The Hopes and Eyes of a Nation

Last Friday, after months of expressing their anger and
dissatisfaction, the people of Ireland were finally afforded the opportunity to go to the polls and make important choices that will effect our nation's prosperity and our children's future for years to come. One way or another.

Our little nation has been through some rough times. For the past fourteen years we have been (mis)lead by an inept Government that I will remember more for the astonishing arrogance they  have recently displayed  than anything else.

Last Friday, we showed that Government, Fianna Fail, exactly what we thought of them and ensured that they were banished from the dizzying heights of their power where they once  held 78 seats to the paltry levels of opposition where they're estimated to hold only 20 seats when the final counts are tallied. A mere six seats more than their arch-rivals Sinn Fein  (I shudder at the thought) and only one seat more than the 19 seats Independents/Others are projected to win. Figures are per this morning's Irish Times. They will barely be the leading party in opposition. Barely.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

They deserve to feel the wrath of the nation's people. There are undoubtedly good people in the Fianna Fail party but they allowed themselves to be led/bullied/cajoled/blackmailed (delete as you deem applicable) into backing their leader Brian Cowen when they recently had an opportunity to remove him from power. How they didn't try to oust him months ago is appalling and shows total contempt for the electorate. They allowed Party Politics and concerns for their own future in that party to take precedence over the good of our nation and it's people.

Fianna Fail dithered while Ireland burned.

I can never forgive them for that.

Fianna Gael had their confidence issues with their leader Enda Kenny and they ended up backing him too. Although Mr Kenny sidelined his rival somewhat he still kept him involved. That plays well into his statement last night that the team is bigger than any individual.

I do hope this issue has been put to rest as it's one thing I do worry about. We need a stable and balanced Government

At present it's looking like a Fianna Gael/Labour coalition which is what I hoped for, with a few interesting Independents in opposition who will hopefully play their part in effecting some important changes and put some manners on the longer serving politicians in this country while they're at it.

Oh yes, the little people of Ireland have spoken and negotiations to form a new Government are taking place as I type.

To this new Government I say....

Remember your election promises.

Make decisions for the good of the country and it's people and NOT simply to prolong your stay in Government.

Value and utilise this nation's most valuable asset -it's People.

Listen to the people when it comes to job creation. We are a resilient, innovative and informed people. Use that.

Listen to the people when it comes to reform: particularly in Health and in  the Public Service in general. The people on the ground have intelligent suggestions to make, work with them.

Trust the people and be honest with them. Keep us informed - tell us exactly how things are. Don't try to pull the wool over our eyes. We're not stupid. But I think you know this.

Above all treat the people fairly. especially when it comes to tax increases and cuts in spending. Try not to pitch one side of society against another and remember that you can't get blood from a stone.

Difficult times still lie ahead and I just hope that Fianna Fail haven't left some nasty-yet-to-be-revealed secrets that will make things even more difficult  as their Welcome to Government present to you.

I sincerely hope that Michael McDowell's premonition is ill-founded.

The people of Ireland have spoken. We must never, ever let a Government treat us the way the last one did. If we do then we only have ourselves to blame.

You may call me naive but I'm really just being positive and hopeful.

Good luck to the incoming Government.......

The hopes of a nation lie with you.

The eyes of a nation are on you.

Don't let us down.

This time we won't stand idly by.


Blog Gems- Air Your Archives #10: HAPPY

This week Jen's theme for her Blog Gems over at The King And Eye is...... Happy.

As nothing makes me happier, or laugh as much as my WiiBoy does, I've chosen my WiiBoy's Words of Wisdom ; Act1 : Scene 3 (the Birds and the Bees) post in the hope that it makes you (and Jen.... especially Jen!) smile :-)

Gosh, it has been a while since I've done one of those posts. Must be time to do another. I do have one in mind but he says things too fast for me to note down!


Seasonal Gardening.....

Oh dear. My poor garden, with it's relatively newly-laid lawn, has really been through the mill this winter and is now ripe for some seasonal Spring lawn Care.

The frost and snow in December really hit hard....

It was beautiful to look at and to play in but it lost it's luster before long!

Although I will admit that it was lovely to have our first proper White Christmas, ever.

