their (at times)suspect tendering processes - M50 toll road and not reining in property prices for example.

    I am so glad you mentioned SNA's! I couldn't mention that for fear of alienating myself within the Autism community. I know she seriously damaged our community with her stance on ABA treatments (I fully supported the campaign against that) but I will always be grateful to Mary Hanafin for our son's SNA. She was in power when the substantial increases in SNAs were made and that decision allowed our son to seamlessly (well, relatively seamlessly!) make the transition to mainstream schooling.

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy

  4. I don't know enough about the politics over there to make any sort of intelligent comment. But-knowing about politics in general..(it seems they are kind of the same the world over) This was a well written well thought out post. :)

  5. Amen, Jazzy, Amen... However, you are too generous! Heard on the news today about the Department of Finance's advise being ignored every year at budget times... since 1999! And that the warming bells were being rung for years... So when Bertie and co told us not so long ago "we had no way of knowing"... "the truth was hidden from us"... NOT TRUE, YET AGAIN NOT TRUE!

    I am all for a strong coalition (for temperance) with a large majority (for stability)... My only worry is that there is no true opposition in the new Dail, and THAT could be a problem long term...

  6. @KATHLEEN: Although it pertains to Ireland this really is a generic post an, like you, I've no doubt it can apply the world over! Thanks Kathleen :-)

    @NAN P: Yes, that news came out after I'd written this and yes, I was holding back. I was trying the firm but reasonable approach;-) I was so delighted to hear that news. For so long now Public and Civil servants are getting slated for supposedly not doing their jobs. the real problem is and always is, that the politicians don't have to listen to them. In fact they rarely do. Then an economist on the news tells us that yes, civil servants did issue annual warnings but they were "in the same tone". they never increased the tone or level of warning! What's the point, no-one was listening anyway... and they weren't the only ones sounding alarm bells.

    Yes, the opposition is a concern (SF?? Dear God...)I am hoping, probably naively, that the "interesting Independants" will make their mark. I hear talk of a loose group forming. That may help?

    Either way we, as a nation, gotta keep a watchful eye on things ;-)

    Thanks for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy


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