Blog Gems #8- Holidays

This week the Blog Gems- Air your Archives prompt over at Jen's The King and Eye Blog is..... Holidays.

Blog Gems is a great way of high lighting some oldie, but goodie, Blog Post that's sadly languishing in your archives never again to see the light of day. So thanks Jen for giving us this opportunity.

The post I choose for my participation is .........Meet The Pool Guy

Do click on the link and have a look! It's a favourite of mine. A short video clip of WiiBoy giving us a demonstration pool-side on holidays two years ago! He's just informed me that......

Mum, I look completely different now!

It's true, he does. He's  grown up so much since then :-)

xx Jazzy

The Gallery: Children

This week The Gallery from Tara over at Sticky Fingers is all about Children.

Tara uses some great adjectives that come to mind when we think of our children like: funny, adorable, fantastic, cheeky, heartwarming and heartbreaking etc.

These are certainly some of the adjectives that come to my mind when I think of my fabulous WiiBoy! 

He is of course my initial choice of candidate for this week's meme.
I could show you a picture of him as a baby, or as he is now and talk about how proud I am of the amazing young, sometimes mature and sometimes hilariously silly boy- tween that he has become. He really is my amazingly fantastic WiiBoy!

However, the theme is Children..... plural.

Given the week that's in it I have decided to share a photo (that's already on facebook) of my Panto children with you. My opening dancers...

Aren't their costumes lovely? This is what our wonderful Wardrobe department can do on a low-cost budget.
Actually, make that a no-cost budget!!

Here's another one ('s a Gallery, right?) of most of the 170 children involved in this year's panto which opens in two nights time. oops...nervous tummy flip just kicked in!

In this photo they are all sitting down to learn their Finale Medley......

Let this post be in celebration of all the children (including WiiBoy)  involved in this years panto.

All of Tara's adjectives apply here......and more, believe me!!

They are amazing though and this weekend is their opportunity to be part of a team, the very big Team Panto.

It's a time to enhance their self-esteem, to create team spirit on a large scale and to let a budding interest in the world of Musical Theatre wash over them and go forth with them to Secondary school and beyond.

I ask you, what other Primary school do you know of that offers this opportunity to the Children and has done so for the last 15 years?!

It is now a time for them  to get up on that stage and SHINE.

And SMILE too.....of course! Please, please SMILE!!

And finally right about know is the time for all adults involved, all adults in the school and in the whole community to remember what our Panto is all about.......


xx Jazzy

Welcome To My World....

..... the world of Pantomania

This  land really does exist you know. It's not only in my head, it also exists in the it must be real.

The land of Pantomania is a land of mishap and mayhem and one that I visit every January and swear I will not return to.

Yet I do return.

Every year.

So it must be a fabulous place.

It's a land where real life and Panto life combine to cause major upheaval in Chez Jazzy (and in certain other houses) and one can see the Jazzy's eating inordinate amount of Pizzas and takeaway meals. The Jazzy's are also sporting this season's most fashionable attire..... the Rumpled Look.

Things get lost and appointments are forgotten at a more regular rate than usual, here at Chez Jazzy. However, in Pantomania when you lose things they're easier to find ...that would be down to the regular, screaming choruses of :

 it's behind you....

Pantomania is a land where multiple, conflicting emotions play havoc with your mind and one can feel hugely overwhelmed.


Looking at the tags for this post will give you an idea....

These overwhelming feelings can lead a person to believe:

I can't do this...

But, that's okay because here in Pantomania there are also regular, screaming choruses of:


So you just carry on.

We support each other here in the land of Pantomania.

And there's wine.

Which helps...... a lot.

The best way to survive all the conflicting demands that are put on your time as many people, from all parts of your life, lay claim to your limited time is to prioritise and compartmentalise.This is where the land of Pantomania meets the land of Forest Gump and life is indeed like a box of chocolates.

You never know what flavour you're gonna get...... no matter what your schedule may say..... and one must be careful not to combine certain flavours.

The ASD/Hyperactive flavour does not work with the Panto Rehearsal flavour, for example.....really, it doesn't. Please don't try this one at home.

And one should try not to sample the Bi Polar flavour on the same day that either the ASD or Panto Rehearsal one is on offer. That combination is seriously not good for ones health.

Pantomania can be a place of great hilarity. The children...and there are tons of children here in Pantomania.... can be quite hilarious, with their questions and the things that they may share with you. The adults can be quite funny too and like to have a laugh.

There are outsiders who try to be amusing too. I mean, who would arrange a 24 hour BP monitor for a Choreographer the day before opening night of the 2nd weekend?

Someone is seriously having a laugh .... and they'll most definitely be laughing their heads off when they check the readings the next day.

That's if the monitor survives that particular 24 hour period.

You know, that could very well be another appointment that might be (conveniently) missed?

This time of the year in Pantomania is a time when I need to apologise to my  blogging pals for not stalking visiting and commenting on their blogs. Please be assured fellow Bloggers (and facetweeting pals) normal service will be resumed in the very near future and I will be back stalking visiting you  before you know it.

This is the time for accidental dieting...or is that just the new totally stressed-out-diet?

It is NOT a time to give up wine.... even if the intention was only to avoid mid-week sups.

It is a time of stressful and, let's be honest, dodgy dress rehearsals and a time when a little despondency may set in.... especially if one has put in  a 30 hour week of solid rehearsing to no apparent avail.

Which makes this the best time of all to remind oneself of that old immortal adage...


(Oh no it won 't)


 It had better....or a certain BP monitor is at serious risk of explosion!

xx Jazzy