The Gallery: Children

This week The Gallery from Tara over at Sticky Fingers is all about Children.

Tara uses some great adjectives that come to mind when we think of our children like: funny, adorable, fantastic, cheeky, heartwarming and heartbreaking etc.

These are certainly some of the adjectives that come to my mind when I think of my fabulous WiiBoy! 

He is of course my initial choice of candidate for this week's meme.
I could show you a picture of him as a baby, or as he is now and talk about how proud I am of the amazing young, sometimes mature and sometimes hilariously silly boy- tween that he has become. He really is my amazingly fantastic WiiBoy!

However, the theme is Children..... plural.

Given the week that's in it I have decided to share a photo (that's already on facebook) of my Panto children with you. My opening dancers...

Aren't their costumes lovely? This is what our wonderful Wardrobe department can do on a low-cost budget.
Actually, make that a no-cost budget!!

Here's another one ('s a Gallery, right?) of most of the 170 children involved in this year's panto which opens in two nights time. oops...nervous tummy flip just kicked in!

In this photo they are all sitting down to learn their Finale Medley......

Let this post be in celebration of all the children (including WiiBoy)  involved in this years panto.

All of Tara's adjectives apply here......and more, believe me!!

They are amazing though and this weekend is their opportunity to be part of a team, the very big Team Panto.

It's a time to enhance their self-esteem, to create team spirit on a large scale and to let a budding interest in the world of Musical Theatre wash over them and go forth with them to Secondary school and beyond.

I ask you, what other Primary school do you know of that offers this opportunity to the Children and has done so for the last 15 years?!

It is now a time for them  to get up on that stage and SHINE.

And SMILE too.....of course! Please, please SMILE!!

And finally right about know is the time for all adults involved, all adults in the school and in the whole community to remember what our Panto is all about.......


xx Jazzy


  1. would u believe that there is 174 children in this production all from the same school, and agree that they all love this and here's to many more...... shows for many years.

  2. That's a huge amount of children in one show - fantastic. Love treading the boards myself so this photo makes me want to get up there with them!

  3. Great interpretation of the prompt, those pictures are so joyful xx

  4. @MARY: It is truly amazing and I too hope this continues for many more years to come. i do hope you can read between the lines ;-)

    @TRISH: Oh, you'd be more than welcome to join us! So nice to meet a fellow blogger with the same interest. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

    @BLUE SKY: Thanks. I really felt the need to honour them in this way and thanks to Tara for inadvertently giving me this well timed platform on which to do so:-)

    Thanks for your comments:-)

    xx Jazzy

  5. Wonderful photo...saw ALL of those kids in the finale and thought "May god have mercy on your soul" and then I thought "I hope she has a case of really good wine to relax with when it is over" and then I thought.."You are doing wonderful and amazing work-yay you! Yay Them!..You all shine and it is a wonderful thing" Your show is in two days? Again-merde!

  6. Oh lovely!! I used to love being in pantos when I was wee :)

  7. Wow - that's a lot of commitment up there.

  8. Impressive! That is an amazing opportunity for those kids!

  9. Brilliant take on the prompt, hah, you will need a nice break after dealing with so many children lol. Go you!! Jen

  10. oh my gosh - that looks like fun. Enjoy!

  11. @KATHLEEN: I often say the same myself! I say merde a lot too..and other words;-) I must have gone through a case of wine already just to get through the last 3 months! Yep 2 days to go!!

    @NIC'S NOTEBOOK: That's the in Ireland very few young children get the opportunity to do Panto in school! Glad you got the chance and have fond memories of it 'cos that's what we try to create :-) Thanks for stopping by!

    @MRS WORTHINGTON: Sure is. And with such a fine stage name like yours I knowyou understand ;-)Thanks for dropping in!

    @LORA: Isn't it though? And with your stage background you get that.

    @JENCULL: Thanks Jen! I will need such a break. I will need a weekend away...or failing that a coffee morning with ma ladies ;-)

    @HELLOITSGEMMA: It is fun Gemma..and hard work too! Thanks...we'll have a wonderful time once we open. Thanks for visiting :-)

    Thank you for your comments and a special welcome to new visitors :-)

    x Jazzy

  12. You are amazing for working with all those kids for such an awesome outcome! I hope it goes well! most importantly, I hope the kids have a good time!

  13. @MTTB: Thank you...tonight will reveal all!!

    Thanks for comment:-)

    xx Jazzy


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