The Gallery: Togetherness

This week's Theme for The Gallery is Togetherness and there are lots of lovely photos to browse through over at Tara's Sticky Fingers blog.

I know it's not really Valentine's Day material per se , but I'm done with that day! So I have chosen this as my Togetherness photo....

WiiBoy sure loves his Sunny. He lovingly says goodnight to him every night!

So cute :-)



  1. @Blue Sky: is cute, isn't it?

    @TheMcClaskieClan: Thank you! Thanks for visiting too :-)

    xx Jazzy

  2. That is beautiful.
    I had budgerigars as a child but they would fly away and perch out of reach whenever I let them out of the cage. I always dreamed of having one that would like me enough to choose to sit on my arm x
    QWERTY Mum

  3. How cute! Lovely pic, nice to discover your blog, following back :)

  4. @QWERTYMUM: I had budgies as a child too! Sunny was given to us by a friend of mine and he chose the friendliest and gentlest one he had. Then we spent about 3 weeks letting him get used to getting on our finger (mainly my son's finger- better to have just one person initially)INSIDE the cage. Then we spent a couple of weeks acclimatising him to short breaks outside the cage and now he is so used to us :-)Also his wings were clipped so he couldn't fly properly whilst we were training him...he can fly now though!
    Thanks for visiting.

    @EMMA: Thank you!

    @MANANA MAMA: Thank you...and I look forward to reading more over at yours!

    @JENCULL: Thanks missus!

    Thank you all so much for commenting :-)

    xx Jazzy

  5. That's fabulous! I love it...shows such a love between them! ;)


  6. Awww how sweet is that photo? It's a lovely together photo :)
    Thanks for the comments on my blog x

  7. oh my gosh! what a fab photo - what a sweet little bird.
    the overall view on my blog today is that men don't like camping, yet women do! thanks for your comment. Enjoyed visiting your blog.

  8. Te only pet I ever had was a budgie... sob... 30 years ago. He also used to give kisses - and dance when there was a waltz on the radio. Does Sunny do that?

  9. so adorable. a keeper for the album.

  10. @KARIN: Thanks... he really loves that budgie :-)

    @MUMMYMISHAPS: Thanks... and thanks for return visit :-)

    @HELLOITSGEMMA: Interesting outcome...though I thought more men would like camping! Glad you like the photo and thanks for return visit! I enjoyed your blog to and will be back to visit :-)

    @TRUF: Ahh..get one for the boys NOW! Sunny doesn't dance but he does give kisses. And eats paper!!

    @ALYSIA: Most definitely! We did a Sunny Moviemaker... I must put it up on my blog.

    Thanks everyone for your comments :-)

    xx Jazzy


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