The snow came upon us so quickly and left even quicker. Within 24 hours of a big rainfall on St Stephens Day (Boxing Day in the UK) the snow you see in the above picture, which had been there for almost a full week,  had completely disappeared.

That's a lot of water for our garden, with it's poor drainage, to deal with but thankfully there was no flooding.

The snow and it's rapid evaporation has been followed by regular frosty mornings. This has resulted in our lovely lawn now looking like this....

Which is a far cry from how it looked only last October....

Oh, the difference a season can make.

It's okay though, the new season is almost upon us and a bit of Spring Time TLC will soon return our lovely lawn to it's former glory... I hope!

What? You don't believe me that Spring will soon be springing...all over the place?? Too cold and miserable for that to be possible, I hear you say?

Well, here's another picture from my garden, taken on the 8th of February which proves that Spring truly is on it's way!

Ooh...nice juicy raspberries come the Summer, I hope!

In the meantime  I'd better go do some gardening.....



Note: This was a sponsored post, thanks for reading.

Blog Gems-Air Your Archives #9: LOVE

Well, being as it's Valentines Day tomorrow (and a certain someone's birthday....ARE YOU HEARING ME, MR JAZZY???) Jen over at the King and Eye has chosen LOVE as the theme for her fortnightly Blog Gems- Air your Archives  linky thing!

I am not in good form this evening so my entry will not be relationship based (believe me, you wouldn't wanna read what I feel like saying right now!) Therefore I'm choosing a post I did two years ago when we returned to our house after 3 months away from it.

You never appreciate what you have until it's almost taken away from you.

And I guess the same can be said for relationships.....sigh.

I'll get down off my high horse soon.....promise!


Jazzymum Comes Home!

Finally, after weeks of Panto madness Jazzymum is home and life is slowly (very slowly) getting back to normal!

Panto was great, all six shows went really well and there was plenty of positive feedback. The children all enjoyed their moment of fame and I'm already being asked what Panto 2012 will be! Very eager indeed. My WiiBoy (AKA Panto Boy for three months of the year) thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being on stage.....

He mixed well backstage with the other boys who, incidentally are not in his class. The big moment for me though, was seeing him chose to sit chatting with the girls from his class whilst waiting to go onstage at a big rehearsal and then seeing his fun reaction to said girls as they (nicely) slagged him! This is what the NT kids do all the time you see so this is HUGE! See, Panto is good for Social Skills too ;-)

So now it's back to normal. I always laugh when people say:  What will you do now? You won't know what to do with yourself with all that extra time..... etc.

Thing is, there are tons of things to be done as lots of jobs have been long-fingered for so long. Hectic weeks of rehearsals etc are simply replaced with normal everyday stuff. After a few days rest of course. Monday was inadvertently declared a Duvet Day after WiiBoy pulled a sick day and I didn't have the energy to fight him. I was tired, you see, from two hectic weekends of shows. Staying out partying until 7.00am on the Sunday morning had absolutely nothing got to do with it whatsoever!

The first serious job to be tackled is my very untidy and unclean house!

So I got stuck into that this morning. It took three hours to get to the point where I could actually hoover! And that's just downstairs! Still it looks a bit better now.

Tomorrow I'll tackle upstairs. Next week will be time to do some real Spring Cleaning.....starting with WiiBoy's room. I definitely need to psyche myself up for that job, you should see the state of his room and the piles of...stuff..he has accumulated over the years. Dear Lord!

I'm pleased that I've gotten off to a good start though, but there are other more enjoyable long-fingered activities to catch up on. Like meeting with friends! Ooh, this is the best part of Apres-Panto!

I start off with a meal tomorrow night with some friends then a meal and a movie on Saturday night with a lovely lady...can't wait to see Black Swan. You never know, I may also be brought out to dinner on Sunday 13th or Monday 14th  ;-) You reading this Mr Jazzy?

This is a lovely start to what could become a bit of an unplanned birthday weekend ;-)

Followed next week by a coffee morning with two good friends, breakfast with another and I have some other friends I am due to have a meal and a natter with also. Looking forward to it all!

Life is good.

Jazzymum is finally home..... almost ;-)