Blog Gems #8- Holidays

This week the Blog Gems- Air your Archives prompt over at Jen's The King and Eye Blog is..... Holidays.

Blog Gems is a great way of high lighting some oldie, but goodie, Blog Post that's sadly languishing in your archives never again to see the light of day. So thanks Jen for giving us this opportunity.

The post I choose for my participation is .........Meet The Pool Guy

Do click on the link and have a look! It's a favourite of mine. A short video clip of WiiBoy giving us a demonstration pool-side on holidays two years ago! He's just informed me that......

Mum, I look completely different now!

It's true, he does. He's  grown up so much since then :-)

xx Jazzy


  1. Wow he's a natural! Great video post.

    Thanks for popping over to Bodfortea - visiting you from Blog gems too :)

  2. He wore me out just watching him!LOL It was nice to be able to hear his voice although I am sure that it is quite different by now.

  3. I meant that he had a lot of energy and it made me tired just watching

  4. @MUMMY@BODFORTEA: Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for visiting!

    @LORA: That's okay, I know what you meant! His voice is still similar but his vocabulary is a little bit more.... ahem.... street-wise;-)

    Thanks for your comments!

    xx Jazzy


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